When you talk about oneness, it becomes something that forms in reality.  We’re moving into an era of connectivity, therefore talking about it, we’ll make the invisible visible. With over two decades of experience as a channel for insights into Earth, the human race, and other planetary systems, Rebecca Dawson offers a unique perspective on consciousness and existence.

“The biggest thing we can do for humanity is to be able for life to happen through us” – Rebecca Dawson

Unexpected Beginnings

Rebecca’s journey into channeling began unexpectedly at the age of 18, altering her identity and worldview in profound ways. Despite her initial plans to pursue a career in architecture, she found herself thrust into a realm of divine wisdom with no instruction manual to guide her. It was a transformative learning curve, catalyzed by her connection with entities such as St. Germain, Kuthumi, and Serapis Bey, who have accompanied her on her journey for over two decades.

Now, two decades later, Rebecca believes it’s time to share these insights more widely, making them accessible to all. She believes that every individual has the right to access knowledge that empowers them to realize their fullest potential and embody their own mastery. Through her work, Rebecca provides the latest channeled information on humanity’s current state, the mechanics of dimensional reality, and the nature of consciousness. Her goal is to help others remember their innate wisdom and potential, encouraging them to reclaim their mastery and create their own reality.

Co-Creating the New Earth

In Rebecca’s view, this is not merely about survival; it’s about embracing one’s capacity for creation and stepping into the truth of one’s existence. She welcomes all to join her on the journey towards the New Earth, a realm where visibility and self-realization reign supreme.

She is the author of four books, The New Human Experience, The Game of Purpose, The Agreement, and Fu – the Return of the Magnetic Human. 

In the interview Rebecca is channeling answering questions Jannecke has about life after death and oneness.

Transcript of the interview

Rebecca Dawson 0:00

So many have been crying out. When do we see the new in the world? When do we begin to see the shift in humanity actually materializing itself? Well, let us say this to you do once to zero to four is the year where you will begin to see the systems and structures emerge, because there is an enormous shift that is upon us.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:27

Hello, Rebecca, welcome to the show.

Rebecca Dawson 0:30

Thank you so much for having me here. I'm very happy to be here.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:34

I'm very glad to have you. And I'm looking, I'm looking forward to see where our conversation will go today. I know that you are a channeler, you written four books, and you're helping your community and the world actually change through your powerful messages of transformation, and powerful messages about the shift in consciousness that we find ourselves in. And I know that you've been channeling since you were around 18 years old, or that something happened when you were 18. And I find that very fascinating that you were on a different path in your life, like you were studying as a normal kid, immersed in student life and the divine came along and had other plans. And I would love to hear that story. And later on, perhaps we can also have some channeling. But please share what happened when you were 18.

Rebecca Dawson 1:35

Oh, thank you for that beautiful introduction. So wow, what happened when I was 18. I'm going to begin with actually when I was much younger, because I always had the ability to see and feel things, I had an awareness that there was life beyond us because I could see energies and see colors around people and I had friends that lived in the garden that looked like swirls of energy. I saw deceased grandparents when they passed away these sorts of things. So because I had this way of seeing and feeling it was recognized when I was quite young. And I was very fortunate that my mother put me into meditation classes when I was about nine years old. Because I don't think there was too much around at that time. This was in the in the early 80s. So I was very fortunate to at least be able to express and develop a comfort a level of comfort and normality without with by being this way. Because certainly you couldn't talk about it at school and I was raised Catholic. So you know Catholic school, we don't talk about those sorts of things I learned very quickly. And it wasn't something that was an open discussion like it is today. I certainly couldn't ever imagine the kinds of conversations that you, for example, bring to the world ever being popular or even possible. So during all that I was actually quite an academic student. So I was very much left brain. And my pursuits were really to be the best in academia and whatever it was that I did. And then by the time I was about 1617, I was really more interested in again, the deeper questions and the deeper meanings behind things. So when I was 18, and I was already studying at university, I walked into a small, what you might call New Age shop, in my hometown of Perth, and I saw these ancient Egyptian tarot cards. And I've never seen anything like them. And there was a lot of amazing symbology and I didn't know anything about Tarot. I wasn't really interested in tarot, I was just interested in the pictures on these cards. So I took them home with me and I started playing with them on the floor, and really learning about the symbolism in each of these cards. And, and I thought it was amazing. And it spoke to me. And I felt very empowered. And there was a real remembrance there for me. So I started to practice with family and friends. So they came around and I would sit there and play with these cards. And after about two months of that, I started to get very popular. I didn't really know what I was doing. And someone came in sat with me, and they had been through a very difficult relationship breakup. And as they were sitting there, and I put the cards out. Suddenly, my whole energy expanded. And I felt huge. My head was enormous. That felt like there was a lot of pressure inside my body Bill Getting up and stretching the out. And then suddenly, my voice changed. And it was no longer consciously me speaking. And all of this information and wisdom flowed about this person, and why what was happening was happening for them and what they could discover about it and how it was very helpful for them. And about an hour had passed. And I had no idea I had no sense of time, I was still there listening. But it felt as if I moved to the back of me. So I was behind me watching what was happening. And it felt like really only a few minutes. And when I came out of it, the person sitting in front of me was just stunned. And I didn't really understand what had happened, I knew about the concept of channeling. But I, I had no reference really, for what it was that I was experiencing. And that was just the beginning. Because after that came a very intense, and I would say challenging period, where I had to try to discover what this meant. For me, it was actually a very disruptive experience, because I ended up leaving university after a year of this, because it blew open all of my senses. So suddenly, I could see everything, I could hear everything. It wasn't just the channeling, I completely switched on. And they were all sorts of things flowing through me all the time, all sorts of messages, I didn't seem to have any ability to shape or be in agreement with or I don't like to use the word control. But I didn't feel like I was in control of what was happening, I would suddenly come out with messages when I was in a pub drinking beer with friends. Or I would be sitting in a lecture theatre. And suddenly I would see everybody's energy fields and hear everybody's thoughts. It was very overwhelming. So that was just the beginning. And then everything really began in taking everything apart and starting to build again.

