and 4 reasons you may lack self-worth

Most people struggle with self-worth. We constantly question our own value, whether we deserve all good things and whether we are enough. In this video I talk about 4 reasons why you may feel this way and what we can do to boost our own self-worth.

Why we struggle with feeling worthy

The first reason has to do with feeling separated from Source. This creates pain and a feeling of being “cast out of heaven” and being incomplete.The truth is that we are whole and complete and part of Source. But due to the forgetfulness on the planet, that is not our experience.

The second reason has to do with biology and our history. The oldest part of our brains are still in fight, flight and freeze mode whenever we feel threatened. Not to mention society and how it influences us with commercials and do’s and don’ts, suppression and competition.

The third reason has to do with our soul themes, what we chose to work on and experience in this lifetime.

The fourth reason has to do with a life theme spanning over a course of many lives.

How to boost your self-worth?

1) Meditate and go within, to get an experience of your connection with Source where the ego calms down.

2) Put your hand on your heart and say to yourself that you are safe, valuable and worthy to program your system and calm the nervous system down.

3) Do inner child work to reintegrate the parts of you that are in the shadow.

4) Know that mastering your soul theme is in your capacity.

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