Rodolfo was a highly sought after spiritual speaker in his full brilliance, sharing the stage with personalities such as Deepak Chopra, but in 2011 he experienced a shift and went into silence for 365 days. That year he lost his unborn child and also his relationship because of the hardships that followed. He is very honest when he says that he wasn’t prepared for life to throw this at him, he felt like a massive failure and he wanted to go into silence to figure out what it was about.

Rodolfo Young is also an author within the field of personal development, relationships, and happiness. He is a TEDX speaker on a mission to inspire one million hearts to live in their full brilliance. 

Utter silence for 365 days

Rodolfo decided to go into silence for 365 days to really sit with his emotions and figure out what these experiences were trying to teach him and what his beliefs about what had happened to him were. He says; “we’re all human, we all have these triggers that just haven’t been activated yet.” And even though he was an experienced spiritual teacher who knew he was loved by the universe, he went into doubt about his own self-worth. 

The second year he spent in silence was in 2017. It came about because he realized his teachings and interaction with others were a lot about defending his identity and beliefs. Often, when we speak to each other, we’re just solidifying identities and we’re not seeing what is valuable to share right here and now. Rodolfo found that body language speaks much louder than words and being in silence allowed him to have a much deeper connection with others. 

How can we find our full brilliance?

Rodolfo says we can imagine we have a sun inside of us, this is our radiance and brilliance. He truly wants to help people realize the stories, the layers, the conditioning, and the protections we have placed around our brilliance. Rodolfo teaches people to release and let go of the things that no longer benefit them and to let go of the story they’ve made up about themselves so that they can live strong in their own brilliance.

If you want to be inspired to find your brilliance inside, this interview is for you. Rodolfo is also a masterclass teacher in Wisdom From North Membership where he teaches the class “Removing The Barriers To Self-Love”. I hope you’ll enjoy our conversation!

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