Jannecke Øinæs 7:23

I mean, you really have super powers. I mean, this is what we watch on television in all these series that, you know, all of a sudden, you start to hear everybody's thoughts and you see things and, and to me, this is so intriguing. And it's so fascinating. And I would love for you to share how that feels like, just for us who are not experiencing this. What does it feel to be in a reality? Where you hear people's thoughts? And is it possible to hear them all at once? And how do you know which thought belongs to what person? And also you said that you saw everything? What does that mean? So I would love for you to share? How is that like,

Rebecca Dawson 8:14

It's overwhelming, because it's not something that you feel you are doing for a particular purpose. I feel that many people when they develop their gifts, and by the way, they I don't feel that they are superpowers exclusive to, to me or to anyone who can who has ensured the capacity, I have come to understand very clearly that this is our inherent human capacity, but we have forgotten how to use it. So the volume came on very strong for me. And the next 10 to 15 years was learning how to turn the volume off and then turn it on gradually to be able to direct it. So in the beginning, it was overwhelming. And will you know probably when you're a young person, you begin to discover what what what people say. And what they do is not always what's happening underneath. So a lot of things were revealed to me in a very personal way that it was sometimes frightening. I felt like I was really out of control within my own experience. And so, of course that was perfect for me. Because what it did was it it led me to a space where I needed to move into solitude and I needed to move into meditation. And I needed to move into communion within myself so that I could really start to become empowered with this because it certainly wasn't an empowering experience in the beginning and there were many times where I thought I was going crazy. I remember sitting on the A couch one day, and listening to classical music because I have a music background, and it's very calming for me. And I looked down at my hand, and I could see another outline to my hand. And I thought that I had a vision problem. And then of course, I realized that that outline stopped once it came to the sleeve of my clothing. So I was actually really starting to see all sorts of things. So it was it was a challenging time. And it was at odds with the logical mind, it was at odds with trying to study and trying to strategize and trying to problem solve. It was cataclysmic, I would say.

Jannecke Øinæs 10:45

Yeah, it's hard to sort of relate to when I don't have that experience myself. And just to finish that question, like, how does it feel to read people's thoughts? Like, what is that? Like? Do you hear it?

Rebecca Dawson 11:01

Yes, so you hear it. And it's the same with, with any kind of aspect of channeling or mediumship, or intuition. We have a lot of different senses. So a lot of people feel thoughts, a lot of people hear thoughts. A lot of people think thoughts for me, because I am quite a visual learner, I was studying architecture at the time. So I'm very much into the visual representation of things. For me, everything would appear as a visual representation, and then a thought. So the challenge was, then which thoughts are mine, and which are not mine? Which thoughts belong to me and then don't belong to me. And of course, this is something very common that I feel many intuitives and mediums and people who wish to develop these capacities. This is one of the biggest questions when they begin is how do I know if this is just my thought, and I'm making this up? Or if this is actually something that I am sensing in the collective field? So that's a big question for a lot of people.

