Teleportation and channeling come naturally to Sheila, who taught herself how to teleport when she was only 5 years old. It started in bed when she was about to go to sleep, a feeling of weightlessness and seeing her own body from above. To Sheila this was a totally normal experience. She was able to float above her body at night and visit parts of her house seeing what was happening in rooms she was not physically present in.

Sheila Applegate is a conscious manifestation coach and the bestselling author of “Enchanted one: A Portal To Love”. She is also a channeler of Isis and Mary Magdalene. 

Teleporting through time and space

When Sheila teleports she doesn’t feel separate from her body. She stays in the physical frequency and her physical personality is the same. Sheila explains that everyone can train themselves to teleport and visit friends and family just by thinking of them. She has done this herself and was able to describe in detail her friend’s interior without ever having been to their house. 

Channeling the mystical energy of Isis

Sheila used to study with a metaphysical teacher and learned how to meditate and communicate with her spirit guides. One day she was having a difficult time and Mary Magdalene appeared in front of her as a hologram. She told Sheila she would be with her through her difficulties and she also introduced her to Isis. Magdalene explained that Isis was her spirit guide when she was living on Earth. 

Isis embodies the feminine and was one of the key beings that helped Sheila understand oneness. She taught Sheila that the dance between light and darkness gives us color and is nothing to be afraid of. Magdalene’s messages are about emotions and about the divine feminine and the divine masculine within us. She teaches us to keep our hearts open.  

Sheila Applegate is one of our masterclass teachers in The Membership where she teaches the masterclass; Learning Soul to Soul Communication.

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