In this captivating episode, we delve into the transformative journey of a man who broke free from the clutches of a spiritual guru, discovering his innate power through the wisdom of oracle cards. Dr. Phillip Mountrose shares his profound insights, recounting his initial surrender to a spiritual leader and the subsequent realization that true enlightenment comes from within. As he navigated the pitfalls of blindly following another’s path, Phillip unearthed the extraordinary potential of oracle cards to illuminate his own way forward. Join us as we explore the empowering shift from dependency to self-discovery, offering invaluable lessons on harnessing intuition and reclaiming personal sovereignty.

navigating life’s complexities with oracle cards

Mountrose introduces oracle cards as potent instruments for deepening one’s connection with intuition and navigating life’s complexities. He emphasizes their role as conduits for divine messages, offering profound insights into one’s inner wisdom and guiding individuals along their spiritual journey.

Throughout the conversation, Mountrose highlights the challenge of interpreting oracle cards, especially when the messages seem unrelated to one’s current situation. However, he stresses the importance of delving deeper into the symbolism of the cards and trusting one’s intuition to unlock profound insights.

Moreover, Mountrose underscores the transformative potential of oracle cards in daily life, noting how they can help individuals connect with their intuition, receive guidance, and overcome challenges. By engaging with oracle cards regularly, individuals can develop their intuition, explore unconscious realms, and cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness.

The symbolism of the High Priestess card

A key insight shared during the interview is the importance of trusting one’s inner wisdom and recognizing the inherent wisdom within each individual. Jannecke Øinæs reflects on the symbolism of the High Priestess card, emphasizing that we all possess the wisdom of priestesses and priests within us. By trusting in our unique insights and embracing our inner guidance, we can unlock a wealth of spiritual wisdom and navigate life with clarity and purpose.

Through a demonstration of a tarot reading with the High Priestess card, Mountrose illustrates how oracle cards can offer profound insights into one’s spiritual path. He encourages listeners to trust their intuition, connect with their inner wisdom, and embrace the journey of self-discovery with openness and curiosity.

In conclusion, the episode sheds light on the transformative potential of oracle cards as tools for accessing spiritual guidance and deepening one’s connection with intuition. By engaging with oracle cards regularly and trusting in their inner wisdom, individuals can embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and spiritual growth.

Transcript of the interview

Phillip Mountrose 0:00

And I knew from the start again I said even though I liked this group, it really doesn't make sense. We realized that following this charismatic leaders if he had the only truth, sort of like the priest, why can't we directly connect to the truth? Why can't we channel higher awareness and so forth?

Jannecke Øinæs 0:21

Hello, Philip a warm welcome to the show.

Phillip Mountrose 0:24

Great to be here with you Jannecke.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:25

I'm excited for our conversation today. And I'm curious to learn more about oracle cards today, and how that can really enhance our spiritual journey be of support, maybe help us become more in connection with our intuitive abilities that I believe we are an author, you are a spiritual teacher, or a coach, holistic coach, energy healer, and work closer with your wife as well. But I assume that you didn't always do this. So how do you get into this sort of profession or career,

