In a captivating interview with bestselling author John Novello, Jannecke delves into the extraordinary journey of a man whose life has been guided by an enigmatic voice since the tender age of three. This mysterious presence, aptly named “The Invisible Architect,” has been a constant source of inspiration and guidance throughout John’s life.

Notably recognized as a Grammy award-winning jazz pianist and composer, John Novello has achieved remarkable success in the world of music, with multiple top ten hits on the Billboard Jazz Chart, including two number one hits – “B3 Soul” and “Good to Go.” Beyond his musical prowess, John has also ventured into the realm of literature, becoming a bestselling author and music educator.

The Invisible Architect

His latest book, “The Invisible Architect: How to Design Your Perfect Life From Within,” delves into the intriguing fusion of memoir and channeled transformational self-help principles. This innovative self-help program offers a unique perspective on achieving one’s perfect life by harnessing the power within.

Imagine having a steadfast ally, the Invisible Architect, ready to assist in discovering, designing, and achieving your ideal life. This enigmatic force is always at your side, capable of manifesting your desires, dreams, and beliefs in the “garden of reality,” guided by your focus, expectations, and faith.

John Novello’s interview offers a glimpse into the profound insights he shares in his book, unveiling the potential that lies within each of us to become the architects of our own destiny. It’s a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and the realization that your perfect life is waiting to be claimed from the vast expanse of the “quantum intelligent field.” Explore the transformative wisdom of “The Invisible Architect” and embark on a path towards designing your own perfect life from within.

Transcript of the interview

John Novello 0:00

I always follow my intuition. And something's not quite right about that day. I don't want to scare you. But could you just do me a favor and change the flight? Finally I got mad. I said, Barb, listen, cancel the flight to cancel the flight. I forgot about that. And I got all these message. John, it's Barb. Turn the TV on.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:27

Hello, John, a warm welcome to the show.

John Novello 0:30

I'm so glad to be here. I'm excited.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:33

Me too. I know you are a jazz musician, a wonderful musician who has really inspired, I guess so many people's lives all over the world. And at the same time, you're inspiring and helping people through your best selling book, The Invisible architect, and you're teaching people how to actually cultivate and live and design a perfect life. And I'm curious about what that is. And I know that you have a really beautiful and powerful story. That is where you where you got help from the Divine, the invisible architect who we are going to learn about today, how we can also perhaps connect with this architect that is within us all, I think you're actually saying and which is your message. Wow. So before we dive into, you know, the content of your book, and how that came about, I would love for you to share that powerful story of how sort of these magical mystical things started to happen in your life.

John Novello 1:42

I mean, from the beginning, or the major story that we talked about.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:47

You can actually start where you feel it's natural to start to sort of have the story complete.