Jannecke Øinæs 12:10

So when you said that you were in that room, and you heard all the students, because I get this picture in my mind all the students thoughts, you understood that these are not mine? Was it like a lot of like, just people talking at the same time?

Rebecca Dawson 12:24

It was actually a lot of people's fears, interestingly. So that's to me individually, even in this moment. I've never actually thought about this before. So thank you for asking the question. As I remember it, what I was seeing and hearing with everybody's anxieties. Interesting to me, because though what that suggests to me is that vibrationally, I was in a space of anxiety. So I was tuning into the vibration of anxiety and everybody else.

Jannecke Øinæs 12:56

Interesting. And so I'm further along on the journey. How did you then learn how to control this? So you were not overwhelmed all the time. Because I've interviewed a couple of guests who, you know, started drinking, they got really problems because it was just too overwhelming. Having the senses like the world became too overwhelming for for them. And they had to go through that journey of sobering up and dealing with how to sort of control these abilities.

Rebecca Dawson 13:31

Yes, yes. And absolutely, I went through that. So after a year of this, I decided my brain wasn't working in the same way anymore. It didn't want attention to detail and study activities. It wanted the expansive experiences. So I went on a bit of a quest, actually, to find a teacher or a mentor. And it you know, I did this for a few years, I went over to the United Kingdom, because I thought I might have have more, more ability there. I was from a very small town in Australia. And I did approach a couple of people there. And the general agreement was I was too young, and I didn't know what I was doing. And, and there wasn't any willingness to really, to mentor me. So I went overseas. And I did that for a couple of years. And still no, still no success. Still no luck. So I tried to read books about these things. I tried to find teachers. And it wasn't successful for me in that sense, because as life would have it, every time I thought that I had found somebody who could help me. i They either rejected taking me on or they suddenly weren't available. And this went on for many, many years. So it was perfect. Because I've never followed another teacher And I don't look at other people's teachings, that's perfect for me. So, I went in, I ended up in Indonesia in Bali for a couple of years. By the time I was early 20s. And I just sat and meditated, and I wanted to discover the universe within myself. Because I thought instead of trying to negotiate between myself, and the outer reality, I will find a different reality inside. And actually, this is where I had my most profound, life changing experience wasn't the channeling experience at 18. That was life changing. It was the experience of discovering unity consciousness, and having an experience of oneness that lasted for days,

Jannecke Øinæs 15:54

I would love for you to share, because I just had a thought I would love to hear some of your musical experiences, because I know my audience is very fascinated by that. and myself included.

Rebecca Dawson 16:07

Well, thank you for for asking. It's so interesting, because you know, with a phenomena of channeling people get very interested in that because it's such a different experience for us as humans. But what channeling did was, it led me back within myself. And so I used to sit meditating for many hours in the hot sun, trying to come to that place within myself, where I would understand everything. Because what I realized was that, ever since I was quite young, I was always interested in metaphysics. And because I had so many capacities, so I would try learning about astrology, or aromatherapy, or colors, or reincarnation, or Reiki or so many different things. And my, my idea was that if I go and learn all of these different things, I will have different pieces for the puzzle. And the more parts to this puzzle I can put together, then I will understand what all of this is, I will understand the meaning of life and the nature of us. And so I wanted more of that. I wanted to really understand what is this, and I wanted to have an experience of what I called at the time God. I want to know this, I want to know what this is because I have a concept of it. But that's not the same as knowing. And so I would sit and meditate every day. Because I was on a mission. I am going to know this. And there was an ashram down the road. And I thought I'm going to go and join this Ashram. It was quite a famous ashram. And they rejected me they wouldn't let me in either. So interesting. So I had to go within myself. So I sat on this balcony. And I did it for 10 days. And on the 11th day, I sat there and I had been there for maybe four hours. And I had tried, tried. I just want to know what this is. I just want to know God. And it was getting so hot. And I just at that moment, this huge Hornet insects, they hurt when they, when they bite you came and landed on me on my arm while I was meditating. And in that moment, something happened. And I looked at this giant insect. And I said, I gave up. I swore. I said some bad words. I said this is I'm done. And in that moment, where I said, I give up, it happened. And something happened, and all of a sudden, and I was sitting on this balcony overlooking a lagoon in Bali. All of a sudden, I was everywhere. I was everywhere. I was the tree. I was the ocean. I was the sky. I was I was the people down in the street. I was everything. And it was the most exquisite, expansive experience I believe anyone could ever have in this human life. And I stayed in that state for four days. So I was walking down the street and I was everyone walking past me. I was in there restaurant and I was the table. I was the waiter. Someone rode the motorcycle past I was one meter away from the side of the road, and they crashed and died right next to me. And it was all perfect. And I was that experience also, and no, it's just this incredible state of peace. It didn't last forever. But once you see that, you cannot unsee it. And it changes everything. So that was my experience at 24.