Phillip Mountrose 1:01

like all of us who become spiritual teachers and guides and healers and such, although probably we were born with those gifts late and they developed over time with different experiences. One of the things that happened to me Annika, which was really a couple of things. I had a fairly happy childhood, sort of middle class childhood and East Coast of the United States. And then when I went to middle school, junior school, there were different groups and different schools came together, and suddenly there became cliques, ie teenagers, and different people would just associate with with sort of who they were for their background and geography and class and income. And it seemed very artificial. Like I had not really noticed that there was such a class structure in this community until, and it actually kind of turned bitter for me, I became sort of disillusioned that was sort of that adolescence of rebelliousness in a way for me, but also I kind of saw through some kind of artificial, the emperor has no clothes. In other words, these tribal affiliations were. They made sense, but they were rather artificial. Because you know, you're with someone, and you grew up with them, or you were born with them. Yes, you have connections, but that doesn't mean you're separated from other people, or you're better than or worse then. But that's the way society is structured. So it seemed even to my 13 year old sensibilities, rather artificial and got me very confused and lost and rather upset in ways I actually was voted. I'm sort of embarrassed to say, the most sarcastic person in my high school yearbook. Which meant that was probably pretty unhappy in a lot of ways. And but after a while I went I said, Well, what do I do with my life? And I said, Well, maybe I'll become a filmmaker. Because I was like to do creative things. And I went to UCLA Film School in Los Angeles. And I did a first film a little student film, which was well received, and then I did a second film and you erred in front of all your peers in the audience. And it was actually a terrible film. And have you ever done something that you thought was good, but later on, you realized it really wasn't or it was just misguided or a clapper? You thought it was good at first, but it realized was very superficial. And it made me sort of see my limitations. It's kind of like the Invincible Youth and the wings were clipped like the Daedalus myth of fluid flow, too close to the sun and sun melted his wings. And I became rather depressed after that. It said, Well, maybe I'm not, you know, as as creative as I thought, or as good as I thought. And I became very depressed and sort of self pitying in a way and I finally got out of that, but that was really led me into my spiritual search much more deeply. And then I realized there was more of a spiritual mission to being here. So it was a wake up call. In other words, and a lot of the most difficult things I think people experiences is a wake up call. If you wake up to it, you can ignore it, and then it tends to get worse. So that led me to go into many different things, exploring things Japanese tea ceremonies, Buddhism and studying different psychologies. And I joined a spiritual organization group with George Gurdjieff Gurdjieff Uspensky. Some people know of that. years ago, many years ago in my 20s. And there I met my wife Jane, and this was a very spiritual group, which I like, but there was another problem there was, in a way it echoed on another level, that junior high incident about people being second and often some people being better are quote chosen in this case. So the people in the spiritual group, like a lot of religions are the chosen ones. Why? Because they know the way as if there's only one way. And I knew from the start again, I said, even though I liked this group, it really doesn't make sense. It's, I mean, they don't really believe this, do they? And they do. And some people, I think, realize that it was, well, you know, it's following the the charismatic leader, the group pattern, right? So we realized that following this charismatic leaders, if he had the only truth, sort of like the priest, why can't we do that? You know, why can't we directly connect to the truth? Why can't we channel higher awareness and so forth, and we realized we could and we left that group. And we realized there was a lot of healing missing that because there was this idea that you couldn't express negative emotions was one of the tenants in this group. And so people became very repressed, and explosive. And that led us into the journey that awakenings part of it is healing. So healing your shadow your blocks, and that's what you came in even karmically to do. And that's part of spiritual growth, as well as connecting with the light and activation and higher beings. And we eventually had someone help us connect more directly with our soul, which then turned into more studies, and helping other people and training people on how to connect with their soul on heal, which we currently still do. So there's a little background for me and my wife and partner, Jane mount rose at awakenings Institute, which is our nonprofit organization devoted to making the world a more loving place.

Jannecke Øinæs 6:46

Beautiful, you know, it's so important, what you're saying. And I love that you bringing it up, putting spiritual teachers on a pedestal, because I've done it so many times. And I actually think it's a bit dangerous. In the beginning of my career, as an interviewer, I did that all the time, I felt lesser than I felt that they had the path, they have the truth, even before I was interviewing, I was much, much worse. And I really thought that they were more valuable actually, than me that they were like gods. And it only made me feel lesser than, and that I was not doing it right. Like I didn't do the spirituality path, right. And now that I've interviewed so many wonderful people, I've come to the same as you, that is all about healing. And when I suppress emotions, and I try to be something that I'm actually not myself, and I think it's actually something we need to speak more about. Because I think it can be dangerous to suppress emotions. And we have also seen examples of spiritual leaders that do one thing. And then behind the curtain, they do something completely different. And we see that in cults, you know, and, and some religions, but also in spirituality. There are some girls, that really is coming a lot from the ego, I believe. So I'm so glad that you found your own way and that you mentioned this because it's just, I would love love to give that warning to everybody. Like, never think you are lesser than a spiritual teacher. Like never compare yourself. Do you have the answers? Well, then, and I believe a good spiritual teacher is a teacher that it's helping other empower themselves.