John Novello 1:53

Right. Well, the backstory is, you know, make to make a long story very short, is when I was three years old, I was watching TV, and an accordion player of all came on the Lawrence Welk Show. And my all of a sudden, I heard this voice strong as my voice in your voice. Of course, at three years old, I didn't know how to process any of that. And it said, Yes, that's it. And I pointed to the screen, because I saw the black and white keys, in hindsight, which was the guy playing the accordion. And my mom figured out that I was pointing to the accordion, and I wanted to play it. And that was the first time that I was connected to later on. I dubbed the invisible architect. A lot of people call it intuition, a lot of people call it our higher selves, God depends on your religious beliefs. But at that point, I just knew that it was an inner voice. And that started this whole chain, in my whole life of me talking to and listening to this higher self, this inner voice, this intuition, which later on in life, when I decided to write this book, which was only a few years ago, I named the invisible architect, because it's an invisible entity, or voice or energy, and an architect that designs things. And God, the architect of all, the creator, created and designed us, the universe, and everything. Now I know people have different beliefs, which I don't want to get into. But it's pretty hard to deny that something somewhere created something you know what I mean? And so, part of the book is an autobiography of all the different amazing interactions I have with this invisible architect is higher self, scientifically, this quantum intelligent energy that permeates everything. So I developed this relationship which I call spiritual dynamics, which is interacting with this energy source in had guided me my whole life. And I thought it was normal. I didn't realize that. Not a lot of people knew about it or paid attention to it. Now, the ultimate story, which prompted me to write this book was my first wife had passed away from breast cancer. I was in Los Angeles, and I was in the middle of grieving for about 10 or 11 months. And all of a sudden, I felt my first girlfriend's voice. In essence, in my mind, her name was Barbara. And I thought, huh, that's interesting. The architect is sending me information about my first girlfriend. And at that point, I was so used to the inner voice. I knew it meant something. Two weeks later, I get an email from Barbara Simpson. Hey, John, it's Barbara, do you remember me? And of course, I remember her. She was my first girlfriend was 15 years old. And I always wondered what happened to her, I went on and got married, etc. And like I said, my current wife at the time, had passed away. And I was at the end of grieving when Barbara Simpson contacted me. And I smiled, because two weeks earlier, I had felt her perceived her presence, like I said, and she said, Hey, John, with Barbara Simpson, do you remember me? And it was like yesterday, even though I had been 36 years, I said, Yeah, whatever happened to you by email. So we started to correspond. And it was a breath of fresh air, it was the Lord, the architect, helping me recover by sending me my first girlfriend, I found out later. And so what happened was, the sparks started to fly. It really helped me in my recovery. And we started talking on the phone and having a great time and developing this long distance relationship at a certain point. She said, Hey, cuz she, I found out she was an interior designer. She said, I'm going to come out to Los Angeles, she lived in Virginia. And I was living in Los Angeles as a jazz musician. out there doing my music. And I said, Yeah, I'd love to see it. So she booked the flight. This was about four months after about four or five months of a long distance phone relationship. And we were talking every day the sparks were flying, it was such a breath of fresh air, it was amazing. So she booked a flight. And about nine days before the flight, the visible architect my inner voice, which I was very, very accustomed to, and paid attention to, said, Call Barb up and tell her to change her flight. And I'm having this conversation now, this inner voice conversation, I said, why? Something's not right about that day. And I went really what it sometimes it doesn't give me a lot of detail just gives me little tips, and I have to figure it out myself. And I said, Really? Yeah, something's wrong with that flight. And something's wrong with that day. So now, I have to call my first girlfriend up after five months of interacting, and kind of tell her something which could be looked at as a little woowoo and a little strange. And I said, Hey, Barb, you don't know me really, since 15 and a half years ago, but I always follow my intuition. And something's not quite right. About that day. I don't want to scare you. But could you just do me a favor and change the flight? Course all kinds of things start to happen. Now she's thinking, I've got cold feet, her sisters saying, Oh, he's a widower, he's probably got somebody else and you don't want to get involved with him. And I was being polite. Finally, I got mad. And I said, Bart, listen. Cancel the flight. Don't ask me why anymore. I'm not going to be here. If you come, I got mad at it, right. So she canceled the flight. I forgot about that. Because it was like nine or 10 days earlier. So on the day of her original flight, I was sleeping late being a musician, and she got up early course. And back East. It was three hours later. So when I got up at about 1030, it was really about 130, bakkies. And I got up. And I had one of those old answer machines, you know, not the digital ones, because this was a long time ago. And it had all kinds of messages on there. When I went to bed, there was no messages. So I flipped the record. I mean, the play button, and I got all these message, John, it's Bob, turning the TV on. Oh my god, how did you know all these kind of like, frantic messages. And finally I go turn the TV on. And it was like a movie because I didn't know what I was watching. They were talking about the Twin Towers, and showing airplanes going into the towers. And then I finally realized that that was the flight that she was on. We talked later flight 77 out of Dulles, was 911. Can you believe that? 911. So then we got on the phone and of course I became a hero when that happened, and for me, it was normal operational procedure. Although I was very excited, of course, about her not being on that flight, and coming out later because she's my girlfriend. Oh my God, I don't know what I would have done. If she would have been on that flight. Can you imagine if I didn't pay attention to my higher self After the invisible architect, and she would have been on that flight and passed away, I would have lost a second potential wave. So she was pretty flipped out about it. And for me, it was almost normal. She was how do you know? How do you know? I said, it's a long story.

Jannecke Øinæs 10:16

That's incredible. Have you thought about like all those people who have lost people who, who now are sitting perhaps and thinking, why didn't I get a message, you know, that my mom or my husband or whoever they lost? Shouldn't have been on that flight? Have you reflected upon that? Why you got a message? And many, many others did not?

John Novello 10:45

I did, I actually felt guilty. I don't know there's a name for that somebody survives, and you don't, but this is a little different. It's, uh, I kind of asked the architect I said, you know, could have just been handled in a different way, you know, but then again, how could I have known I wouldn't have known who else was on that flight. So I couldn't have done it. So they individually would have to do it that and that brings me to the point of spiritual mechanics, which in my book, I defined as the awareness of in the interacting with the invisible architect. Now, we all have the ability, because you know, you think about it, the kingdom of God is within, that's another biblical phrase. And we all have the ability to become aware of this intelligent energy. Some of us don't, some of us do, and that's directly contingent to me, to our spiritual growth. And I'm not sure what people's beliefs are, and I don't like to infringe on people's beliefs. But I believe that we don't live just once. And we grow lifetime after lifetime. So depending on our growth, is our awareness. Everybody receives informations, from my observation and experience and research from the invisible architect, but they're so distracted by survival and making a living and doing what they do. They don't pay attention, their channel, the radio is not tuned to that frequency. So in order to hear messages, you have to be aware of this intelligent energy field that permeates the universe. And you have to know how to interact with it, which is why I was not only motivated to write the book, but I was almost ordered or commanded to write this book. Because I'm a jazz musician, I would have never written something like this in my wildest imaginations, but trying to make it and become successful and competent as a jazz musician takes a lot of practice. And during my practice, I was always a fan of philosophy and metaphysics and reading the Bible, and reading other authors about mindset and success and all those kinds of subject areas. So I think my studies raised my frequency and my spiritual growth, and started to have me become aware of the architect and interact with it. And so that's what fostered that voice. And I think if you're not paying attention, the architect can only do so much because it gives us freewill. And since we have freewill, it can't intervene, unless we invite it into our lives. So for some reason, at three years old, and I don't know if that's just me being blessed, I heard that voice and paid attention to it. I don't know if that answers the question or not.

