Dennis Bullock, better known as Saxybullock on stage, is a multifaceted talent whose life story and experiences are nothing short of extraordinary. Hailing from Philadelphia, this RnB Soul Singer, Jazz Funk Saxophonist, and Gospel Singer has graced stages across the globe, leaving audiences in awe of his musical prowess. In this captivating interview, he shares how he received downloads that give us new insights about our reality.

Transcript of the interview

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Two weeks after she died, I began to drink every night. Then one night, I turned out the light in my room and was gonna cry myself to sleep, I noticed that there was there was light on the floor. And I said, that's impossible. I know, it just turned out the light, when I looked up was like the sun you see in the sky, it was in my room, out of the sun that was in my room, came to smaller lights, like stars, and one of the smaller lights was my mother. And my mother started to talk with me. She was talking with me like I'm talking with you now. And she said to me, I'm going to tell you a week in the future. So you got to know that this is not a fake. This is not an illusion, this is not some kind of dream. This is real.

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Hello, Dennis, a warm welcome to the show.

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Thank you, Jannecke, for having me on your show. It's a good pleasure to be here.

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I'm really excited about hearing the full story you have to share today. I know first and foremost that you are a musician. But also on your website, you are writing that you are helping others through energy sessions. And that's not a coincidence, because you've had quite some mystical experiences. And when I was listening to a part of them on YouTube, on other shows you've been to, I was like, oh my goodness, like, it's it's so rich. And it seems like you got so many answers to so many questions that I believe a lot of us are pondering about reflecting about and curious about. So I would love for you to share them today. But before that, before these mystical experiences started to happen, where are you spiritual or spiritual at all? Or did you have any religious beliefs beforehand?

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Well, I mean, I was raised in a Christian home, but I really didn't, wasn't a practicing Christian. It was just more for show, you know, we go there to church on Sunday, until I was 12 years old. So it was not, it was not something that I really, really believed it was more just a social gathering. Almost. So no, I wouldn't say I had a lot of I wasn't a strict Christian upbringing, but we were Christians. You know, we're supposed to be Christians. But I was, I did not really believe in the religion so much. Yeah.

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I would love for you to share the story or the stories. So I'll just let you present it in whatever way that you feel comfortable with.

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Okay, well, I had two experiences, two major experiences. One was I wasn't dead. But I experienced a lot of things that people experienced when they did. And the other experience I did die. So the first experience well, I was very close to my mother. Me and my mother were very, very close. She was like the light of my life. You know. She was a legal secretary. But then she quit to marry my father. And they weren't going so well together. So she started to save money for me to buy me my first saxophone, because I'm a singer and saxophone player. And she was just a joy. She would tell me like in the morning, did you see the birds come see the birds Look at the birds listen to the birds. You know, she was just everything that a mother could be to a child, you know. And when she died, it was like, somebody turned the lights out in my life. I was like, I was so shocked. And so lost without her. That two weeks after she died, I began to drink every night. I was living in Montreal, Canada at this time. And every night I had almost a routine. I would go to the bar drink, then come back home to my apartment, sit on the side of my bed, turn off the lights and try myself to sleep. Now this happened every night for about a week and a half, something like that. Then one night, I was going to do my routine. I came in my apartment after being at the bar having a few drinks. And I turned out the light in my room, sat on the side of my bed and was gonna cry myself to sleep and I went to when I went to go to turn take off my sneakers. I noticed that there was there was light on the floor and I said that's impossible. I know it just turned out the light. That's impossible. Now here's the crazy part.

When I looked up was like, the sun you see in the sky in the sky was in my room. And a wall of I can only describe it like if you're in the beach, and a wave comes in, it's too big for your body and it covers your whole body. Well imagine the water is love. And it just covered my whole body, every part of me was filled with love. And I was like this, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. And out of the sun that was in my room, came to smaller lights, like stars, one was a little bit bigger than the other. And they floated out towards me. And one of the smaller lights was my mother. And I felt it was her I knew it was served from just the essence of her. And I knew it was her and I said, Oh, Mom, it's like that over there. Because it was so much love. And it felt like the other way to describe it. It just felt like I was on a trip in Hawaii on the beach, and I was a billionaire. And I had nothing but love around me. That's how it felt perfect. And well, they floated out. And, and I was in my mother. They were like stars. And my mother started to talk with me. But she was talking with me like I'm talking with you now. And but instead also I could feel the conversation, shooting into my body. Literally, I could feel the conversation as she was talking and shooting in my body. And she said to me, I'm going to tell you a week in the future. So you got to know that this is not a fake, this is not an illusion, this is not some kind of dream, this is real. Now, she said, you're gonna get a job next week. And there's gonna be a bouncer there, which is like a doorman. She told me he's gonna be homosexual. And she said, he's gonna make a pass at you. But she said, Whatever you do, don't get into an argument or fight with him. Now she knew me and she knew I was 29. When this happened. 29 years old. I call it the roaring 20s. And she knew that I have nothing against anybody who's gay or lesbian. But if they know that I'm straight, and they come after me, she knew that I would defend myself defend my manhood. And she said to me, if you get into an argument with this person, because he's a homosexual and a psychopath, she said, two possibilities or two timelines would happen.

Either he would kill you. Or you would kill him, but you would go to jail for the rest of your life. And that's it. No, Mom, I'm going to do what you say. Because I was just so happy to see her. I was just so happy that she was alright. I was just so happy that there was so much love. And she was fine. She was well. So I told her Yes, ma'am. I follow you. I do exactly what you say no problem. I do exactly what you say. And then she said, one more thing. She said, the girl that you've been seeing has three kids that you don't know about. And she said she's going to have to have a fourth kid with you. But she's going to try to trap you to trick you into having a fourth kid. And she said to him, told me to be careful about that.

And then there was a pause.

And then I asked her, I said, But mom, who was this other light standing next to you? And then that light spoke to me. And it said, I'm an escort. And I'm escorting your mother to the earth. And the exact words it said, this is an interruption in your life. Well, after it said that, then I said, Well, I got some questions, you know, because it was like Star Wars in my rooms like God is in my room. I want to know some answers. So I asked I asked the the angel I would call it how many kids are going to have who's going to be my wife, you know, why am I here? And the angel He kindly and easily and calmly said to me, I'm going to answer all your questions that you won't be allowed to remember.

So I was answered all the questions that I asked. But I was only allowed to remember what my mother said. So then my mother told me that she loved me. And she and she said also that she would always be around me, but I wouldn't be as aware as I am tonight. That she is that she's here that she's around me. Then they it's like, when you see the ice cube and a glass start to melt away. That's how they did. They started to pull back into the to God to the sun. And my room started to go dark again, slowly, slowly go dark. And when they pulled all the way back and they were gone, tears just burst out my eyes just burst out my eyes. Because I said, nobody. Nobody's ever going to believe this happened. Nobody. Nobody's ever going to believe me. This is so incredible. Nobody's ever gonna believe me. But I have the proof.

