Our modern society has made it a goal for us to pursue happiness, live a perfect, peaceful life, and have all the material things in place. Carlos Warter says this might be in conflict with the universe, as it is all about change and evolution!

Don’t miss out on this interview with knowledgeable Carlos Warter who is a spiritual activist, an acclaimed author of more than 20 books, and a psychiatrist. He studied at Harvard and went on to study under the Dalai Lama, Idries Shah, and many other spiritual shamans. He has dedicated himself to the study of human consciousness and the integration of psychology and spirituality into a non-dualistic paradigm called psycho-synergy.

All we have are fleeting moments of peace and happiness

Carlos says that our society has forgotten sacredness and to us, it’s become more important to pursue material things. We typically tell ourselves that after 40 years of hard work we will experience happiness. Most of us only get fleeting moments of happiness and peace, but in this interview, Carlos talks about achieving a sustained state of happiness by using his well-received methods. 

How can we achieve this happiness? The short answer, Carlos says, is to open our hearts! 

He works organically with people to release the weight they’re carrying because of false teaching and information. Carlos wants to help us to transform the ability of experienced living so that the things we want to clear, we can do in the process of life itself and without effort. He emphasizes that we have to move residence from our heads to our hearts. He calls it to obtain the consciousness of peace. 

A Divine near-death experience 

What is the story when this moment ends? What will happen when we die? Carlos has had a near-death experience, he’s battled cancer and meningitis and left his body several times. One of his out-of-body experiences happened when he was sitting at a restaurant with his wife and friends. All of a sudden his soul consciousness left his body behind and he saw himself from above. Listen to this fascinating story in the full interview. 

If you’re curious about how you can find sustained peace and happiness, this interview is for you. Please enjoy!

Would you like to know more about Carlos?
Find him here: https://www.drwarter.com/

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