Jannecke Øinæs 13:56

Yeah, because I was thinking about it. We were three years old. And we heard that message, and I haven't had the same experience and a lot of us have not. So it could be that you have an openness, it could be a soul agreement, that you are going to be more open and have this book or write this book and share this message. Because it seems to me that for some it is a grace or they have it they have these abilities maybe they have also cultivated them through many lives in through reincarnation, and others are maybe supposed to in their lives to practice and make a conscious decision to open up to it. I really don't know. However, I'm curious about how it feels like to connect with this inner architecture. Is it a voice that you actually hear that you're sort of clear Audient Is it something you actually see like you're seeing words or how do you perceive that At this architect within you and like, could you share a little bit about how this communication works to someone who has not the same communication?

John Novello 15:09

I definitely can. Yeah, it's not normally in words or picture form. It's concepts and telepathic? Well, yes, words telepathically. It's sort of like you and I talking. But instead of in the physical universe sound, which moves molecules inside my head, I hear a voice, you all have an inner voice, right? You can talk to yourself if you want to. And without saying something out loud, you can say something to yourself. And you know how that feels. Because you can hear yourself talking to yourself. That inner voice if you're talking, the question is, and the ability lies in how to delineate your own voice from an external voice. And for some reason, at three years old, It startled me when I heard this voice, because at three years old, you still are used to hearing your mom and your dad and other people saying something to you, physically. But you're not that aware of your internal inner voice. When this inner voice happened, it was literally as loud as you and I are talking only it was an inner voice, it was a mental voice. From that moment on, I would be I was easily able to discern the difference between my thinking this, and when this voice entered, and I got to be really good at it. And so it was almost like, I don't know what psychiatry is call me schizophrenic. I don't know. But I could hear that separate voice. And I'll give you a quick story that just happened. Not in my book. I went shopping the other day, and I have my phone and a wallet. And it's in in the Nashville area is freezing and it snowed, which it really does. There's about six inches of snow on the ground. So I was told that I should put a stick and cover over the outdoor sprinklers so they don't freeze. So I was outside in the snow doing that. So I came in to have make myself a sandwich. And I was going to go out again to buy something. And I noticed my wallet was in my jacket. So I got panicky like we all do when you lose something like that. So I spent 20 minutes around the house looking for this wallet. I even called the grocery store where I was at to see if I felt down there. No, sir. We don't have it. And I got really mad. And I said, architect, I call it architect. I said, architect, I need your help. Where is my wallet? And I didn't get an answer. A lot of times it doesn't respond right away. So I continued looking, I went outside by the faucet in looked where I was kneeling down thinking maybe it dropped out of my jacket, it wasn't there. So I'm about to give up and go get something to eat anyway. And all of a sudden the voice said you had the right idea. You didn't look thoroughly. Exactly just that in my mind. I heard it. And I kind of went, what is it mean? I didn't look too early. So the last place I looked was outside. And it didn't say anything else. So I walked outside went over by this faucet, and the six inches of snow in there was no wallet under the faucet or anywhere that I could see in the air. Then the voice came on again. It said it's in the snow, it's under the snow, you can't see it. And I went oh. So I took my hand, put it in the snow six inches down and rubbed it on the ground, my bare hand and the snow was freezing. And all of a sudden, I found it. And I just went crazy. Even though I've had these interactions for I mean, since three years old, I'm giving away my age, but I will be 76 January 31. So think about how many years I've interacted with the invisible architect. But this one blew my mind. Because it was so practical. But I was so I was so touched spiritually by this. And then I just realized that I've been blessed and I just thanked the invisible architect. So that voice I just heard in my mind like a voice. I bet we all have apparently but I think we don't pay attention to that voice. So sometimes we invalidate that voice and think it's our own thinking this, you know me?

Jannecke Øinæs 19:44

Yeah. So this book, like how did it come about? Is it actually channeled with you collaborating with the inner architect?