The next day, a band member called me and said, Hey, we got a job. Now, I didn't tell my band members what had happened the night before because I didn't want them thinking, you know, Dennis is a great singer, great saxophone player. But when his mom died, he lost it man. He lost his mind. So I didn't tell him nothing. So I said, Oh, we got a band. We got a job. That's great. Now we had worked for about two or three weeks so it was a dry spell that we got a job so I said that's great. And then I hung up the phone and then we then I went to this soundcheck because we have soundcheck and soundcheck is just the musicians checking the equipment to make sure it works before the show begins. So we did this. We came I came to this club was a new club. We were happy with a new club. And there was a guy there a doorman there. Huge guy. I mean, I'm a big, big guy, but this guy, he's one of his arms was my whole body. And nothing happened. We did the soundcheck and everything went okay, and I left. And then the night came. And then it was time for do the gig. So I came in, we did the first set, it was perfect. Everybody loved it. And on our break, I was talking to the band. This is me, I was talking to the band. And this bouncer that I saw at the door before walk behind me and grabbed my butt like grab. And I was talking to him today. And I said, I said to Ben guys, did you see that this guy just grabbed my butt. But they couldn't really see it. They just saw the guy passing because I was in front. And he was behind me. So they only saw him passing. But I felt I felt the grab and I was mad. And I was about to go over there to do something with this guy. And I said like I told my friends, I gotta tell this guy something. Just grabbed my butt, man, I got to tell this guy. So So I went over there. But then I said, Oh, remember mom, remember mom, remember, mom. Don't lose it, man. Don't lose it. Don't lose it. So I went over there. And I told him, I said, Listen, man, I'm not like that. Please don't touch me. And he said to me, you have too much beers. And I said, No, I didn't have too much beers. I said, I'm just telling you don't touch me anymore. Please. I'm not like that. And then he said to me, what you told your friends that I touched you. And I said, Yeah, because you did touch me. And I said, I'm telling you now, I'm not like that. Please don't touch me. And then I walked away, because I knew that. If I stayed there, the conversation was going more and more to what my mom was telling me about. And not to have an argument with this guy. So I walked away. And then we did the second set. Nothing happened, everything was okay. And I left the club. And then the next day happened. And then I got a call from the band member. And he said, Did you hear what happened? I said, What do you mean, what happened? No, I didn't hear anything happened. And he said, Remember that dancer that you were talking about? Which said that jetpatch grabbed you?

I said yeah, he said he got into an argument with the club owner and crushed both of his rib cages. Shield the club owner with the jail phone manslaughter. He's still in jail right now as we talk for manslaughter. When he told me that I just said, Oh, wow, thanks, man. I still didn't say nothing about my mom. Because I didn't think they would understand that. So. So I hung up the phone, I said, Oh, my God, oh my God, everything my mother told me, it's coming true. Everything. I mean everything. So I said, If that's true, my girlfriend, I've been I've been dating her for about a year and a half. I got to ask, I got a call. So I went to call my girlfriend, and she answered the phone. And I said, Yeah, I tell me something. I said, just tell me the truth.

It's okay. Just tell me the truth. I said, Do you have three kids? And the phone went silent? Ah. And then she said, Who told you?

And I said, No, can't be I know you. It's impossible. I said, let me ask you again. Do you have three kids? And she said, Yes. But who told you? I was totally in shock. And then I said, Well, I'm going to tell you who told me. My dead mother told me and me and you are finished. Because if you're going to hide your kids, I don't know what else you're going to hide. I mean, it would, it might have worked. If you had kids, it, I didn't care about the kids. But if you're going to hide them, I don't trust you. So we finished. And I hung up the phone, and that was it. Now that was my first experience. Now, what I did after that, I was trying to tell myself, Okay, I gotta get back to normal life. I said, this is all just too much. So I said, I have to get back to normal life. This is just too much. I'm going to try to go back to normal life and, and live a normal life. So I started to follow who was like this guy from the platters but not the original platters. It was like this renewed group called the platters, okay. And he was a singer, excellent singer had record contracts everywhere, Germany, America everywhere. And I was following him. And we were performing together, I was learning from him about vocals and singing. And then one night, he offered me drugs. And I started to do drugs with him. By the way, which I'm not so not so proud about that part. But I thought at that time, I thought that was the right thing to do. Because I wanted to be successful, he was successful. So I thought, well, I got to do what he's doing. He's doing drugs. So I might as well do what he's doing. So we started doing drugs together. And then

maybe six months after he dropped it.

Okay, he died. And for me, I did his last show that he was alive. I was, I did his last show. And that was a wake up call for me. And I said to myself, That's it that I said, if I continue to do the path that he's doing, I'm gonna die too. So I said, That's it. I'm finished. I stopped cold turkey. So I didn't do any more drugs, but I kind of replaced it. And what I replaced it with was marijuana. I said, to smoke a joint every now and then. It's not such a bad thing. So I said, That's what I'll do. So that's what I did. I every now and then, once a month, I would have a marijuana joint and that was it. And one night with my new girlfriend. We ran out of marijuana now just has nothing against musicians. But but most musicians, no matter what state or country they in, know where to get marijuana. They just know. That's just just automatic. Okay. I would say 90% Okay, so we ran out of marijuana, me and my girlfriend. And so I said, Well, I'm gonna call one of my musician friends. I'm sure they know where to get so. So I called one of my friends and they said, Yeah, I got some and I can bake into the cake and bring it to you. I said great because I never had it in the cake before. So He brought it over, it was a chocolate cake by the way. And, and he brought the cake and left, left the cake left and left my apartment with me and my girlfriend. So I cut a piece for my girlfriend and cut a piece for me. And we ate the cake. And 20 minutes went by and nothing happened. And I said, you feel anything? She said, No, I said, I don't feel anything either. I said, Maybe we have to eat a little bit more cake.