Jannecke Øinæs 20:46

Oh, wow, my goodness. My goodness, I I started to get pictures in my mind about how that would look like and feel like and I know that I can't understand at all. How that would feel like, did you have sort of, you know, a narrative narrative in your mind saying, Oh, my goodness was happening? Oh, my God now? Like, no, no,

Rebecca Dawson 21:13

no, no, because in that state, there is an absence of your individual self. I no longer existed. Oh, only this?

Jannecke Øinæs 21:25

Oh, wow. So it was afterwards may be where you were like, What happened afterwards?

Rebecca Dawson 21:30

So afterwards, I had I knew what had happened. Because when something like that happens, there's no question. It's an undeniable truth. Then the question is, how many other people know about this? Right? All my life so far, I've been trying to find the pieces to the puzzle. And then I realized I was asking the wrong question. Because I was asking what picture is, is made when all the pieces of the puzzle are there? Now? What can I see? What I wasn't asking was? What is the puzzle made off? Because what I realized is that when you have a jigsaw puzzle, we're so interested in the image on top of the puzzle. We're not saying what is this puzzle, and then you realize that every piece of the puzzle is made of the same thing. And that's what we don't pay attention to, we pay attention to the image that we're creating, rather than what is the substance. And of course, once you remove the image from a jigsaw puzzle, it's all the same.

Jannecke Øinæs 22:44

I'm curious then how it was like becoming yourself again, and existing in this reality? You said it lasted for about four days? Did it then disappear and leave you? Or has it sort of been a sense or a feeling that you can tap into again? Or is it part of you because I, I've interviewed many who have had near death experiences. And some of them have really trouble with integrating the the experience afterwards. They have trouble living in that normal or not normal reality. They everything has sort of changed within them. So they struggle doing the things that they always used to do. Some are leaving their partners, and a lot of them are speaking about the importance of integrating the experience. So I'm curious, how was it like for you coming out of that experience, and still have to be a human?

Rebecca Dawson 23:53

Well, it's a challenge. And it's a dance. It's a dance, because being human inherently is about experiencing your universality in a very finite way. So I always like to think of us as humans, as fountain pens. And the ink of Universal Consciousness flows through us. And we write stories onto the paper. But we're not actually writing the story, per se. We make ourselves available for life to happen. And so there's always a dance between I'm making life happened. These are my goals. I'm trying to get here. This is what I need to do. This is the cause to get the effect. This is duality. Before I am available for life to unfold through me. And it is a dance because our whole construct of society is based upon cause and effect. If you don't put in the effort, nothing's going to happen. You have to know where you're going to get there. And of course, Do you realize that there's nowhere to go? The biggest thing we can do for humanity is to be available for life to happen through us.

Jannecke Øinæs 25:11

That is interesting. How do we do that?

Rebecca Dawson 25:17

It isn't science. And I feel that the globalization of media and when I say globalization of media, I mean, interconnectedness as humans. I don't mean this, this systems of control there. But that the systemization, that allows us to become more interconnected, begins to show us that we're actually not individuals, we're a collective consciousness. And when you start to remind yourself that you're a collective consciousness, you start to see yourselves in other people. One of the big things that we focus on without messages is, the more conscious you become, the more you realize that there's not a lot of distinction between the personal experience and the collective experience. And there's a lot of teachers that talk about deep personalizing. So if you have a thought, or a feeling or anxiety or own sad today, or I'm excited today, we say I am, I am that that's me, I'm responsible for that. But there's something bigger at play. Because we also know that there is a collective sense of anxiety, perhaps today are a collective, a collective sense of hope today, because we're all existing in one collective consciousness. So the practice of reminding yourself of this, for me, personally, is actually talking about it. Because when you talk about it, and you express it, and you communicate it, it becomes something that now forms in your reality. And I feel this is very important. And a lot of people don't talk about this so much. Because spirituality and awakening has always been such a personal interior experience. But we're moving into now an era of conductivity. Therefore talking about it, and how you're experiencing things. We're seeing this everywhere. Now. This is what you're doing. This is a way that we make the invisible, become visible.