Phillip Mountrose 8:38

Exactly. I agree with you 100%. And there are wonderful teachers and gurus is sort of that elevated, better than status and that's a pattern and there's, there's some validity to it. If you realize like when I was in that spiritual group, yes, I'm learning from this person. It's it's a phase. It's helping me lifting me up and there's knowledge and the person has a lot of wisdom. Great. But if you become codependent, then you become very bitter and disillusioned afterwards. I wasn't disillusioned so much. I just felt like I was Freer I had learned it's sort of like graduating. When you get bonded or tied into this groups, then it's like you can never leave that you can't graduate you finish you can't live your life without this person. And it's not true and it's a stage and it's something most of us go through so it is realizing there's nothing wrong with it. You didn't do anything wrong, but if you put all yourself and identification with someone else, and then you find that that person was not what you thought and they probably did a lot and you just went flip to the other side and say they're terrible because they did some kind of sexual thing are our money thing, which is usually the to, you know, power problems as as it goes. But that doesn't mean they didn't have a lot of value. Many of the things I learned in that Gurdjieff especially The group of 40 years ago, we're actually teaching in our, our coaching and healing programs, which is extremely valuable and hard to even find. So I'm grateful for the experiences.

Jannecke Øinæs 10:12

Yeah. And that's why it's kind of difficult as well, because you do learn something and there is wisdom. But all I'm always thinking, does it empower you? Or does it take your power away? I would love to speak into because I know you're passionate about speaking about people's potential, and connecting to our inner guidance. You know, our busy minds get in the way so much in our ego and our fear. Could you share a little bit about how we can connect deeper to that guidance that I believe is there all the time.

Phillip Mountrose 10:49

Right, and let me just set this up as sort of how you get there, where you you can more commit to it for what it is, is a decision to really what we call take charge of your life. That means you're going to set your course you made a decision. And there's going to be ups and downs, and lapses and so forth. And then you're going to open to the heartfelt reality of your soul, your inner guidance for direction. And part of that journey will then also be clearing obstacles, fears, doubts, things, traumas from this life and other lifetimes, part of your maybe generational things too, with your family ancestral. So all of that is part of the journey. And when you when you get down, then you know you can get back up. And before I connect us with this, let me tell you a little story. That's illustrative that just happened to me, I was helping two different people. And they had a similar issue. And this is common to all of us like we make progress. But whatever it is, the fears doubts come back. Because we haven't cleared them or something distracts us. So we forget. And I was sort of in the same situation. So I realized I would go back, I was going to go back and help this client help her again. And it was I wasn't in a good mood. When I met with her for the second time, I had already helped her one time and she got pretty clear. Next time I was rather tired and over scheduled. And I didn't get in a clear place before I spoke with her. And though I helped her make clear her some of her doubts and go forward with their life and make decisions and that retreat and so forth. I knew it wasn't my best effort because I wasn't coming from the right place. And the second example was similar that there was a person a student in one of our courses, and I had helped her go through some doubts and fears. And then she connected again, and some of it had come back, either for various she'd forgotten what she learned or something else showed up. So this time though, I went to a soulful place, which I'm going to take us into in a moment just as an experience for all the viewers. And I connected with my heart and soul I breathed into my heart, it just felt very grounded. And you can also see yourself going to a higher place like a mountain tap. And I felt very wonderful. And from that higher place, I got the resources I needed to talk to the client that the student that was coming up, and it was sent into my heart and soul I felt very calm and peaceful and confident and having a sense of what to say and do with her. But not at all stressed by it, even though I know was a challenging for her and and I had to put in a certain amount of energy and presence to help her Of course. So when I talked with her things went very smoothly. So regardless of the outcome, I can't quote control her and her decisions. I know I was much more effective in communicating and helping her get through her fears and doubts. So that's a lead up into actually what's what's what's Phillip talking about? What is this? Why is it so important? Well, at a certain point. And certainly anyone watching the podcast here the show is at that point, they realize that connecting their soul themselves with their soul and being led by that moment to moment, day by day is is very important is all important for fulfilling your life and having your best life and optimizing your potential. And simple we teach many ways in our newest book, The loving power of your soul, we have six ways to connect with your soul very practical things and here's one way we can do it just right now it's very easy. And if you can close your eyes, just breathe into your heart and just allow relaxation to go through your body as you breathe through your heart into your heart. Letting Go and relaxing. Taking in your own energy, breathing in through your nose. Exhaling, opening your heart relax even more. And as you breathe in reclaiming all your own energy, exhaling, letting go of things you don't need. Just being here now, feel that soulful connection to your heart, that soulful connection. And you can even imagine yourself on a lofty place like a mountain or a cloud a high place where you're connecting with everything and everyone. And as you open your heart and feel that connection with everyone, you might want to get a resource here, just get something to help you today could be a color, an image, a sound or message, a feeling of relaxation, that you're okay. And just breathe that in. And when you're ready, you can open your eyes and just feel back in the room with your feet on the floor, just feeling a little bit more present a little bit more awake, or maybe a lot more.