So this time,

I cut half of the cake that she ate one half and I ate the other half. Okay. And then 20 minutes went by again. And we didn't feel anything. And I said, that's strange as it must be a bad batch or something. I don't feel anything. Then another 10 minutes went by. And we started to feel something. But it wasn't like we were getting high, it was more like our bodies was shutting down. It's like, I don't know if it's because it was going directly into our blood instead of smoking it but it was shutting down. I would be like talking with her. And then I would forget to breathe. And then it was becoming like hard for me to like move around. I couldn't hardly move. It was hard. And she said to me, You better call 911. Because while you still can Well, we still can. And I said Ah yeah, you're right. I think so. So I called 911. And this was kind of embarrassing. They said, Well, how can we help you? And they were very polite. And I had to say well we seem to it ate a cake with marijuana and was we think we ate maybe ate too much. And we feel like we're dying. Could you come please help us? Save us, you know? So they said, no problem. We'll send one listen, learn our way we'll send somebody on their way. But the thing is, when you call 911. If it's about any kind of narcotic, they call the police also. So the police and the ambulance was coming to the apartment. Now this was around maybe four o'clock in the morning. Okay. So the police arrive, because they wanted to charge us with something but there was nothing to charge. We had already eaten on the cake. So there was nothing. So they left. And they took us in the ambulance. Now we were on the third floor. And like was like a stairwell. So they got to lift us down and we were in separate stretchers. And we were on the third floor and our neighbors had windows right in from the stairwell. So they were looking out the window. Like all what happened to our lab, you know, and as we were being carried there was lights flashing. It was it looked like I could I say it all the time it looked like it's something like Mick Jagger, David Bowie overdosed. And it's just like, it was just a crazy scene, crazy scene and neighbors looking out the window three o'clock in the morning. You see these, this, these couple have been taken out in different stretches. And so they rushed us to the hospital. And by the time they had got to the to the apartment, I was very glad I was like this. I was totally stiff. My heart was trying to beat and I was so happy that they had got here because I know I didn't have much time. I couldn't live much longer. So they got there. And they took us to the hospital. And when we arrived to the hospital, another strange thing happened. As we were passing the reception.

I saw my dead mother again.

This time, she was looking through the reception papers for me. And she had on this outfit that she used to wear. When she was with a group of women. It was like a club of women. And they would go play bingo together, they would go on trips together. And she had this outfit on. I recognized it right away. And as we were passing I said, oh, there's mom. And I could see here just as clear as I could see you right now. And later on of course I discovered I put two and two together that I was so close to death at that time when we when they pass me in the reception. That's reason why I could see here very clearly. So they put me in one room and they put my girlfriend in another room that was in a room by myself. And they gave me this black drink Drink at first I thought it was tar. But later I found out it was charcoal. And it tastes horrible. Oh my god. So, I mean, absolutely horrible. But I drank it down right away, I was on my bed that drank it right down right away. And I was thinking to myself, well, you're gonna live, you're going to be alright, you're going to be alright, you're gonna live. Finally, they got to me, they got to, you got to live, you got to make it, you got to make it. So as I lay down and relaxed on the bed, and they had left my room, so I was just in my room by myself. As I was relaxing, all of a sudden, I heard my heart like somebody had put my heart right in front of my ear. And my heart starts to beat like this, boom, boom, boom, boom. Boom. And when it went, boom, that's when I popped out of my body. As if I was like, I'm on this couch, and I just pop up, and I jump up, I popped out my body. And the first thing I said, then was, I'm out. And I looked at, I started to look at my hand. I couldn't believe that I was out. And I started to look at my hand. And my hand looked like, if you could, if you ever watched television too late, there's usually like this emergency broadcasting system that comes on. I don't know if you're familiar with it, in Norway, but there's in America, this is like the screen goes to static. When they don't have any more things to broadcast on the television, it just goes to the static and in the static is like colors. And my hand was like a light gray with a light blue tint around it. And I was looking at my hand. And I was standing on the side of my bed, and my body was in the bed, I could see my lake. And I was like, wow, I couldn't believe I was out. Then. I heard there was a sink across from my bed, and a drop of water just going boop, boop. And for some odd reason, when I was out of my body, my curiosity was like at 1002 a soul. A drop of water was amazing. Absolutely amazing. And when I heard the drop of water, I said, a drop of water. Wow. And the minute I thought about the drop of water, my vision automatically went very close to the water and back automatically. And then as if, I mean, if I give you if I give you a bicycle 20 years from now, I'm sure you still gonna be able to ride it. You know. And it was like I was I was remembering something like I could stop time. And I just put my hand across the air. And the drop of water froze in midair, I had stopped. And to a soul. That was not such an amazing thing. That was just like, Okay. And then I said to myself, I said, I'd like to see that drop of water from every angle. And then I just opened my hand like that. And five of me appeared at the sink. One was on the right one was on the left one was underneath the water. One was watching. And I was watching all of them. And I was amazed. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. And then when I would close my hand, they would all suck back to one to me. And I and I broke my hand and they would all appear at the sink. And I close it they would all go back. And I kept doing that. And then and then one time I said what if I add a little shake? I wonder what they'd shake. And I opened my hand with a little shake like that. And they all appeared with a little shake. And then I burst out laughing. I couldn't. It was turning into Bugs Bunny. Period. I burst out laughing. And when I burst out laughing It was like I was laughing in the Grand Canyon. It just went oh

into eternity.

Now after the laugh after the laugh. I felt that there was somebody watching me.