John Novello 19:54

I think you already are hearing the voice because you're exactly right. I'd like about four years ago. Now I've already written other books. Okay, so I'm an author. So I get ideas all the time. But this was different, I woke up. And if you recall earlier, I had said that for many, many years, I've been studying philosophy and metaphysics and everything in order to improve my success ratio. And I always think mindset is very important to develop, especially trying to be a dad position, you have to be able to focus and creativity. So I've always developed that and had a lot of studies in that. And so I woke up, I was about ready to get something to eat. And the little voice said, you need to write the book. The book didn't say a book. Right? What are you talking about? The voice was happening. Now here I am having this internal conversation. But when I have a two way communication with the invisible architect, I don't usually speak out loud unless I'm alone. But this time, it was an internal, what do you mean the book, and it said, literally, that people need to know, they aren't alone. And they have the ability to talk to me, that was exactly what it said. And then it disappeared. So now I'm eating. And I'm sort of thinking about what I just got told, I need to write the book, because people need to know about me and how to operate with me. And then I went, Oh, you're talking about this voice that I've had for a long time. And by the way, I didn't have the name, the invisible architect, I just thought it was an inner voice, a higher self. And so being an author, I know how to start a book. So about a week later, I sat down, I said, Well, I guess I'm supposed to write a book about this inner voice and how I work. So I started writing an outline. And I didn't have a title. And it's hard for me to write a title. I mean, write a book without a title. I didn't know what to do. And so I started making an outline of what is this inner voice, how to develop, you know, and put it outline together. And next thing, you know, I was online, looking up something to buy, and you know, on the side, you see different advertisements. And there was an advertisement, about architecture, invisible architecture, and was like, somebody touched me on the shoulder and said, That's it. And I understood that mean, oh, that's the name and visible architecture. It said, No, I'm the architect. And then it disappeared again. And then I went, Oh, we invisible architect. That's what you're trying to tell me. That's the name of the book. And so I got the name of the book. And at that point, it was almost like automatic writing. I think you've, you've heard of automatic writing, where you just sit down and type or write and whatever comes out, you let it happen. It wasn't really automatic writing, it was more of a channeling. Because once I started doing the outline, the information shifts, there was no such thing as writer's block, it was just pouring out of me chapter by chapter. And of course, I have authored skills in craft and I know how to develop things. But the main ideas just kept flowing out. And it took only about nine months, seven to nine months to write it. And then it took longer to edit it actually. Fascinating.

Jannecke Øinæs 23:37

It seems like you were so divinely inspired.

John Novello 23:43

Curse it was almost a curse because I I wasn't even playing the piano much anymore. I got up every day. And it was like I went, Oh, please, please let me alone want to go play the piano. But it was a duty that I felt it was, you know, in Christianity and biblical circles, they call it the word right? It was like the word was having to be channeled through me. And then I had no choice. It was not going to let me go.

Jannecke Øinæs 24:16

And then I get curious about the main message. It seems like it's about us understanding that we also have that inner architecture and we can communicate with it. And at the same time, the subtitle is how to design your perfect life from within. And whenever the word perfect I was thinking, perfect because no one is perfect. In no sense. And then everybody is perfect. So what do you mean by the word? Correct or the sentence creating a perfect life from within?

John Novello 24:49

I'm glad you spotted that because that wasn't the original subtitle. It was the invisible architect. How to design a better life. That's what it was. That's nor All right, that seems normal, the invisible architect, but people would be curious, well, what's this book about? Oh, how to design a better life? Well, I'd like a better life. So that's what it was. Same thing that happened with the title. The architect got upset. I wrote down how to design a better life. And it was kind of like, really a better life. I'm all knowing I'm all perfect. I'm all loving, I'm all ambition. No, we're trying to design a perfect life. And I got combative and pushed back. And I said, that's not going to be good. Religious people are going to think I'm blasphemous. Or they're going to think I'm crazy, perfect. Like, nobody's perfect, just like you said, right? And it said, I don't know what to say it their pronouns, or whatever this energy source said, I'm perfect. And you can't get to perfection, unless you choose to go for perfection. So there's nothing wrong with designing a perfect life. If you don't reach for the stars, you can't get to the star. I literally got reprimanded. And so I changed I, I called up the editor, I said, Hey, I need to change it. I mean, my manager, how to design a perfect life. And then I added from within, because the architect is this inner voice, right? And when I did it, there's a friend of mine, I won't mention his name, who's very into organized religion and Christianity and biblical circles. So for him, it was blasphemous, he goes, John, you can't do this, you cannot put this out, you're gonna offend all kinds of people. And you're going to do this, and you're going to do that. And I thought about what he said, politically, correctly speaking. And I got reprimanded again, and said, No, that's not where the power lies. The word is the word, and you need to do it. So I did it. And I have not gotten any pushback, because matter of fact, I've had several atheist contact me that have read the book and said, You know, I've been an atheist all my wife, and I've had people in religion, try to push religion. And I've always run away from it that way. But you didn't do that you you actually talked, talked to me, and told me that I could be perfect if I did X and Y, and Z. And, you know, and so that's how this title came about perfect vibe. And then it the this energy source told me that I need to start mentoring people, which is not in my wheelhouse. I'm a teacher, I know how to teach. But this is philosophy and metaphysics, and that was not one of my goals. And the reason was, people nowadays, read books, but they don't know how to be disciplined and apply what they read. A lot of people don't even read anymore, they have to read they have to listen to audiobooks, right. So one on one, mentoring is one of the only ways to really, really ensure that somebody understands and duplicates, and is accountable and can apply. Therefore, the next inner voice communication was once the book came out, became an Amazon, number one best seller, then people started to contact me, Hey, do you do consultations or anything about that? I want to develop my inner voice, you know, those things started to happen, like you were saying. And I went, Oh, and so I started a mentoring service. And I call it, I didn't want to be known as like a Tony Robbins, or Deepak Chopra, like a life coach or anything. So I decided that I had to have a term to describe what I do and make a difference. And that was the LEAP one on one perfect life. mentary. So I'm a one on one perfect life mentor. And that that doesn't, I'm not trying to be condescending, or ascending. It's just a way for me to describe what I do compared to regular life coaching and consult.

