Do you often feel you are attracting challenging and complicated relationships? Perhaps you seem to attract the same kind of partner again and again, like a narcissist, or someone who does not treat you well and you can’t seem to leave the relationship. This interview will shed light on why that might be, and you might also find that you’re an old soul with a curriculum that entails you going through several difficult relationships and being codependent.

Tammy DeMirza, internationally known as The Breakthrough Alchymist is the author of an upcoming book series called “The Relationship Breakthrough Principals”. She has helped thousands of people have profound breakthroughs and we are honored to have her as one of our masterclass teachers in the Wisdom From North Membership.

What is a Soul curriculum?

Every being comes to the planet to accomplish their soul purpose. The older souls are people who are typically seen as the odd ones out in their families. The ones who are more aware and share things that others wouldn’t think of. Tammy explains that you come into this world with a certain theme or patterning that you chose to clear during your time here. She calls this your soul’s curriculum.

Spiritual codependency can often be seen in complicated relationships

Old souls have a common trait, according to Tammy, and it’s codependency. The reason for this is that when you’re the only one in your family that can see through lies and smokescreens you will feel the need to rescue those who suffer. Life teaches us to be of service to others so these souls forget about their own needs and focus on helping others instead. That’s what Tammy calls spiritual codependency. -I am dependent on whether or not I feel good about myself depending on my acts of service to you.

The whole point of relationships is to grow, and intimate relationships are the best opportunity for us to do so. If we go into a relationship with the mindset that there’s going to be good and bad, we will grow in the way our soul intended us to do. We’re here to meet our curriculum, understand where we are, and stop fighting it, then we can work on healing and being truthful in what we desire. 

The Inmate and the Medium: A True Story About Loss, Love and Freedom

This is her journey in her own words and The Inmate and the Medium is a unique part of her life, in that while Tammy was assisting in the freedom of Phil who had served more than twenty-four years in prison, she was also doing her own spiritual work, while having all of her money stolen from a predator, becoming homeless because of it, not knowing how she would eat or live, overcoming the world economic system, learning about alchemy and sitting at the feet of the Good Shepherd, while working with Phil.

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