Jannecke Øinæs 16:03

Ah, so nice.

Phillip Mountrose 16:08

So when you and I know many people watching this meditate or have their own practices. However, when you do it in a way that I just suggested, and you're more consciously connecting with your soul, it's different meditation has tremendous benefits for health and well being. And there are many ways to meditate. Some of the challenges though, is that you might not understand or hear the messages from your soul. You might just say, it's mind chatter, just getting a soul message, ignore that. It's just your thoughts, you know. So you might be missing some good stuff. And there's still these the healing. Because if you're in fear and doubt, and many people we help have been longtime meditators, but they still have the same shadow issues. Because the meditation may not do anything you feel wonderful. It's like being in this wonderful, blissful state. And then someone says something that reminds you of your mother and all that's out the window in a moment and you're feeling very angry again.

Jannecke Øinæs 17:10

Right? So how can we notice the difference between the ego and our soul speaking like how do we know our soul is speaking?

Phillip Mountrose 17:18

Well, the soul has a presence and an energy and occurred and a passion. It also has a sense of love and knowingness and connection. So you feel that connection, you feel that love, things may rile you up like in justices, but you don't go into a wild violent out of control place with it. You realize you're connected with everything and that violence, like so much of the violence in the world today, you're seeing is in some ways, even part of yourself and part of your own history. So you have a sense and compassion and try to be in that soulful, loving place to help yourself and everyone you know in the planet, to spread that out the balance because it is about the balancing with the love. And there are challenges or the the ego things to be aware of and not to deny, but to to accept that and love that and integrate that into your everyday life.

Jannecke Øinæs 18:19

So oracle cards I would love to learn about that and how we can use them for to connect with spiritual guidance in our everyday lives or in big questions and small questions. So first of all, what are oracle cards for those who are new to it and what kind of decks do you use?