And then I heard a voice

and the voice said very calmly, very easily. Almost like a parent to say to a child, you know, if you've run around the corner too fast, you might fall, be careful. Well, this voice said to me, if you stay up much longer, you may have to stay. And it wasn't a demand. It wasn't a command. It was just given me a choice. If you don't go back now, you might have to stay. And I didn't question it. I knew it wasn't my thought. Because I said, Oh, yeah, that's right. Yeah, my heart can't stay stop forever, you know. So I pointed myself in the direction of my body. And here's another thing. I never wanted to look at my face while I was dead, because I was afraid that I was going to have this. This just horrible look on my face that I might be, it might scare myself. So I only looked at my leg. And I knew I was standing up, and my leg was laying down in the body. And that in the bed, so I knew that I was out. So I put myself in the direction of my body. And I just willed my soul as I'm gonna go into that body. And I went into the body, and then my heart, did a double beat boom, and started to beat. And everything was okay. But oh, yeah, I forgot to say, while I was out of my body, there was something else happening all to all that same time. Now, if you I don't know if you heard of Alka Seltzer. But if you put an Alka Seltzer in a glass of water, it starts to dissolve, right? Well, while that was out of my body, information was expanding, like crazy. Information kept building and building and expanding and expanding. And this information I was able to bring back. And there was a lot of information that was totally opposite of what I believed before. And totally surprising. I mean, about so many different subjects. You know, it was just amazing. For example, it was saying, it told me that there's no right or wrong on the other side, just perspective. It told me also about people who experience hell when they die. It's because they created it. God is only love. God doesn't create hell. And because also, the other thing is, we all are gods, and we are part of God. And then we all are gods with a big G. We can create a whole island, a whole universe, a whole galaxy with just half a thought. We can also have multiple lifetimes at the same time. And the people who experienced this hell, they experienced it because they are afraid that it exists. And they actually create it while they're here on the earth. And in the Christian religion anyway, if you go to hell, you're supposed to be there forever, right? You're not supposed to never get out, right? But hundreds of people are coming back with stories about hell, they did die, they went to hell, but they're out. And the reason why they're out is because once they're so realizes that it's them that's creating this hell, not God, they leave. And the same thing I got with the downloads about heaven. People also create heaven, because of their thoughts on Earth. But heaven, in reality is anywhere after death is heaven. It's all God. It's all God. So sometimes they go to this place that they've created called heaven, that they think it's heaven. But it's their creation, you might see Jesus or Mary and nobody else is there. Because while they were here, they thought nobody else would be good enough to get into heaven. So it's a very lonely place and nothing's going on. And just because they created that, it's not God, God is only love. This is what I got. I got about the Bible, too. Not all the Bible was true. It was manipulated by the governments and also the religious people at the time. Also got information about Christ. There's a Christ consciousness that exists just under unconditional love. Also, that there were many Christ's that's another thing I got. Not just only one, there was many that came with that consciousness of of knowing and also that on the earth, we misunderstood what Christ was trying to say. There's not there's not one way to only get to God. There's many ways to get to God. Okay, that's the first thing second thing Christ was saying. In, I do these works, but greater will you do what he was trying to say that she is no better than you. You. On the other side, there's another thing I got downloads, there's no hierarchy. There's no old, the great Angel, and then there's you. God sees you at the same level stuff like that. Jesus came with it with the with the consciousness of the other side. And he brought it to do to this Earth reality. Oh yeah, the earth that's the other thing. The Earth is a game by the way. It's a soul that's alive. That's one of my downloads and that it agreed it was other souls that created this game. And it agreed to play this game for a couple billion years. But now the game is up, it stopped around 2012. And now the earth is rising to stiff dimension, when we're on third dimension right now, going through fourth dimension to fifth dimension. And the earth is rising, doesn't want to play the 3d game anymore. And the whole vibration of the Earth has changed. That's why we have so much division in the world right now. Because if you put a positive battery and a negative battery together, what do they do they separate? Okay. If you you can check it in science to the Schumann Resonance, if you ever heard of the Schumann Resonance, which is the electrical frequency and pulse of the Earth is normally at 7.83. And that frequency is the exact frequency of the human brain. Now if you, if you check on Google that you're going to see that this frequency is rising up to 300. And over, they can't even measure it anymore. So this is to show you that the earth is rising in vibration. I got so many downloads about so many different topics. I'll let you as you can ask me the questions about about what I got, because it's just a lot of information.

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Wow. Oh, my goodness. That's a quite some stories there. Thank you so much for sharing. How has this changed you afterwards? Like you said, you came back with gifts? How has that changed your life?

Dennis Bullock 37:27

Ah, okay. Yeah, the gifts Well, actually, okay. After this. I said for the last time and said, I'm going to try to get back to normal life. I'm going to try. So I went that went back to the band life and stuff like that. And I didn't tell anybody about that experience either for a while. And we were in this new club called mongrel on that place in Canada. Called microloan. And it was a snowstorm. So we went there, and nobody was there. It's just me the band and me and two waitresses. So we were having beers and ice, and I said to the waitress, a waitress, come on over here for fun. I'm going to I'm going to tell you a future for fun. I said, Give me a left hand, and she gave me a left hand and I said, Your boyfriend is paraplegic. I said, he blames you for his handicap. Even though it's not your fault. You're going to meet a guy in three months from now, you're going to fall in love, and you're going to marry this guy, and you're gonna be happy for the rest of your life with this guy. And I just throw her hand away. And I didn't pay attention that she never said one word to the whole conversation. And I just finished my beer. And the next year, we played at the same club. And this waitress ran up to me, and she said, Did you know that everything you said came true? I said, that way, way. Impossible. I said your boyfriend was paraplegic? She said, Yes. I said, he blamed you for his handicap. She said yes. I said, you met a guy three months after? She said yes. And I said, You married him. And then she didn't even say yes, you just showed me the wedding ring. And the hairs went up my arm. And I said, Oh my god, what am I what am I turning into on the alien? What? What's going on? And my band just looked at me and they said, What's wrong with you, man? You turn into into Nostradamus? Yeah, because it was that was a quite serious situation. And I was just totally in shock. And sadly, there was another incident that happened. As I was discovering I had this gift with another friend this time. It was a friend of the band. He was a bouncer too, but he was cool, cool people, no problems with him. And I have premonition about this guy. He was a bouncer for places will be called the after hours, which means that clubs that stay open after the normal clubs, I mean, after I would play a show when the clubs closed at two or whatever, I would go to the after hours because I needed to unwind and talk about the show and you know, people would be there to talk about the show and and have a drink after it stayed up until about seven or eight in the morning. Well, this this bouncer friend of mine, he used to come to see the band. He was real cool people good friend. And for some reason, on this Thursday, I had, like a premonition that he shouldn't go out to this weekend. Now, I hadn't had that before. And it was like a cloud. The whole day hanging over my head about this guy, don't go out. Now this guy's another he's a doorman. So he's like, super huge. Anybody that's gonna mess with him. You got to be local, you gotta be crazy. If you're going to try to mess with this guy, this guy has huge muscles everywhere. He's huge. Forget it. And I said, if I tell him, don't go out, stay in your apartment. Just stay in your apartment, don't go out the whole weekend is gonna think I'm not see. Don't think, Oh, this guy. I like him. He's a good friend. But he's losing it. Now. He's a little bit crazy telling me that I have to stay here. So I saw him on that Friday. After my show, I came to the after hours with the band. And I thought about telling him and I said, if I tell him, he's gonna think I'm crazy. And I said, maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm just sensitive or weird. Having these weird impressions. I don't know. Maybe it's just nothing, you know, might not just be nothing. So I didn't tell him.

Now, Sunday came.

And I went to the same after hours after my show. expecting to see that he would be at the door. But it wasn't at the door. There was another guy at the door and other bouncer and this bouncer had tears rolling down his face. And when I came there, I said, What's wrong man?

And he said, You didn't hear. I said, know what happened. He said,

The bouncer that was normally here is dead.

