Have you ever wanted to be able to fly and go wherever you wanted? Being free and exploring the universe, without the limitations of the body? Well, according to astral projecting researcher and investigator Jade Shaw – you can! And not only that, the benefits of astral projection are quite significant.

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What is astral projection?

Wikipedia explains astral projection like this: Astral projection (also known as astral travel) is a term used in esotericism to describe an intentional out-of-body experience (OBE)[1][2] that assumes the existence of a subtle body called an “astral body” through which consciousness can function separately from the physical body and travel throughout the astral plane.

According to Jade Shaw, we can learn to leave our bodies consciously and travel around in and out of other dimensions and realms. In fact, it is quite the natural thing, we just haven’t practiced or been taught the techniques on how to do so, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Astral projection researcher and teacher

Jade is an Out of Body Experience (OBE) researcher and Astral Projection teacher that advocates expanded states of consciousness for personal and collective change.

Ever since she was a young girl, she has experienced floating out of her body. After a particularly intense and life-changing OBE, she researched the transformative effects of the phenomena.

Keen to raise awareness of the transformative benefits of Astral Projection, she produced ‘Insight Out’, an OBE film on Gaia TV*, featuring worldwide experts such as best-selling author Eben Alexander, award-winning researcher Dr. David Luke and former NASA physicist Tom Campbell.

She is also the Astral Projection consultant for the Netflix series ‘Behind her Eyes‘.

The benefits of astral projection

According to Jade, there are multiple benefits with astral projection. You can evoke personal change and become your best self. People have reported changing their lives completely, making new choices after an OBE (out-of-body experience). You can receive insights & realizations and tap into a higher awareness. When you are out of your body there are no limitations, so you can connect with people and places beyond space and time. You can also transform fear-reactive patterns and overcome limitations in everyday life, Jade explains. 

What plane of existence do we go to? 

In the conversation, Jade also explores different theories and philosophies of the planes one can go to when out of body. This is really a question of the nature of reality, she says.  Some say it is heaven, others the astral plane, spirit world, and alike. And if anything is possible and you can go anywhere, you can also go to different realms, and dimensions, so answering that, may just be impossible, or at least just be a limited perspective.

Is there a silver cord?

Whether a silver cord that is attached between our physical body and astral body exists, is hard to give an answer to, Jade explains. For her, she has never seen one, but others report they have. Perhaps a silver cord exists because we believe it does, she says. However, it is not always that you will feel that you have a body at all outside the physical body. You can also just experience yourself as a spark of awareness when you astral project, she says.

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Documentary: Insight Out: The Transformation of Out Of Body Experience*
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