In this captivating interview, former professor of psychology, Donna Rebadow, is sharing her extraordinary near-death experience during a boat accident. This life-altering event submerged her in the depths of eternity, where she had a profound conversation with God. From this divine encounter, Donna was entrusted with two crucial messages that she believes hold immense importance for all of humanity: surrender and choice. Although God imparted additional teachings she is not yet allowed to share, Donna has embraced her unique journey and now runs the Exploring Consciousness Podcast, where she explores the depths of human consciousness.

A Glimpse into Eternity

Donna’s near-death experience led her to transcend the physical realm and commune with the divine. She described an overwhelming sense of peace and an encounter with a spiritual presence that she identified as God. In this timeless encounter, Donna received wisdom that transcended anything she had learned in her years as a psychology professor.

the two pivotal messages from God

God bestowed upon Donna two pivotal messages that she believes can transform lives. The first message centers on surrender—an act of releasing control and allowing life to unfold naturally. Donna emphasizes the importance of surrendering to the flow of existence, trusting that a greater plan is at work. By relinquishing resistance and embracing surrender, individuals can find peace and harmony within themselves and their circumstances.

The second message that Donna was tasked to deliver is about choice. God emphasized the immense power of choice in shaping our lives. Every decision we make, both big and small, has the potential to shape our destiny. Donna stresses that by consciously making choices aligned with our true selves and our values, we can create a life filled with purpose, fulfillment, and joy.

She sees people’s spirit guides

After her near-death experience, Donna Rebadow was blessed with the ability to see people’s spiritual guides. This extraordinary gift allowed her to witness the presence of divine beings guiding and supporting individuals on their life journeys, adding a profound layer of insight and connection to her spiritual exploration.

Donna’s journey since her near-death experience has not been without its challenges. Integrating such a profound encounter with the divine took time and personal growth. However, she now runs the Exploring Consciousness Podcast, where she delves into the depths of human consciousness and shares transformative conversations with experts in the field.

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