And I said, No. I

said, How How did he die? What happened? And he said that he met a girl on Saturday. And he took this girl after his work, he went to a hotel with her. And she waited till he fell asleep. And she slashed his throat with a knife. And by the time he woke up, he had lost too much blood. He couldn't eat, he lost consciousness and he died. And I had to go to his funeral. And I felt so guilty. And I said, if I get a message for the President of the United States, I'm going to tell them I don't care if anybody thinks I'm crazy. I'm going to tell them. I'm never going to withhold information again. Never Never. And yeah, and that that was the bad. I say the bad experience. But when I checked inside my soul, I got an answer about that. And the answer was that he, if you had told him, he wouldn't have listened. Anyway. And also that was an exit point for him. Okay, and here's another download that I have, from my death experiences that we all have exit points. These are points where if we want to leave this game or this world, we can it's like, you were on the phone and and because you were on the phone, you didn't cross the street. And there was a car that ran that red light. But you didn't. You didn't because you were on the phone. You missed that or you got or you were too late for your plane but that plane crashed. These are exit points. We have many exit points in our life, where we could die or or not.

Jannecke Øinæs 44:23

Yeah, yeah. May I ask like do with subconsciously choose our exit points? No.

Dennis Bullock 44:30

exit points that just come. And there's certain dislike certain times. Somebody asked me once. Do we have freewill or is it destiny? Right? And the answer was both. There's certain things that you plan before you came here that you plan that will be in your life, which is your kids, your partner, your best friend, your dog, your cat, even If you're a certain place you may live, these are all destination point destiny. But you still have free will, that when these situations come, if you want to turn it down, you still can turn it down. It's not written in stone. But for sure there's certain people even if you sit in front of your apartment and do nothing, there's certain people you're going to meet no matter what. Because you had already planned to meet them. Okay, that's the destiny and and the freewill is, you have free will to make the choice to go down that path or not.

Jannecke Øinæs 45:40

But when there are several exit points, who decides when you're going to die?

Dennis Bullock 45:48

Well as as they done on a soul level, more than the conscious level. Okay. It's not done on a conscious level. It's done on a soul level. But but every now and then you'll get a conscious person that's aware of it. And they and they they will choose or they will not choose. Oh, yeah, here's another download, I have to say this. Which had so many that every now and then I get one that I feel people need to know. There is no such thing as a horrible death. Because the soul gets taken out of the body. minutes, seconds before it happened. And and there is no murder. The soul gets taken out before the murder happens. Right? Okay. That's why you hear people I was in a car accident, but I don't remember the impact because the soul was taken out before the impact. It's the same for an end and people who suffer a long, long time and long, long pain. If the pain continues too long, the soul will leave the body that's a relief. Okay, so there is no horrible death. There is no horrible Child child death and all that stuff. If a child if a baby dies, prematurely, let's say it comes into the world. And it's and it lives for three weeks and then dies. It's only because that soul said I don't like this body. And I like this small this small space. No, no, I changed my mind. I'm leaving. And that's it. That's all. And death. When I died, it was so easy. Like I was drinking a glass of water. I couldn't even believe it. And when I popped out my body, I had to I had to look at my hand to make sure and look at the bed to make sure that I'm dead. Because I feel like I feel now. Except I have the same personality. Except that did I start to have more powers? I did feel a little bit lighter. But that's about it. I had the same personality. I was laughing joking. You know, the fact that I was having so much fun that God had to even say, Hey, if you stay out here to longer you might have to stay. Wow, you know, so. So, and I found out I mean, we can create anything on the other side. And in anything. I mean, even if we want to create a body, we can create a body and inhabit it. But it won't be the same body as we have on the earth because the Earth is third density. It'll be a body texture wise but it'll be lighter. And it'll be like a like Superman body. Because because it will it won't die. It won't. It'll be perfect. Okay, and it'll be on higher density won't be on the low density because we're in 3d 3d is duality.

Jannecke Øinæs 48:55

What about on Earth?

To what how much can we create here on Earth? Like Jesus said, you know,

Dennis Bullock 49:05

yeah, it's it's a new Oh yeah, here's the other thing is gonna be a lot of people are gonna be freaked out. But I have to say if it's as my download, there is no karma. None. What it is, is frequency vibration. If you're on the channel, if you murder somebody, you're putting yourself on the frequency of murder of channel and that that frequency, you can murder or you may be murdered. It's like if you're on the rock station, you can't get classical you on the rock station until you change your frequency. And that's what it is. It's not about God or you did that last life so now I'm going to punish you this life and just doesn't there's no debt. There is no debt. You know, I was a Christian I died. Hi. Whoo. Oh. And guess what I was working with love. I was my powers with I was having a ball. Okay, so there is no karma. It's just frequency. It's not about Oh, you did that now you're going to be paid back? No, you did that. But remember, you're on that frequency. So it could happen to you. If you're ripping off people and ripping off money, you own that frequency. So guess what it can happen to you is that it's all about frequency. That's all it is.

Jannecke Øinæs 50:33

That makes sense. That makes much more sense.

Dennis Bullock 50:37

So but that's what I got that, you know, these things I'm telling you, I had no idea about I was just a singer, musician. I was not thinking about nothing spiritual. This just came to me. And, and I believe every word 1,000%, my downloads every every word I found to be perfect, true and correct. And so that's just one of my downloads. There was no horrible death. So that's the first thing. Second thing. I remember had a client say, Well, what about Hitler? You know, why should God love Hitler? As much and the same as he loves me? And the answer with that is, is that God loves everybody, there is no right or wrong. But there is a life review. The life review is not about to punish you, is just to review. But what you experienced in that life review is, what you did and what everybody else felt. So if you got into an argument with a person, and you and your family, and your experience in your life with you, you're going to experience what you felt when you were arguing with that person, but you also going to experience what the other person felt exactly. So if you imagine Hitler, who created all this fear and death among millions and millions of people, he's gonna have to experience all that. And that's not nice. That won't be nice, but it won't be forever. Because on the other side, everything is happening much faster. Think of it like the propeller plane, when the propeller plane is going very, very fast. It looks like it disappears, right? But if you stick your hand in there, you know that it's there. That's the same with the soul. The soul is vibrating on a very high level. So everything is moving much faster than it does in Earth time or terms.

Jannecke Øinæs 52:39

Oh my goodness, there's just so much wisdom here. Thank you so much for sharing. Um, I want to jump into what you said about Earth being cool. And being in the third dimension moving into the fifth that Earth doesn't want to do this anymore. So how many years are we speaking about? Did you get info about that? I know timing on the other side is difficult to say. Well, the

Dennis Bullock 53:03

thing is, is that it happened

Jannecke Øinæs 53:06

like to humanity. Well, this is the thing. Okay?