Jannecke Øinæs 27:36

Right. Interesting. I love that perspective. That was a bit new to me. You're so right, like, we talk about the inner experience all the time that it actually has value speaking about it. Even though not everybody is open for it. Just thinking about people around me who is not open to it, but I could still speak about it as my own truth. Like I don't have to hold back in speaking about just doing it on YouTube. Um, who are you channeling? I know you're channeling for Earth. You're channeling about the ascension process that we're in and I've heard a couple of channeled things with you. Who are you channeling channeling? Are there different beings and energies? Or is it sort of one source or source itself?

Rebecca Dawson 28:28

Ah, great question. Well, it depends where you're viewing it from. So when I first started channeling, of course, I hadn't had my experience of unity consciousness. There were different streams that were coming through and for the sake of people's current understandings, and the sake of being able to be identifiable as the source of wisdom, aspects of consciousness come through that have identified themselves as ascended, you call them Ascended Masters perhaps, or people call them? Ascended Masters. So Pharaoh Serapis, Bey was the first to come through me and he's, he's the one that really opened things up. And then Saint Germain and Kazumi, and of course, as my as my own awareness of unity consciousness really developed. They started to weave together and come through as a group consciousness. They call themselves the masters.

Jannecke Øinæs 29:35

All right, well, maybe we are ready to hear from them if you're ready as well.

Rebecca Dawson 29:41

Yes of course. And I just want to say one more thing too, because those who are who will be listening to this who have an awareness of what Unity consciousness means. I asked the question, well, how do you channel something other than yourself if we're all one? Good question. And of course, the more you become aware of your oneness, the more you realize that you're just bringing out another aspect of the one consciousness through you, which is also a representation of one consciousness, all one tree, different branches, so we just bring through a different branch of the tree.

Jannecke Øinæs 30:18

Love that picture.

Rebecca Dawson 30:22

Okay, so, would you like to begin with a question or would you like us just to dive in?

Jannecke Øinæs 30:29

Um, I have many questions. You could just dive in, and then I'll come with my questions, okay.

Rebecca Dawson 30:47

Greetings to you, we are with you. And it is our great joy to be expressing through a human experience, which is a reminder for all that you are expressing through a human experience. Your humanity is the doorway that allows the intelligence of cosmic consciousness to be expressed within your reality. There is so much perceived individuation within the human blueprint. Indeed, no two humans are exactly alike. Of course, because the grand design of your reality is for differentiation. individuation, how many versions of consciousness can be expressed? Simultaneous. Humans consider themselves to be problems. We are problems that must be solved. There was a problem with humanity, there was a problem with your planetary experience, there was a problem with myself. And yet, what we say to you is that your differentiation you and your distinction actually allows more consciousness to be expressed. Because the prime motivation of what flows through you as life your life essence, its prime motivation is to create more. And, of course, it is an ingenious design for a reality to be created, such as yours, where there's so much differentiation and so much distinction, that so much can be created. And yet, there is a grand desire within the systems and structures of your reality and those who have shaped and created them, to bring humanity to order to bring humanity into consistency and uniformity. You see this with your education system, you see this within your political structures, you even see it within your health and medical systems in the way that you attempt to regulate. And yet, in our view, the human is not designed to be regulated. So, human is designed to create beyond regulation, because if you are all regulated, you cannot create. Now, there is a great dichotomy that is the glorious challenge for all who present themselves as human. And it is this you have an inherit knowing and an inherent design for unification it is a great desire within all of you to return to source to return to unification, it is a great desire for all who are listening to experience the return home that is the place where there is no individuation with that you express through individuation. So, it is designed wise and purposefully part of your experience to know inherently unification, but to express through individuation. Both of them are valuable. Both of them are sacred. And both of those polarities are required for the evolution of human consciousness. What is important is that you have awareness of both and that one is not considered more valuable than the other.

Jannecke Øinæs 34:54

Thank you. I have tons of questions. Okay. Hey, I've been curious about the big questions all my life, especially what happens after we die. And even though I have gotten a lot of answers to that, I'm still eager to learn and understand what happens when we die. I think a lot of other people also can have a feeling of will I disappear when we go to this oneness when we experienced this oneness? So could you share a little bit about what happens when we die?