Phillip Mountrose 18:36

Yes, this is a fascinating topic that my wife and I we've done Oracle's for many years for decades, more on the side and sometimes for special occasions or anniversaries or birthdays drawing cards from certain decks. And about a year and a half or so ago we started getting quite intensely into oracle cards and using them daily and teaching about them. So what is an Oracle Card an Oracle could be a even a person who gives Divine Messages, maybe even fortune tellings, the ancient Greek oracle of Delphi and people would go to them the Dalai Lama still has an Oracle a person whose channel is actually higher awareness, but with oracle decks and cards or is the most well known tarot deck Anyways, here's just a little mini deck. There are many many tarot decks the 72 cards the Major and Minor Arcana, which is the journey of life and their cards representing different phases of journey of life. And the certain cards can be very esoteric and to and some can be very commonplace I mean their teddy bear decks and Cupid decks and things like that, but we focus on naturally the more spiritual decks and some of them profound and beautiful illustrations as well. So they're Oracle's like the Tarot. And then there are many Other Oracle's like the sacred Destiny deck, which your beautiful deck of cards, which have messages and the, the, the, the messages are in images. And they are in words and sayings. Sometimes even they have been guides and angels, depending on the decks, here's what I'm going to tell you about in just a moment called thriving, that kind of this. So how do you use them, they are great for developing your intuition. Developing talking about your decision making, they will connect you with your unconscious you connect connect with your soul guides, higher vibrations and energies give you hidden connections. And they work quite miraculously we do them every day. And I'm going to show you one. So they sometimes it's Oracle's are associated with divination of reading the future fortune telling. And I put a little caveat on that because the future is in flux. So you can't necessarily tell what's going to happen in the future. But knowing hidden connections, you get a sense of probabilities. And it's not a yes or no. Is this person going to be my soulmate or something? It's it's more of an open ended? What might happen in this relationship? What's the potential of this relationship? What would taking this job? What what what might be some of the benefits or challenges of it? So it's a more open ended net? Should I yes or no, because life is more complex than yes or no. And the cards will connect with your intuition, it will develop your intuition, you use your intuition, and you'll make amazing connections. And let me tell you a brief story with this thriving card from the sacred destiny, this Denise Lin deck and there's some decks that we really liked, we there's hundreds of decks. It's incredible. If you go to a metaphysical story, there's I went to one recently, physical store and there was over 100, oracle decks. And some of them I think, are pretty superficial. Some of them might not be for you. And some are just extraordinary. And there's mentioned a couple today. Anyways, from the sacred destiny, this one I picked this card thriving. Now, here's another thing. Almost everyday Jane and I, as part of our morning meditation, pick a card with it usually an opening question. And there's different questions. And it may be simply what do I need to be aware of today? How can I optimize my day? Weather? How can I use my gifts today? Something open? Anyway, so I did that, you know, how can I have a great day, something very simple. And drew this card called thriving with a giraffe and there's a bail Bob tree out and an African savanna if you can see it. Interesting enough. I drew this card five times out of about, I'd say 12 times. This is a deck of 52 cards. See a deck of 52 cards and five out of 12 times I drew the same card. What is the chances of this and that often happens to me that's part of the guidance. This is pretty crazy stuff. So thriving, okay. I had I was on a retreat in Santa Barbara, beautiful place in California. personal retreat by myself went to a beautiful grove of preserved MacArthur preserved by the ocean. And I was there sitting under these beautiful eucalyptus trees meditating, doing some channeling communing with nature. And of course, I was thriving and then the card was writing and mine and and there were some people walking these big dogs and throwing bones and the dogs were having great times Franklin chasing the little sticks. They were being thrown. It was just a beautiful setting. Okay, so I was thriving. So here's the interesting part. Yannick I was thinking, Well, yeah, I mean, if I never drew that card, I would still have had a great day and thriving. But would I have consciously remembered that card like I did that while I really am thriving and look at the world through that beautiful perspective of thriving like the bail Bob tree thriving out on the savanna Baron playing with the giraffe there. And if you're in a challenging thing, and in the you can use it to thrive and overcome challenges or if you're in a beautiful place like I was in that preserve nature preserve, you can enhance it and be more conscious of what you're experiencing and the finish the story. I was thinking if I didn't have the card, maybe those people running with their dogs by in barking maybe I might have just not recognized that those dogs and in their master owner beings were thriving too. As well as all the nature everything was in the state of thriving harmony and the dogs were in having so much joy and love. And while I was having that I could appreciate and connect with them more deeply. I mean if I didn't have a current I might have been, who knows, I might have even been slightly distracted or even possibly been irritated by these dogs barking, or was called trying to meditate. So really enhanced the experience.

Jannecke Øinæs 25:11

So how can we use these cards to connect deeper with our spiritual guidance, like getting answers? Because sometimes we can do a card and we're like, I don't understand how to interpret this card. Like it's not related whatsoever to my situation, because some cards can be very general. So do you have some examples of that? How we can interpret that, right?

Phillip Mountrose 25:38

So sometimes that happens to me where you get a card. And this is this seems to make no sense. And what you need to do is just meditate and stay with it and go deeper into the meanings because there's deeper connections. And alternatively, you can draw a second card to get further insight sometimes if you're saying this doesn't, because sometimes there are cards which sort of have a more you know, sort of ominous message, you know, that curse or something like that, you know that what's what I mean? One time I got a card, that's a curse, you know, like I said, why I don't even say what's curse? Well, just and it really was occurred in my meditation was the understand about limitations. So when you set limitations, I'm not good enough going back to those gurus stories, like I'm not as good as him and I can't find the truth for myself, for example, that's sort of cursing yourself in a way that's putting a limitation. So even though I felt good that day, I said there I'm sure there are limited limiting thoughts that circulate that are triggered sometimes I want to be aware of those and not let them get me down.