Dennis Bullock 53:10

What I got my downloads about what's happening now the earth is this weird. Every soul on the planet, right? Now it's given a choice. Not whether they choose it consciously or on a soul level. They're given the choice. And the choice is, do I do I want to continue low vibrations? Or do I want to go to high vibrations. Now in God's eyes, it doesn't matter. Because God loves you either way. But in God's eyes, the people who take low vibration is like they taking the long way home, The Long Road Home, and the people who are going in high vibration and taking the short road home. That's it. Now what the earth is saying, it's going to go to two different timelines. Now this, here's

the thing

that I got my downloads, we change timelines every two or three minutes. Okay, so don't think that that's like, oh, well, timeline is so big. It's not a big thing at all. It's like the timeline is like this. You could have went to the store in another time that you went to the store instead of having this interview. Okay, but because we're focused on this timeline, we're here. But that that timeline exists, where you went to the store instead of having this interview, you see, and that's what timelines are. We do it all the time. Sometimes we realize we do it too. Sometimes you wake up in your room the next morning, and something is different about your room, but you can't explain it. Or you put something on the table and you know, you put it there but now it's not there. And you look all over that table, you don't see it. And then you come back a couple of hours and that thing is there. And how did it get there? You Oh, no. But you know, you looked on that table and it wasn't there before. That's timelines, you're jumping timelines. Okay. So what's happened is the earth is going to go to two different timelines. One will be the real her and one will be like, Shadow her. Like if you stand in front of a wall, you see yourself and then you see the shadow. The 3d timeline will be the shadow. And the real you will be the real Earth will be the five d timeline. That's what's getting ready to happen. Okay, it's going to happen gradually. It's not going to happen like you go to sleep and you wake up Oh, have millions of disappeared, what happened? It's not going to happen like that. It's going to happen very gradually, like from winter going to summer. Okay. But the earth is asking the souls now, which vibration Do you want to choose and how you how you make your choice is the vibration that you continually to have. And low vibrations are sadness, anxiety, unhappiness, jealousy, hate, judgment,

you know, depression.

All these are low vibrations. Okay. And I called 3d the roller coaster ride, you know, because I say, It's okay. I mean, I don't hate anybody who wants to go on a roller coaster ride. I said, that's okay. But me I want to get I want to be on the fact that five d, were in five d, there's only going to be love, truth, peace, harmony, and no judgment of any kind.

Jannecke Øinæs 56:38

Now, okay, let's imagine we have John and Ann here. And John, next five d and unpicks. 3d. But when they die, they come to the same place, right? And then they regress again and get the choice again.

Dennis Bullock 56:55

Well, first thing, and then let's get this thing because there seems to be a little bit discrepancy about reincarnation, reincarnation is a choice, it is not nothing that you are forced to come back to. Okay, get that straight. When you get when you're out of your body, you have the choice. Now, sometimes your higher self will tell you go back, you ain't finished. And what it's saying is that I'm not really finished. So you go back this, this part of your consciousness, I'm telling you to go back. That's it. And, and it may appear as whatever God or Buddha or Krishna, or Christ or Mary, or whatever is comfortable for you. But no soul is another download, no soul can control another soul. Impossible. Everything is done through agreement or features. There is no forcing on the other side. Not told total freedom. And you can keep your identity of who you are. Or if you want to absorb back into source you you're welcome to do that, too. But it's no I died. And now I'm going to lose my identity. I lose everything. No way. If anything is the opposite. You gain everything. You can create whatever you want, you can create a partner if you want, you can create an island, you can create a galaxy, whatever you want to do. You have your God and you're part of God. You have you can relive many lifetimes and you probably are, don't even know it. Okay, the lifetime we're talking about right now, you're using the just a part of your soul finger baby finger to control this life. Every time you sleep, you go on the other side. Yeah, and you do things on the other side, too. You do little work. Sometimes you have any help in the earth, with our energy field and grid and changing and rising and stuff like that. Because the Earth also called for what they call star seeds, people who are born to help just to help the earth rise. It's like this. If you go to move to a new apartment, now, you could do it yourself. But it will take a little bit longer. But if you call your friends, what happens you move faster, you can move all your things faster. It's the same for the Earth. She could do it herself, but it might take a little bit longer for her to move to five d. So the star seeds are helping her with positive energy

Jannecke Øinæs 59:36

that were star seeds as well, right? Because we can incarnate in all sorts of places. Well,

Dennis Bullock 59:41

there's some people who came specifically for that. And there's some people who came just we all came to experience but some came to experience a certain thing. Okay, so the star seeds are the ones who came to experience to Help the earth, the earth made out of cry, I need some help. I want to unbelieving Come help me and they were born. And these are people that you can just see how wonderful they are because they just want to give they wanted it. That's why they are here. And that's why they're very sensitive. And they're very sensitive people because they but it, but again, they might seem more Kinder in this dimension. But on the other side, there is no hierarchy. They're the same in God's eyes loved, nobody is loved more or less.

On the other side,

Jannecke Øinæs 1:00:40

did you get any downloads about all the unidentified aircrafts that we're seeing now? There's so much buzz about this now on Netflix, tons of Sirius, and people are channeling these extraterrestrials this year?

Dennis Bullock 1:00:55

Yeah, yeah, well, the

thing is the extra dress and know that we're on the verge of a change. And they've been around already for a long time. Okay, this is not like we discovered them just now. No way. They've been around here for 1000s of years, actually. Okay. You know, Michelangelo painted, painted Christ, and he also painted a spaceship there. So just to tell you, if they've been around the Egyptians painted them. It's all over the ancient tablets and all kinds of stuff, extra tourists. They're here. They're watching, but they did not really allow to interrupt the evolution of the humanity. But they can help it to a certain degree. And they do, they do help it. There's good ones, and there's not so good ones. But most of the not so good ones are kind of leaving because the planet itself is rising. And when you have a planet that's on higher vibrations, what is high vibrations, high vibration says truth. high vibrations is love, harmony, peace, not war. So when you have a negative vibration, or negative battery on a planet that's rising, it makes the negative battery crazy, they go crazy. And that's exactly what's happening. But as far as the extra turrets and stuff like that, they would like I believe that I felt that they want to make it not the extra service, but the government's want to make it into an enemy as a way to control more. Okay, the extra turrets if they wanted to just destroy humanity, you're attacking manatee would have done it a long, long, long time ago.

Not now.

Okay. And also the governments have been communicating, and even making deals with extra tourists for quite a while they just haven't shared it. And now they trying to pretend like they're sharing it. But it's only in order to make that if the two extra rays come to present themselves more, because the planet is rising. That's the only reason why they would because other than that they don't like to be too too upfront with with humans, as you can see, because it's scary for them. Because we're still very primitive, we want to shoot them down. We want to attack, they're not attacking nobody. So they're very skeptical about that. But because the planet is rising, we're gonna see a lot more of them. We're gonna see the there's gonna be a lot more interaction than this already has been.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:03:43

Is it possible that just some of us will see them because we have a choice now to be in 5g or 3d?