Rebecca Dawson 35:32

Well, of course, and of course, you are asking the question that we will answer in a different way than you expect it, because he was talking about is death of the physical expression. That's not your experience of dying thus far. And we will say to you directly, that you have experienced what it is to die. And that was your identity dying. And you're actually afraid of your identity dying again. Because you've already experienced that in this life, we've already experienced the utter destruction of who you thought you were. And you will also recall that when that occurred, it seemed as if you lost many things. And whether or not it was consciously your choice to let things go or not, it was all a result of the death of your identity. Humans are designed for what you call linear longevity. They're not designed to have very short physical expressions or lives. In our view, the human physical lifespan has decreased in what you call linear time, because there is a human unwillingness to continually die to identity. I mean, day to day, it is the greatest conscious humans on the planet, the sages and the teachers that will have walked the planet that have had longer traditional physical expressions, because they are willing to have their identities die continually. Indeed, the original Human Design, you can see, over millennia, the lifespans have become shorter and shorter. Now, you may say, well, actually, the lifespan in this century or in the previous century, is getting longer and longer. Why would that be because more and more humans now are willing to die to their identities, you're willing to reinvent who you think you are, within one perceivable lifespan?

Jannecke Øinæs 37:33

That is an interesting perspective, I haven't looked at it that way that I've actually died already. But I know what you're referring to. So death is just another transition in the same way that I felt that I've changed in my life,

Rebecca Dawson 37:49

of course, and the same thing is also occurring when you have a physical deaths. It's a death of another identity, and then you reemerge in a new one.

Jannecke Øinæs 38:01

And what will that be?

Rebecca Dawson 38:04

Well, there are many humans that you have spoken with that have come to you with how their minds have interpreted the experience, agree, because as long as that experience occurs, and it comes back to an identity with a mind, it is referenced through that mind identity. And of course, as we have suggested, there are many humans that are of course, in a experience that seems very personal to them, and then they experienced the impersonal. But when they reemerge it comes back to a personal experience. So there are glimpses. There are glimpses as glimpsed by the mind, because remember, the mind is the only thing that can reference it for you. Why is it that when you have a deeply profound what you call spiritual experience, the mind has a very difficult time even describing what has happened. Agree, it's very difficult for the mind to reference something that is of no mind. But we do wish to bring the conversation back to you. If you are agreeable, okay. And we would say that the reason that you are afraid of dying perhaps, is because you have already experienced what it feels like to die.

Jannecke Øinæs 39:26

Well, I'm not afraid to die. It's just I really want to live. Like there was a time where I wanted to die, like in my depression when I was 20. But now I feel like life is so good. And I want it to last for a long, long time.

Rebecca Dawson 39:44

But the fear is still there that everything that is good will be lost. Yes. Because you know what that feels like? And this is an important point because humans already have a reference. If they're afraid of anything. It's because I already have a reference for it. And yet the death experience of the physical body, you actually have no reference for. Right?

Jannecke Øinæs 40:12

So how could you explain how that would feel like?

Rebecca Dawson 40:19

Well, in our experience within the earth realm, because we have had many experiences within the earth realm, it is quite exquisite. And it is exquisite because it's very similar to the experience that this one was describing to you, where suddenly there was just a view, and it is an all inspiring view. And in that moment, you have disappeared. If you have what you call a near death experience, and you come back to the body, that experience is disappearing unto your own sense of individual self, is now referenced by the mind and the mind has a view of it and then identifies with it.

Jannecke Øinæs 41:00

Somehow, I do not completely understand. But that's probably because I'm human. Will I have a feel myself as IANA cow on the other side? And for everybody listening? Will they feel that, okay, the physical body is dead, it's, it's on the floor, and I'm hovering about my body, but I still feel like this is me.

Rebecca Dawson 41:25

Well, that's in the moment where you're still in that reality. Because that's the moment where you view yourself, if you can view yourself in that reality, you're still in that reality, your mind is still there with the experience, your sense of self is still there. If you actually move beyond that, and you move back into Unity Consciousness, because in our wisdom, that's what occurs when you have a physical death, you move back into unity consciousness, and then reappear, again, is another expression of the divine. There is no question of what is this individual experience for me. Because the only the only experiences of near death experience that humans have are humans who have returned to the mind to be able to describe it. So this is the mind attempting to understand what it cannot understand. And that is not to just diminish the experience, or the ecstasy or the glory, or the great gift of those who experience that return. And back into the mind, because it's a wonderful gift to humanity to glimpse, there is something wonderful beyond, but it's still being interpreted by a mind that cannot truly no.

Jannecke Øinæs 42:48

Is there such a thing as reincarnation? And is it the same soul incarnating again and again? Or does that? Is that an impossible question to answer? Because, in reference to what you said, we I sort of lose my individuation and go back to source and then I come back as another expression. So that wouldn't be the same soul in a way incarnating. And that leads to what is the soul?

