Through David Suich’s extensive study of over 700 NDE experiencers, he has uncovered a common thread: we are immortal beings, interconnected facets of the divine, and the essence of the afterlife is rooted in love. In this episode, David also shares more of his discoveries; how Pleiadians being our cosmic parents and how free will and destiny goes together, according to his reaearch.

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NDE revealed: No one is an atheist

One particular NDE story that deeply resonated with David involved a man who, prior to his experience, was an atheist known for his hostility towards those with religious beliefs. However, his encounter with the afterlife led to a complete transformation, forever changing his perspective and inspiring a newfound sense of love and compassion.

Our cosmic parents

According to the messages relayed by NDE experiencers, we are not alone. Numerous species exist as overseers, with the Pleiadians being regarded as our “parents,” and the Arcturians being the Pleiadians’ progenitors.

David also sheds light on the evolution of humanity, emphasizing that Earth is a unique planet within this galaxy, where free will prevails. However, our species is still in its infancy compared to others. In the past, our paradigm revolved around survival and conflict, but a shift is now occurring. We are transitioning into a new paradigm of interconnectedness, abundance, and love. David envisions a future where peace reigns on Earth, where love becomes the foundation of society, and where telepathic communication and friendships with beings from other planets are the norm.

Major life events are predetermined

Regarding the planning of our lives, David suggests that while we possess free will, major life events are predetermined. Our choices are made in collaboration with our elders before incarnating into this earthly existence.

In his book, God Took My Clothes*, David Suich offers a deep exploration of the afterlife based on his 14 years of NDE research and the testimonials of hundreds of individuals who have experienced death and returned. The book delves into the nature of dying, the life review process, the realms of Heaven and Hell, the creator’s view on religion, the essence of our existence, humanity’s future, and the paramount importance of living with love and compassion. It unveils the hidden truth that death is akin to waking up from a dream, reaffirming the eternal nature of our being.

Through his work, David Suich invites us to ponder the possibilities beyond our mortal existence and embrace the transformative power of love, ultimately illuminating the profound journey that awaits each one of us when we transcend the physical realm.

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