Dennis Bullock 1:03:50

Well, the higher vibration you go on, the more you're aware of everything that doesn't exist that you can't see. Because we're not even seeing everything. So as we as we get higher and higher consciousness races so more and more people are going to be wearing now it doesn't mean everybody will be more aware because you still have free will. So if you still choose that low vibration, which is a lot which is fake, which is lies, which is all the low vibrational stuff, you may not see it, you might just think oh, this is a bunch of baloney and that's it. You see that's low vibration. But when you're on the higher your vibration you go the more your eyes are open, the more things you see the more things you understand you're getting information from

Jannecke Øinæs 1:04:37

now, what I'm curious is to you know, this guy we all know that created this war in Ukraine. Why do certain souls get so much power that gives them the opportunity opportunity to to destroy so many people? Like why are not beautiful souls like yourself in power on

Dennis Bullock 1:04:58

this earth? Well, first thing you have to understand. Yeah, this is the was the big download too. And we take this life too serious. First thing,

this is a game. And I mean, Jane. Okay, it's

a game. And, for example, Napoleon, Napoleon was a general and he did all this bad things. But when he died when he took off that jacket, what is he a soul? What is souls made out of love? It's a game. That's all it is. And the game is to experience some people, some souls would like to experience power. So they did. Some souls would like to experience other things. Because if you're on the other side, if you're in a white room, you are white.

And ever, everything is white, you won't realize that you're white. Unless you have a contrast.

You won't even realize that you are that color, unless you're able to see other colors. So you can say, oh, yeah, I'm white. You know, think of it like a soul reads all the books knows all the knowledge about how to drive a car, but never experienced it. So it had to come down to 3d, because on the other side there is it is not third density. So you can't experience how it is on 3d. You have to lower your vibration to come down here.

Even my mother, even after you die for two weeks, you're still adjusting. It's an adjustment period.

My mother didn't know how to come back. She was already had left the earth plane, she didn't know how to come back. So she needed an escort. So we still, you know, that's that's why I say, you know, we still learning once we go on the other side, not learning but we're still adjusting. But but as far as far as people in power, and all that stuff like that. The people on low vibrations right now are going to go on to be more aggressive, more angry, because they are on a planet that's rising. They're they're losing their control. That's the real point.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:07:25

And then they get stronger, it seems like they get no,

Dennis Bullock 1:07:29

no, it's an illusion, it's an illusion. It's just like the illusion that everything is getting worse when it's actually not. Everything is rising, there's more light coming to the planet. Even if you check your iPhones, when you check on the display, you have to turn the display brighter than normal. If you go outside, go outside and stand with your iPhone and see if you can read it. You can't unless you turn up the brightness so bright that it's even beyond normal. And that's because there's more sun coming in. And that's because the planet is rising. And that's and that's a good news. Okay, but if you turn on TV and politicians and all that you're gonna think, oh my god is horrible. The thing is, is that logic

is no longer functioning now, it's only vibration.

Low or High. That's it, if you tried to do something logical, you're gonna see that it's, it's much harder to do. Why is that? 10 years ago, I was doing the same thing and it and it worked. But now I tried to do the same thing. It doesn't work. Because we've changed vibration. Vibration affects everything. If I sing a note and I match the vibration of the glass, what happens? It breaks. Okay, so this new vibration so what I tell and I tell your audience what I tell people you who want to be into the five D and I have nothing against people who want the roller coaster ride, it's okay. But if you want to get into the five d you want to keep your vibration high. And what you should do is write down 10 things on the list that you should do when you feel your vibration gets low. Because your your feelings, your emotions or your thermometer to tell you rather you're going to low vibrations or high vibrations. Now the first thing on your list out of this 10 should be nature. If you go into nature and you sit under a tree, or you sit in the forest, you automatically raise your vibration sit there for an hour automatically your vibration raises you don't have to do anything. If you sit there with bare feet that would even be better. But even just sitting there for one hour, your vibration raises automatically. Now the other nine things can be things of your personal choice. It could be your favorite dessert could be your favorite movie. Could be your favorite meal could be a good friend that makes you laugh could be a kitten could be a puppy. Could be a picture could be music, could be artwork, could be flowers, something that brings you automatic joy, could be a photo could be a good book, something that brings you automatic joy, you don't have to think about it. Now when you've when your vibration, your emotions tell you, Oh, for some reason, today, I just don't feel good or feel anxiety or fear or something like that. It's time to do one of my 10 things so mindless. You do it. Now I tell people to be happy. But I don't tell you to ignore because a lot of these spiritual teachers, they will tell you, Oh, just be happy. And that's it. And so don't ever don't ever feel negative emotion. That's not true. You got to be like a three year old girl. For you. I would say three Oh girl, what she does, she runs around the corner real fast. And she falls on her face. And she screams she feels that negative low vibration emotion. But one minute later, that same little girl is laughing because she felt that negative emotion but she let it go. And the problem with adults is we feel that negative emotion we hold on to it for days, weeks, even years.

When we have to let it go.

Because if you feel if you've tried to hide too many negative emotions, what happens? You explode? Okay, somebody's gonna say how are you just gonna go? What's wrong with her? Nobody knows. Because you've been trying to hide all that negative emotion. So I tell you, Yes. Be as happy as you can. But if you have to feel negative emotions, then feel it, seal it, but then let it go. And if your emotions tell you a today doesn't feel good, I don't feel good. I don't know why. Then do one of the 10 things on your list. I have a list to my second is Bugs Bunny because I like Bugs Bunny cartoons. They make me laugh so much. So automatically, I if I'm not feeling great that day. And I feel like I'm not going to feel great that they do one of my 10 Things looks funny. And I'm watching them happy to laughing and I'm my vibration psychic.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:12:19

Yeah, that's a great tip. Because I can find myself that I go into this bubble and I work when I'm like, Oh, I can't do the tools right now because I'm mobile. And then I do it. And it works.

Dennis Bullock 1:12:32

Yeah, exactly. Exactly. That's exactly it. That is it. Just don't

Jannecke Øinæs 1:12:36

I can't trust my ego because my ego is like, No, it's not working. It's not working. And I'm like, Okay, do it anyway on again, then I'm like, okay,

Dennis Bullock 1:12:44

exactly. That's why I tell them. So people, write it down, write 10 things down, just write it down. Keep it keep it there. So you'll know that the point is to know what to do when you feel your vibrations going low, know what to do, because you don't want to stay on that low vibration. Because the thing about five days, you want to be on the high vibrations, more often than not. Right is not that you have to be perfect, but you want to be on it more often

Jannecke Øinæs 1:13:14

than not make sense? Where sort

of your, your average state of being.

