Interview with former solder, now transformational coach Jared Bull

In this live stream on YouTube Jared shares his unique story. Having been surviving two heavy combat deployments in Afghanistan, this eventually led to a spiritual awakening. Jared was deployed in Afghanistan in 2010 and 2011. After coming home he struggled with major traumas.

Conscious technology

According to Jared, the military has conscious technology that they use to control their soldiers, making them less heart-centered. Jared actually had an experience of a conscious object popping out of his body while doing kundalini exercises. Even though he says he is aware that there is much going on that the public doesn’t know about, he chooses to focus his work today on empowering people.

About Jared Bull

Jared Bull is a professional speaker and transformative coach who runs an online coaching practice, Transformational Coaching. In 2010 and 2011 he deployed to Afghanistan surviving two heavy combat deployments. Following his exit from the Marine Corps he attended West Chester University and graduated with High Honors in 2017 with a B.A. in Liberal Arts. Upon exit he started up a YouTube channel with a community of 25 thousand members and furthered his education at the University of Georgia in Executive Coaching. Upon graduation from the University of Georgia he started up a coaching company, Transformational Coaching which teaches managers, directors, and CEO’s the art of leadership and productivity. In his free-time he teaches fledgling coaches how to startup a full-time practices online.

At 30 years of age Jared Bull he has already changed the lives of thousands from his work with clients from all around the world and through his YouTube channel. He is a Sherpa Certified Executive Coach from the University of Georgia, attendee to Steve Chandler’s Coaching Prosperity school, and graduate of Michael Neil’s Supercoach Academy.

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