Do you feel stuck in your spiritual progress?

If you feel that you don’t have the progress you want in your spiritual work, it might be that the communication between the left & the right brain is not optimal. The brigde between the two brains which is sending signals back and forth is called Corpus callosum. This “bridge” may become weakened if not stimulated, which can result in being too much in the left brain or too much in the right brain.

How to balance the left & the right brain

This can actually easily be worked on, by doing physical diagonal exercises especially in slow motion, in order to stimulate the sub consciousness.

Any diagonal exercise would work. In addition, if you do the exercises as slowly as you can, you will stimulate the sub consciousness, “emptying” old programming and releasing emotions that might have been stuck in your system for a very long time.
If you feel emotions coming up, while doing slow diagonal exercises, this is good. Try not to judge yourself, if you feel angry, sad etc. Instead let the emotions come out, so you can release them.


When doing diagonal exercises to stimulate the brain, I recommend to do in slow motion from 5-10 minutes every day in 5-10 weeks. After that you can do it once a week to keep the balance optimal.

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