Rebecca Dawson 43:19

It's a wonderful question. And of course, it's all based upon where humanity's belief structures sit, not humanity. And the Earth reality is a very unique experience, because you have been experiencing what you call the karmic cycle, which is based on a close system in view, and this is what has resulted in your Earth reality being experienced as a closed system. It's very difficult for you to experience anything beyond it agree. Very difficult. This is the quest, the quest to go out the quest to see what else lies beyond. So your ad is your experience of time, and the cycles that have of time that are created within the mechanics of your reality, that bring you to the experience of repetition. And this is what you call the karmic cycle. Now, what is this great shift for humanity, the great shift from humanity and many have been speaking about it is moving out of this kind of cycle and back into expansiveness, within the cosmic consciousness with all your brothers and sisters. So when we speak about reincarnation, and when you speak about souls, you're what you're speaking of, in our view, is the human experience of repetition. And it's a very difficult loop to get out of. And if you have heard very clearly what we have said about your systems and structures on your planet, everything in your planetary experience has reinforced this system. We must get it right and we have to start again, but it's very difficult to ever move out of it. And so the shift into fifth dimensional realm we Reality and beyond, in essence is starting to move out of that containment because what's containing you in the karmic cycle in our view is not your inability to become all that you are. It's the time cycle and systems and structures that keep you there. Because there's a bright earnest within humans to transcend that limitation. Now that you can move more expansively, you realize that it's time that has kept you in that experience, or at least your belief in it. And so the more conscious you become, the more you begin to realize that it's not a question of I had this life and then this life, and then this life, what you realize is that I'm now experiencing myself with all of these lives simultaneously. Because I am the one consciousness that is expressing itself in individuated forms. Therefore, and we have an understanding that you have experienced this already, you begin to have glimpses of yourself in other versions of life, we can glimpse yourself in what you call a past life, or what you call a future life. Are they really past and future? Or are you beginning to expand so much in your awareness because of this planetary shift? That you are now experiencing different aspects of yourself simultaneously? Because in essence, consciousness is multi dimensional. We're human, of course, it's multi dimensional, but you experience yourself in linear time. That is how we would say it to.

Jannecke Øinæs 46:43

Fascinating. I'm speaking of time 2024. Could you say something about 2024? sort of give us a feeling of what this year is about?

Rebecca Dawson 46:59

Well, of course, I mean, our view of this year, many of you have been experiencing great transition. And so much of the past eight to 15 years has been about first of all, discovering the true nature of yourselves, again, waking up from this cycle of hypnotic repetition. And beginning to discover I am more than this, in that it's become about dis identification. So particularly within the last three to six years, for so many of you, it's been about what am I letting go of about myself? What am I limiting beliefs, who did I think that I was and is no longer appropriate for me, and it hasn't really been about accumulating knowledge, it's actually been about letting go of what you think that you knew. This has been quite devastating to the egoic. Mind collectively. But it's also been quite devastating to the individuals who have attempted to cling to outdated senses of identities and expressions that are not allowing them to move beyond the Earth limitation. And so because the last three to eight years have been about this releasing and letting go, so many have been crying out, when do we see the new in the world? When do we begin to see the shift in humanity actually materializing itself in how we are as humans in our Earth reality? Well, let us say this to you, dear ones. 2024 is the year where you will begin to see the systems and structures emerge. It's also a year where you will begin to see a reckoning in many ways, this is a year of revolution. But let us be very clear, that revolution in the history of your memories, and how revolution has been presented to you has been retribution. There is a revolution and there is retribution. We wish to punish those who are guilty. This is a year where there is great revealing and there is a great uprising and evolution to change the systems and structures within your reality to more suit where you are as a collective consciousness. But it is a year to move into grace rather than retribution. Which means that we can see that this is what has been happening, and we are wanting change. But we are now more focused on what it is that we can bring as an alternative, then focusing on the retribution and the rage for what has already been. And this is the great leap in humanity. This is what makes you humans. This is the rebirth of humanity because you can see what has happened. But now you're more focused with what can we now begin to foster for growth. And so because of this in the last few months or two, zero to four, you're very likely to see The beginnings of new systems and structures that are more conducive to human evolution. And that's where you can begin to have enthusiasm, we're finally beginning to see something new, we're finally beginning to see our collective union materialized. And we want to suggest that there are new systems coming to your planet that will so revolutionize how you create an interface with each other, that it will be very difficult for you to be able to validate how you have already been doing things, because there is an enormous shift that is upon you. And indeed, everything that you feel that you already know, about systemization. And technology is about to change.

