-when you feel there’s a war inside

As humans, we are complex beings, consisting of multiple layers and parts, and sub-personalities. We are really not a “one man/woman show”, we have tons of parts and voices inside making it even hard to make a single decision. It’s almost like we have a war inside. It might sound a bit extreme to call it a war, but I call it that because; I remember a day in my life, where I had this deep inner struggle and I thought “no wonder we have wars in the world when we are at war with ourselves”.

So how are these sub-parts created?

A sub-personality is often a response pattern which has evolved over a lifetime to cope with various life situations, or traumas. These sub-personalities tend to run and control our lives, until they are acknowledged and seen, healed and let go of.

Here is where the law of vibration and attraction comes in. If we are not aware we act out from all patterns, acting on the autopilot and from old patterns and beliefs, we are just recreating our lives, instead of reinventing our lives.

We have an energetic field (aura) around our bodies. When we experience something that disrupts this energy field, this energy tends to remain with us until we become aware of it, heal it and make a new choice. Because you attract what you are. In order to change the outside, we need to shift our vibration.

How to spot your sub personality

The way you can spot them, is to look at a part of you that convinces you to make a choice that you know is not healthy for you. For instance, why are you not doing the things you know are good for you? That is an interesting question. Now all experiences are valuable, I am not saying that, but if you want to create something different in your life, you also need to do something different.

In this video I share how I have worked with one of my sub-personalities through four steps:

  1. Spot the sub-personality (awareness)
  2. Heal the inner child/situation (healing)
  3. Practice this ancient practice, The Ho’oponopono meditation (action/healing)
    I am sorry”
    “Please forgive me”
    “Thank you”
    “I love you”
    You can find this life transformative meditation in The Membership
  4. Make new choices and take new soulful actions (action)

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