In this intriguing interview, you will meet Belinda J. Womack, who has spent over three decades connecting with the 12 Archangels of the Central Sun. Residing in the peaceful landscapes of Montana with her husband and beloved pets, Belinda has become a trusted messenger, offering valuable online courses, zoom webinars, and advanced training that brim with the practical wisdom of the Angels.

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A Journey with the 12 Archangels

Belinda candidly shares how her fascinating journey with the 12 Archangels began, explaining their ethereal nature and what sets them apart from other angelic beings. A surprising revelation emerges as she tells us that a soul can experience multiple human lives, not just on Earth but across the vast cosmos.

As a channel for the Archangels, Belinda addresses the hot topic of artificial intelligence. She reminds us that we have a choice, unlike the ancient tale of Atlantis where technology led to its downfall. Now, we can make different decisions and foster a harmonious relationship between AI and human consciousness.

Healing with angels

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The Archangel’s message about our climate change

The interview also touches on climate change, which the Archangels describe as a divinely orchestrated process overseen by the Archangel Gaia and the Divine. It urges us to acknowledge our interconnectedness with all living beings and act as responsible stewards of the Earth.

With the guidance of the Archangels, we are encouraged to tap into the infinite care and wisdom of our souls. This helps us overcome financial struggles, banish self-doubt, and embrace the boundless bounty awaiting us. They empower us to harness our innate power, transcend suffering, and embrace the limitless flow of abundance from the Divine Feminine.

Through this captivating interview, we open ourselves to higher knowledge and celestial wisdom. It invites us to break free from limitations, embrace our divine essence, and join hands with the Universe in co-creating a harmonious and prosperous existence.

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