Jannecke Øinæs 29:03

Okay, so then I get curious, I haven't read your book, I guess we're just about sort of the the main message on how to create a perfect life. What does the perfect life mean? And it has to do with manifestation I read a little bit about so what is the would you like to share some of the formula.

John Novello 29:25

One word describes a perfect life. And I survey this as well. abundance. Abundance in any area that you desire, is what I mean by a perfect life. Say you have a scarcity of relationships in your life. Obviously, having abundance of great relationships will move you towards perfection in that area. Or I'm a jazz musician, if I'm planning and I don't think my planes that good or the other piece Before the audience doesn't think, then a perfect life in that area would be an abundance of my ability to play better. And so if you're lacking in money, obviously, that's an undesirable situation, which is an imperfection in your life, having more abundance of money, having a better mindset, having more discipline, any undesirable area, in a person's life could be called, not perfect, or imperfect. So what I do as an elite one on one mentor, when I work with somebody, the first consultation we have, which could take several hours, is to, together, ascertain what areas in your life are undesirable. Could be health could be money, whatever. In other words, where is there a scarcity. And then I work with manifestation principles, on how to move the needle towards perfection. And it all comes down to the kingdom of God is within our thoughts create reality, our thoughts, our beliefs, create our reality. So I came up with an I didn't invent this, it's been around, but I taken this phrase, be do have, most people have it backwards. If I had a lot of money, I could hire this. And then I could do this, if I had a great boyfriend, I could get married and live happily ever. So that's called have do B. reversal is true, all successful people, whether they know it or not, do it the opposite way it's B do have you have to be before you can do in order to have. So if your have is a scarcity, of scarcity of money, that means you don't have money, you don't get money by concentrating on the scarcity. That would mean oh, I don't have money, and how am I going to pay the mortgage? And what am I going to do? I just lost my job, all those kinds of negative thinking or lower frequency, thoughts and beliefs mean you're focusing on the scarcity, or on your have, which is more of a not have, if I can get you to change your viewpoint, and go to be the opposite of not have or a scarcity would be I have, right. So if I say to myself, I have lots of money. Now you're operating correctly, because you're being wealthy, or you're being abundant. Now, that'll move you to make better decisions. And you start imagining what it would it be like to have a lot of money, then that moves, you're doing this towards better decisions. And next thing, you know, one day, whether it's five years or two weeks, or instantly, you're have becomes you have money. So you have to be in order to correctly do in order to eventually have so my whole one on one mentoring is how to find all the undesirable can have or don't have the scarcity, and then get you to change your mindset to be I am wealthy I am, I have great relationships, I have this. In other words, I am am is B so once your B becomes ideal, the perfection, it starts moving, you're doing this and your decisions towards your have. And it can be pretty miraculous sometimes. So the whole part of the main message of the book is how to apply. Be do have and control your thoughts. Because if you can can't control your thoughts, your thoughts, create emotions, and your emotions make you do certain things. So you have to learn how to control your thoughts. In order to make the be perfect. There's that perfect perfection. And that moves you towards designing and achieving your perfect life. Does that make sense? Because it's very difficult to control thoughts because your mind pushes back if you say I am wealthy, and in reality, you're not wealthy, your mind goes well, you're in denial, man. You're not wealthy, you're broke, you can't even pay the mortgage. So now you're not controlling your thoughts and you get all this chatter. And you end up focusing on the bad thing on the on the lack. So I have that one on one show you how to rethink and control your thoughts in order to get the b do have to work sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt. No, that's fine.

Jannecke Øinæs 34:48

Yeah, I mean, to me, it is like the law of attraction like attracts like and if I align myself vibrationally where the something I want Then I am more easily attracted. And again, then we have this subconsciousness and all our patterns, and all our behaviors, conditioned behaviors that have been there for years since childhood. That is why I believe it's work because we are so conditioned in our own thinking, and to change that might not just happen just like that. But it's a process. Now I get curious about the architect like who he, it she is, because I'm thinking in a way we could say, or maybe you would say that it's God. But in another way, it could be your higher self, it could be one guide, who has a certain teaching, while other spiritual guides have other teachings. And me doing all these interviews, I find sometimes that there are different teachings. Some are contradictory, some are not, some have a variation. So have you been thinking of who you think this is? If sort of this is your higher self and your soul that has this message that is coming from one perspective? Or if this is actually a universal truth and universal voice or God?