Dennis Bullock 1:13:23

Exactly, yeah, exactly. And also sleep is very important. Because your body automatically can go gravitate to a low vibration if you're very tired. Okay, so if you're tired, then you probably have to do one of those 10 things because you just tired. And it's important to know that just to know that, but your emotions are your thermometer, they can tell you that I can't tell you you're in low vibrations, but your your emotions can tell you.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:13:53

I just feel my vibration is racing. Total. Oh, hi. And so inspired by you. Um, well, I

Dennis Bullock 1:14:03

watched you a few times to me is yes. I've watched you and I love your channel and I love the questions you have. And I been to Norway only twice. I was in Bergen. And because I was doing a cruise ship. I was singing on a cruise ship. Okay, and we stopped and I had to think and that was in Norway. It was quite interesting and fascinating. I was. I remember I was with a taxi and he was telling me all these little crazy stories, but I had a great time. Yeah, yeah, I come from Oslo so that I know the capital. Yeah, yeah. All right. So Dennis,

Jannecke Øinæs 1:14:41

I have three questions that I asked my guests. One is what is self love to you?

Dennis Bullock 1:14:47

Oh, that's a very good one, two. Very good, good question. Self love is is to accept who you are no matter how different that may be from others. And also, to know that you are love. And if you know that you are love, that's a big plus, but also your acceptance, and also know that you can make mistakes. It's okay. It's okay. You know, I have to tell you a quick story about that question, because my grandfather used to ask me when I was seven years old, how many mistakes did you make in school today? And I would say, none. And he would be disappointed. He would ask me again, the next week, how many mistakes did you make at school the day this and I would say, Well, I make one this time in algebra. And he would take me out the ice cream for ice cream. And he was doing that to show me don't be afraid of your mistakes, because they're not really mistakes. It's just information that you will get to do a better job the

next time.

And it made me fearless about trying new things. Because I'm not afraid to make the mistake at all. It's for me, it's just information. It's not a mistake at all. But he taught me that. So you see, and that for me is kind of like a self love.

It helps you.

But your next question.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:16:20

Yeah. What is happiness to you? Oh,

Dennis Bullock 1:16:24

wow, to me personally, because I think probably, well, there's one answer that everybody's for sure would be love. But happiness for me is, is to,

to enjoy the life and to love

others and to love myself. And for me, that's you're rich, if you can love others, and you can love yourself. And if you can just be happy, enjoy what you have, where you are, what you're doing. And you don't have to be doing anything, just enjoy who you are.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:17:04

And what is the deeper meaning of life from your perspective. For me,

Dennis Bullock 1:17:09

there's two things I got about that. And that is, for me, my perspective is that

life is to experience.

And also to remember who you really are, which is love. You'll really love that's all. And don't be fooled by the illusions. Because once they take off the mask, and the costumes, it's only love something of

Jannecke Øinæs 1:17:43

how to solve your beautiful. I think

Dennis Bullock 1:17:47

this is a great interview. I can't wait to edit it. Oh my god, please, please, I have to. Oh, yeah. And I must say something before I go. I do energy readings to help. I was going to ask you how people tell sometimes even they can get healings. Also. That's happened in the last actually, last week. I had a woman who was with a healer herself and she couldn't heal herself. And and she came to me and she was skeptical about me, but that she still listened. And I just told her a certain thing, like what I've read because I go into people's energy, which has all the answers, I just repeat. The answer isn't inside you. I just read them and repeat it back to you. That's all I do. And hers was that she was not allowing because she had she she thought she had all this information. She knew it all. So she was actually blocking her her own healing with the information that she knew. And I told her stop thinking just relax and allow and I said Are you ready to allow and she did and a wave of love hitters both and she was healed. My name is Faye Curtis. She wrote she wrote a big thing on next level soul about about me what happened. And so I do health readings for people. I help people with relationships, sometimes cheating husbands cheating wives. I help people with answers about what's happening now today. And I read their energy because sometimes they have things in their energy that they to make things more clear in their life about what they should be doing or what would be good for them to be doing. I help them with work. And partners loved ones and also sometimes sometimes I can communicate with people on the other side for that. Or they may have messages but it's not guaranteed because souls on the other side have very busy. Very busy. They're having party they're doing other kinds of things. So they're very busy. So it doesn't mean that they're always going to come through because you ask you know Yeah.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:19:59

Oh my goodness. That felt like I've learned so much in this interview. And it was so inspiring. And I feel so filled right now. And

Dennis Bullock 1:20:05

oh, you're great because the work that you are doing is great. This is exactly it. This is helping raise the vibration you you're giving people information about the other side about this life right now. And it's so important, more important than any time in history. Because we are going through a change that we have never done, the Earth has never did that she's never switched. And all of history. Now she's switching to five d. And that's so amazing. So thank you have to say thank you for what the work you're doing. And it's an honor for me to be on your show. Really, really, really happy about that. Thank

Jannecke Øinæs 1:20:45

you so much. And thank you guys for watching and also spreading the word about these messages and may you shine the light that you are. Bye bye. Bye

Dennis Bullock 1:20:56

bye. Take care

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profound revelations and downloads

Dennis Bullock opens up about two mystical encounters that have profoundly impacted his life. The first story revolves around a visitation from his beloved mother, who appeared from the afterlife to provide him with foresight into his future. Her vision laid the groundwork for a remarkable journey, aligning with the paths she had foreseen.

The second remarkable experience occurred when Dennis faced a life-altering moment during a hospital stay due to an overdose. At that critical juncture, he journeyed beyond this world and witnessed multiple versions of himself. What followed was a series of profound revelations and downloads that shed light on the intricate nature of reality. He returned from this otherworldly encounter with extraordinary abilities, including the capacity to foresee individuals’ destinies.

It’s all about frequencies and energy

Among the wisdom he acquired, Dennis shares insights on the age-old debate of free will versus destiny, emphasizing that both coexist harmoniously. He dismantles the fear of death, revealing that there is no such thing as a dreadful demise. Instead, it’s all about frequencies and energy. He empowers others by affirming that creation knows no bounds on the other side.

Perhaps one of the most reassuring revelations is that your personality remains intact in the afterlife. As Dennis recounts these life-altering encounters, he underscores the significance of elevating one’s vibration and provides valuable guidance on how to achieve this profound transformation. His story serves as an inspiring reminder that the mysteries of existence are boundless, waiting for those who dare to explore and embrace them.

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