Jannecke Øinæs 50:59

Wow. So is it fair to say that 2024 is very different than other years like this is the year where you've bet, it seemed like you were basically saying it that this is the year where we will really see the result of this shift of consciousness.

Rebecca Dawson 51:25

This is where you begin to see it collectively and materialize towards the end of 202. For many humans are in the final expression of the loss of identity. And what we suggest you is that by the middle of the year, you collectively move into now what do I want to build, and by the end of two, zero to four, there's enough collective agreement in place for those new platforms to begin to reveal themselves. That is very exciting. Yes, but it's also very important heed our words, as we suggested that one is not focused on retribution or judgment, but rather on the enthusiasm and the fostering with grace of what is arrive. Right. Where is your focus? In other words,

Jannecke Øinæs 52:21

My last question for you today, what is the most important question that we ask ourselves right now?

Rebecca Dawson 52:30

The most important question you could ask yourself in this moment is do I exist? Wow. It's so important because humans, they do not celebrate their existence. Even in your focus, it's looking out what is happening out here. When you say to yourself, I exist. Some humans will say I am in our view I exist is far more powerful, because it's embodying I am here, I exist. And in that moment, you are declaring your presence in an act of creation. And therefore, in that proclamation, I exist, you are now actively creating your reality. This is embodiment of consciousness in your human form. This is the awakening, humans have come to believe they do not have the right to exist and everything that you have done in your life has principally been about justifying your existence. True. Thanks so powerful, so important. We thank you for asking the question. Thank you. It is our great joy to be with you in this way. Welcome back. Oh, I was still here. Just moving my awareness aside.

Jannecke Øinæs 54:01

Right. You do sound a bit different. Like how is it like for you channeling? Do you are you present all the time? And do you know what's going on

Unknown Speaker 54:09

time and a very amazing visual of everything that is happening? It's like watching a movie.

Jannecke Øinæs 54:16

Oh, wow. Yeah. So any thoughts about what came forward? Sorry. Any thoughts about what came forward?

Unknown Speaker 54:28

Ah, I thought it was a very strong message today actually. There was a lot of enthusiasm to to have that message expressed. And the masters are very good at gently disrupting what people believe awesome. So that something new can emerge.

Jannecke Øinæs 54:47

Right, right. Yeah, it's, I find with channeling that I often feel like I have to listen to it several times. Because it's a lot of words and it's sort of my mind is Like, what was that? What was that, and then I have to hear it again to sort of really get the depths of it. Because it's sort of a bit new, in a way it feels like new and fresh and different from what we learn in society. And in this life, it is like these new perspectives that are like, what what? Oh, okay. In my mind is like trying to catch up, and it's not really managing that.

Rebecca Dawson 55:31

And so, of course, I realized this is why I never had a teacher because if I did, my mind would want to reject. Right messages that come through, because I would be so focused on these beliefs. Yeah. Well, we always say, if you don't know what to believe, don't believe any of it. Believe yourself.

Jannecke Øinæs 55:56

That makes sense. This has been very interesting. There are three questions that I ask all my guests. And the first one is what is self love to you?

Rebecca Dawson 56:06

Self love. It's acknowledging that I am divine nature expressing itself.

Jannecke Øinæs 56:18

Beautiful, and what is happiness to you?

Rebecca Dawson 56:25

Happiness is the awareness that everything is as it is, as it is, as it is.

Jannecke Øinæs 56:32

And what is the deeper meaning of life from your perspective?

Rebecca Dawson 56:37

It's the great expression of possibility.

Jannecke Øinæs 56:42

Hmm, nice. I love that. So Rebecca, tell us a little bit about your work and how people can find you if they want to connect with you.

Rebecca Dawson 56:54

Oh, thank you. So I have a website. It's my name, Rebecca dawson.com. And I do a lot of messages on YouTube. And I run seminars and workshops and do some personal sessions with a Masters as well. Lots, lots of different offerings. There's a lot of free content on there that you can explore. Wonderful.

Jannecke Øinæs 57:17

Well, thank you so much for coming to the show today. This was very interesting, and I'd love to have you back one day and thank you for all your wonderful work for humanity.

Rebecca Dawson 57:29

Oh, thank you, too. It's such a such a blessing to be here. And gratitude to you for creating the conversation with me today.

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