John Novello 36:25

Well, I love that question, you ask good questions. If we're in the image, little logic here, we're the particular we're a creation of this energy. Now, whether you want to call it God or Allah, Yahweh, or, like I try to be scientific in my book and say it's a quantum intelligent energy field, there's been a lot of science in physics, that there is an energy field that permeates everything in the universe. Now, if that's true, scientifically, that would be the general, but that would be the invisible field, or the invisible architect from which everything comes. Now you also have guides, and you also have your oversoul, your higher self that can give guide guidance, as well. But my feeling and perception is that I got hooked up, somehow been blessed. I don't know why. Maybe I'll find out when I cross over, that I'm in contact with this quantum energy field, which is the Creator. And I've tuned in and learned how to operate with it. And as you said earlier, the law of attraction likes attract likes. That is a great that is everything. But the problem is most people fail with the law of attraction because one thing, they don't have control of their thoughts. And the here's the example. If you're in New York City, and you want to take a cab somewhere, I put this in my book, you hail a cab, and he pulls up, where do you want to go? I want to go downtown to down into the village. You get in the car, he goes, Okay, put some meter up, he starts driving and you go you know, wait a minute, I think I'm hungry. I'm gonna go to Carnegie Deli. Because Okay, so he turns around Headstart. Five seconds later you go, you know, I'm not feeling good. I want to go back to the hotel. Now, what's happening in each case is you're not clear. What you want to do. Your desire is all over the place. So this cab driver can't actually help you, right? Think of God in the same way or this energy source. You have a desire, but your desire is not clear. And it's got doubt in it. It's got all kinds of problems with the law of attraction can't work. It just can't as a matter of fact, in his book, Neale Donald Walsch has a incredible two part series and maybe three part now, conversations with God. He says God has one answer to everything you pray for? And the answer is yes. So if you go, I got a headache. He goes, Yes, you got a headache. Now, wouldn't it be better to say I am healthy, then God, or the invisible architect says, Oh, you healthy, you are healthy, I better get to work and help bless you and help you attract health. If you say, I don't have enough money to pay the mortgage, then God go Yeah, you don't have enough money to pay the mortgage. In other words, the law of attraction is always working, but you don't know how to use it. You don't know how to interact with this energy source that is actually going to help you design your life from within then and there, in lies, why the law of attraction doesn't work for some people, because they just think it's positive thinking. If you say something positive, and then you think something negative to counteract it, it's not going to work. Does that make sense?

Jannecke Øinæs 40:16

Yes, it makes sense. And in a way, you know, to look at it from another perspective that the law of attraction is always working, but maybe not the way you want it to work.

John Novello 40:28

You're not, you're not. That's why in my book, I call this process spiritual mechanics. First of all, you have to be aware of this energy. Second of all, you have to learn how to communicate with this energy. Now I'm just calling an energy, quantum energy or the invisible architect. And then you have to have faith and trust in this energy. And then you have to learn how to control your mind. And here's the final part of law of attraction. I call it the law of thought, substitution. In the physical universe, no two objects can occupy the same space at the same time, right? You would fall through the earth right? Now, if that were not true, right, you cannot take a chair and stick it into the wall. It can't No two objects can occupy? Well, interestingly enough, this was my major, major, major cognition. No two thoughts can occupy the same space at the same time, too. You can think of thoughts consecutively, or linearly or in sequence. But you can't think I'm wealthy and I'm broke at the same time. Therefore, that's the key. So when your mind presents self doubt, or negativity, you have to instantly be aware that it's doing it. And then you have to substitute an opposite thought, or any better thought. So if you're going, I am wealthy, you're trying to do the law of attraction. Now I am wealthy, you're going to do affirmations at night before you go to bed during the day. You're constantly trying to follow the law of attraction. I'm wealthy, but your mind keeps going, what you're not wealthy, you can't even pay the mortgage, you can't even buy steaks. What's? Well, the moment that pushback happens, you have to be able to substitute the opposite. The original I am wealthy or any thought you could even say I love my puppy. That would be better than Well, I'm broke, right? Once I train a person to become aware of all their negative thoughts instantly, within a few seconds, and substitute positive thoughts or the opposite original better thought, you now begin controlling your mind. Now the architect is sitting there gone. Oh, he's wealthy. And when the negativity pops up, you catch it. In the the the architects can I mean, this is a personification of the process. Obviously, the architects kind of gone Oh, he caught that. He still he still wants to be wealthy, okay. Instead of, I'm wealthy, I'm not wealthy. My wife just yelled at me for not paying the bills. And now you go down this negative row. Well, all those new thoughts, those new affirmations, those new beliefs are actually working. And it's almost like a sin. Because you're actually using the invisible architect to actually designed and manifest not the right life. It doesn't want to do that. But it gave us freewill. Otherwise, why would it create us? Right? We have freewill. Right.

Jannecke Øinæs 43:30

So you knowing this, are you able to do this?

