In this episode the spiritual teacher Riana Arendse addressed why surrendering is the key to letting go of suffering and more joy in your life. Riana knows her share of suffering and pain, and has been through more than most people in life. But through her spiritual awakening where she connected with spiritual beings such as arch angels, she found peace and a new understanding. 

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Spirituals beings can guide you on the path to surrendering

Riana has vast experience in communicating with spiritual guides and beings, especially Seraphim angels. Seraphim angels are the feminine source of God, and in this conversation, Riana explains how they sometimes show themselves to her (and others) as a white dragon. They can appear that way, even though they are pure energy.

Suffering is not a part of life

What turns pain into suffering? Very often it is the idea or the meaning we as humans project into a painful experience, that actually causes the suffering, and not the experience itself. Riana explains how we can avoid suffering if we accept the experience, surrender, let the pain go through us, and then let it pass. Easier said than done perhaps, but Riana guides us beautifully in this interview. 

Surrender to your purpose

Towards the end of this interview, Riana shares a story from a intense time in her life when she experienced a near-death experience. And it might not be like the near-death experiences you have heard of before. 

Part of what this experience taught Riana is that if you align to the soul self, instead of the personality self, and stop fixing what is not broken (that being you), your consciousness will begin to expand. If you surrender to this understanding, you will find joy and happiness within yourself, instead of outside yourself. 

Sometimes we try to fight so hard, to knock the door down with force, but Riana says that the surrender process naturally allows you to manifest the things that are in your heart. Isn’t that quite liberating?

About Riana Arendse

Riana is a globally celebrated spiritual teacher, best-selling author, and master healer from South Africa.

She is also one of our masterclass teachers in Wisdom From North Membership, where she teaches a beautiful masterclass called Accelerate your inner journey to inner union, which is about finding inner peace and mastering yourself. 

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