and dealing with the after effects.

In 2008 Jane Thomsen had a profound near-death experience while in the emergency room. She was taken to the hospital with a sudden illness early one morning, and by that afternoon, the illness had progressed rapidly.  As she was leaving her body, entering the light and being in spirit form, changed her life profoundly.  Having a NDE (near-death experience) clears and opens pathways that may have been previously untapped. She developed a sensitivity to energies and the awareness of spirit after having the experience.

The after effects of the near-death experience

This and other aftereffects of having a NDE (near-death experience) were a lot to integrate into her life. After recovering physically, she was fortunate to work with researchers and other professionals who specialize in NDEs, along with trusted healers and mediums. They helped her get used to and develop these changes by working through an intensely transformational time. She learned a lot by going through this process. After formally training and fine-tuning these skills, she knew it was a very important part of her life’s path to compassionately help others through their own personal transformations, transitions and healing. 

Helping others

Having overcome these challenges, her focus is now on compassionately helping and healing others. With the use of Psychic Mediumship, Medical Mediumship, Angel Energy Healing, Polarity Therapy, Akashic Records,  and Somatic Experiencing, she gives a sessions custom tailored to the client’s individual needs. She helps people who are seeking peace, healing and perspective while experiencing personal transformation, processing trauma or grieving loss. Jane serves as an intuitive healer, psychic medium and founder of the White Light Solution. She is also passionate about helping people owning their soul’s calling.

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