John Novello 43:34

Absolutely. I've now become an I hate to say this word. Because it sounds narcissistic. I become a master in this area. I practice my buns off to become an expert pianist. And I know what it took. And I can play and I know I can play. And I have confidence. I don't mean a bad ego. I mean, I have confidence in my confidence. I've been using this all my life. And writing the book, actually, I think finally got it up to a master level. It's almost annoying, that I almost can't take a negative thought. Because the moment the pushback happens, it's almost like I have an automatic piece of software that actually changes it right away into the right thing. And then I stay on path. Now. It's not that I'm not human, and I don't have negative thoughts. I'd be lying to you. Even the other day when I found a wallet. My mind said you'll never find it. You're gonna have to call DMV. It did that pretty quickly. And I went no, you have to obliterate the negative thought by becoming aware of it. And then substitute the original goal. So in my book, I define a goal. You have to change a goal into a different goal. The goal has time in it right? If you Have a goal. But a goal admits what that you don't have it. So if you say my goal is to become a millionaire, what you've just done is negatively stated you aren't a millionaire. So your b is negative right away. So you have to change your goal into achieve the goal with the right affirmation. So now if you say I am wealthy, right, that means in your mind, you are wealthy. And since there are different universes, the physical universe, in your universe are two different universes, right? So if in your universe, you have 100% belief that you are wealthy, and you've inputted it, you know, all the normal Law of Attraction mechanics, and you are at the point that you finally believe that you are a millionaire. And you started to act that way. The subconscious or the unconscious mind doesn't know the difference between reality and your universe. It just goes, Oh, he's wealthy, and you start acting that way, which is your be your being in this. I know people that are really kind of broke. And I know people that are wealthy, and you couldn't tell the different sometimes that the way the broke person operates, they have high happiness, and they're eventually going to be wealthy, you can see there B is right there hope I'm not getting too complicated. But the love thoughts of tuition, if not practice kills, the law of attraction instantly feels right, because one side of your mouth, you are saying I am wealthy, and the other part of your brain or your mind or whatever is saying, you'll never be wealthy, your parents weren't wealthy or whatever. And then you start concentrating on your current reality, which is you're not wealthy. The more you concentrate on your problem, the problem persists, it can't go away. So it takes discipline to do this, which is the one on one mentoring. Once I work with somebody for a certain period of time, that discipline kicks in and their software gets rewritten. And now they can actually postulate a reality, believe it in their universe. And once it's believed in their universe, I mean, really believed with no self doubt, then everything starts magically moving towards the half the be due to have you started making correct decisions. Now, since we're human, there's always going to be pushback in the love thoughts up to she catches that pushback every time it happens.

Jannecke Øinæs 47:36

Yeah, I have noticed that when I've practiced smaller things that I wanted to change are smaller thoughts and beliefs that are not so stuck, that when I've said it again, and again, in front of the mirror, I start believing it. The it is sort of a human or human pattern in a way that changing habits, it's not easy, that we start doing it, and then we just fall off and fall back to the fault. And I think the key lies in the practice. Doing it again and again. And again. Like you're brushing your teeth, like you do it actually every day. And it is a focus and it is a practice, like you're saying, yeah, it's fascinating. Um, what is the biggest spiritual insight that you have received from the architects?

John Novello 48:31

That's another interesting question. I believe that we're all blessed. And we all are in a life in order to do two things, walk towards our divinity, who we really are our essence. In other words, we didn't come here to be an interviewer or a jazz musician, or an attorney, or a lawyer or a PA, those are little hats that we wear. Right? That's our acting role. What we really came here for is to learn lessons and grow spiritually towards our true essence, our higher self, the God that is within us. That's one and number two, my other big realization and even every time I say this, I am in awe of it is that and I read this in several places with different variations is that the invisible architect God, the universal consciousness, the creator, whatever you want to name it, knows itself. Call it the general through its particulars, meaning you and me and everybody. Now other words, as we learn and walk towards our divinity you It's experiencing what we're going through. And it even knows itself more. So God is also growing, as its children are growing. And I know that now to be true, because I've created many things in my lifetime, as everybody does, it doesn't matter if you've, you know, knitted a glove, you creating something, or if I write a piece of music, every time I create something, and I finish it and admire it, I grow, I know more about myself. So 70, some years, all the creations that I've made, I've grown as my own individual creator of my own universe, because we all create our own universe. So to answer your question, we are the creators of our own universes. It doesn't matter how good or how bad, you're not unlucky, you have something to do, to understand that you are creating everything in some way, shape, or form with your decisions and your thoughts and whatever is congruent, and are analogous to how God operates, when it creates its universe in admires, and creates people and experiences all its creations. So that, to me, was probably the most sublime thing spiritually, that I've learned, and that I have observed constantly is we create our own universe, just as the Lord, the invisible architect, has permeated and created the entirety of the universe. And I think that's what's made when we hear the phrase we're made into the image and likeness of God or the father is within, as within, as without. So that's my cognition or revelation, spiritually.

Jannecke Øinæs 51:56

Thank you for sharing that very fascinating. And that has also been something that has evolved within me that the notion that God is also growing, which I never thought before, it was a new concept for me, but it just resonates. Now, I have three questions that I ask all my guests. And the first one is what is self love to you, John?

John Novello 52:19

Well, I think self love is recognizing that we are truly indeed, this is this has got to do with what I just said, we're here to walk towards our divinity. Self love, is granting our own selves, the right to exist, the right to be, and the acknowledgement that we truly are a child of the Creator. Because you can't love yourself, if you don't think that if you get you bully yourself and invalidate yourself, and do things like that, what you're saying is that the Creator is not perfect, the creator screwed up, the Creator created a bad person. And that's not true, that somebody will push back. Well, there are evil people in the world. Well, I don't believe they're truly essence is that they're evil. I think they are learning through their actions, no different than somebody else is learning their actions. And I believe when we incarnate, we all take on different roles. And since we are eternal beings and children of the God of the Lord of the architect, we are learning as we do. And so the more you self love, you are walking towards your divinity and your true purpose. If you don't, you're going the wrong direction. Or you know, what's the old what's the scientific, but what's the great movie Star Wars, you're going down the dark side, you know, if you're not loving yourself, you're going down the dark side, and you'll continue down the dark side until you start realizing that you're a really good person. And there that goes back to B do have. If if your B is self love, and I'm a good person, then you'll do things better, and you'll have better reality. But if you don't like yourself, that's how criminals start becoming criminals, right? I don't like myself, so nobody else likes me and I'm going to start robbing people and I'm going to do you can't love and do that because God is love.

Jannecke Øinæs 54:30

Yeah, it seems like it's all linked together. Now, what is happiness to you?

John Novello 54:36

Happiness is realizing that you are the creator, co creator of your universe. And therefore if you know that, you are happy Why because now you know you can change your world. You can change your universe that makes you happy. The inability to change your universe would make you unhappy because cuz you're not moving towards where you want to move. That's my idea of happiness is that you know, you can move towards your reality, your desire that makes you happy. Because if you know you can't, how could you be happy if you have one? I guess I'm lucky, that guy is lucky. I'm not lucky, people aren't happy. They're happy when they know they can be causative, and move towards one of their goals or their desires. What

Jannecke Øinæs 55:28

is the deeper meaning of life from your perspective?

John Novello 55:32

Well, again, we're congruent. Everything is in sequence here and everything is related, right? I believe in it's more than belief. For me, it's a knowingness. Because I've had several things happen to me, my first book, The song that never ended, is all about after death communications when I lost my first wife. And after I'd lost my first wife to cancer, I was obsessed with wanting to be with her on the other side. Now, I don't mean suicidal. I mean, I started to investigate astral projections and out of body experiences and everything. So I was trying all these techniques, and nothing was working, and I'm still grieving, I was wanting to live more on the other side, then be in my present life. And what happened one day, it happened, I got out of my body, I rolled out of bed. And I turned around, and I saw my body laying there. That, to me, proved to me that I was in a separate identity is a separate spirit. So I realized that that proved to me that I was a unique, spiritual, eternal beam. And the body was simply like my car that I was driving around in life. And I had 100% certainty, I didn't have to believe that anymore. And therefore, I knew that the deeper meaning of life was that we are all created by the Creator. And we are all unique beings, who live forever. And we just spiritually grow towards our divine essence. To me, that's the deeper meaning of life playing the piano, winning the Grammy making money. Those are little, what's the word harmonics of success while you're living life, but I also believe before we incarnate, we, we have spiritual agreements and pre soul agreements that we're going to incarnate and we're going to learn various lessons, by whatever role we've decided to play around in that we worked out. That makes more sense to me, anyway, then we live once and that's it, we get one chance. And if we screw up, we're going to hell. This doesn't work for me not to point out any organized religion or other beliefs, I respect all beliefs, and we all have to believe stuff, and we all go through things. But that deeper meaning of life that I just expressed, I've proved it to myself. And it works for me. And I've mentored a lot of people and have helped them with that concept.

Jannecke Øinæs 58:18

Very fascinating because I had almost same experience. I was also out of my body and that also gave me the same sort of evidence or proof that Oh, I do exist outside this car on this vehicle. Fascinating experience.

John Novello 58:34

It's amazing when it happens. That changed my life. I got up that day, I went to the where my recording studio and my buddy is a recording artists as well. I came walking in he thought it was high on drugs. I said, Oh my god, this is over. He goes squat. What are you talking about? Would you have a religious experiences? Yes. I had a religious experience. I couldn't stop all there. I couldn't even do anything.

Jannecke Øinæs 59:01

I know exactly what you're speaking about. And I'm like, I don't want to become that lady. You know?

John Novello 59:07

So one guy tried to invalidate he goes, Oh, no, that's just you just had a dream. And I laughed at him. And I said, You know what? Let's assume you're right. What a great dream it was. It's fantastic.

Jannecke Øinæs 59:25

I know I I waited a bit before I started speaking about it but now it just the world is opening up and speaking about that, you know, you're living your purpose, helping others how can people find you if there's someone watching listening who wants to work with you? Where can they go and what can they do?

John Novello 59:44

Yeah, two ways. Go to my regular author website, which is And when they go there, you know a little prompt comes up to sign up for my to be on my list and stuff. And then there's also another place on their field that says, how you how were you referred, so you can say, this show or whatever, whatever a person is, and then they get on my list, and then they'll get sent some stuff and be in contact with me. And if they want to directly go to my mentoring, I mean, you can get to the mentoring service as well on that same page, And then you can go to the page that says services and explains my services, and we would get together and have a consultation, to go over your life and then we'll go over the business and everything. And if they want to go directly to watch a one of my mentoring videos that actually is very informative and life changing unto its own. They go to So So those are two ways that get onto my mailing list and say how they got how they got here and hook up with me. Okay, wonderful.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:01:08

Well, this was very inspiring. And thank you so much for coming to the show today and your wonderful work.

John Novello 1:01:15

Thank you so much for having me and giving me an outlet to help me help other people because my goal is to help raise the frequency, one by one of the planet so we can have a better planet somewhere down the future because I know it doesn't look good now.

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