Jannecke Øinæs 26:46

So I think sometimes can interpret the cards a bit too literal. That you know, in the tarot deck, I got the tower ones and that was no you know, it was like an answer to a question. This is not right, apparently. No, no, no, no. And then I went to my clairvoyant therapist and we were really diving into it and we realized it was about shadow shadow work right? I needed to do some shadow work on something wasn't like you know, devastation and this is not

Phillip Mountrose 27:19

a terrible things and a lot of them superficially are misunderstood that way or some of the decks are kind of slanted in in a superficial way, but with the right deck and coming from the heart and soul like we did initially when you're in that place the messages come and why don't we maybe we should just do an example now in the moment and we could do a tarot deck or I was thinking of making it simple. And I'll draw one from the Major Arcana there. Those are 22 of the cards which is the journey from the fool to awakening these 22 cards and and you start with an intent so you draw a card for a reason. And the reason could be it could just be you know, how could How can everyone in this podcast they get more clarity or more awareness more connection in their life? How would you put it. Does that sound about right or would you say it differently?

Jannecke Øinæs 28:20

Yeah, how could this be of value for each and everyone who is listening?

Phillip Mountrose 28:28

How could they get value from from this Tarot cut from this? Tarot reading? Yes. Yeah. How could they benefit? That sounds good. So you shuffle the deck and you pull out a card and as I we do it, I'll kind of explain how it works too. And this makes sense I'm I already get stuff as soon as I pull it out, but and the high priestess to the High Priestess. See, so I'm going to read the so their interpretations of these I'm going to read a couple pieces of it and then I will sort of go within and give some of my explanations. So reading a little bit about this, about the high priestess in this deck the star Tarot by Kathleen McClellan. The High Priestess is the maiden goddess of the cycles of the moon right the first aspect phase of the true guys. She has a silent mysterious power that can look into one's soul. The priestess has a deep MC wisdom and intuition. She contains all knowledge but at the level that can only be expressed in symbols. This is often referred to as a psychic card. She's a feminine principle. And the High Priestess can pass back and forth through the veil behind her right Presented by a spider's web, the veil is between the conscious and unconscious realms. So that's a little bit of a message just now when you get the messages, some of it may not apply to you. Some of them may be don't get it nothing but some of it moves your heart. Again, that soulful connection. And what moved my heart was that intuition and unconscious realms connectedness, okay? So when we trigger and emphasize our intuition, which for many of us is lacking, and especially in a very left brain, mental world that we live in, we forget to develop and use our intuition which grows when you use it, like building a muscle. And this Empress is sort of holding the world in her hands with the moon in the sun to coming there. So we have an inner knowingness that if we connect to it, and these cards, like this priestess, number two here connects to it opens up a deeper level of our awareness. And then, instead of reacting on the surface, like the, the agitation on the surface of the water, we can go deep within it in the quiet calmness. Like seeing the moon reflecting off the water, the beautiful shimmers off the waves. And just let that be, frankly, let that guide us. So the main message I'm getting at this moment is trusting our deeper connection. And we need to be quite quiet. And some of us when we're opening, it just comes into our heart and it's immediate flash or Eureka, aha. And if it's not immediate, if you do still your mind and heart, it will come forth. And these cards are just a reminder, if you want to develop your true intuition, just pull use these cards and learn how to do them. And they're there just following the images, the meanings and just whatever is coming to there's not a right or wrong answer. And I want to go one step further channeling a message on this in just a minute from another card, but what were you picking up Jannecke?

Jannecke Øinæs 32:17

Yeah, I love what you said. And I also was thinking about the high priestesses that they existed, you know, many years ago that that was actually something that was real, like, they were sort of hiding a lot of them also because they had some hidden esoteric knowledge, these high priestesses and they had a lot of wisdom. And I'm thinking that this was aligned with what was started talking about today that we all have the wisdom inside that we don't need to put other people on pedestals like we all have these, the answers inside of us, we are priests and priestesses like all of us. We are spiritual teachers, all of us were teachers for each other. So to me, it was a reminder that you all have the wisdom within all of you who are listening, just trust you know, your, your uniqueness, your wisdom, your high priestess Ness, you know, elevate yourself like we should all elevate yourself ourselves and know that wow, you know, I am a priestess, I am a priest, like we have it all inside.

Phillip Mountrose 33:30

That's yeah, opening up lighting up your inner priest and priestess. Your intuition that I like what you said that's beautifully said. We could go one more step draw a card of a master from another deck and do a channeling on this subject, sir. Let's do it. Another wonderful deck the keepers of the light by Kyle gray and beautiful drawings by Lily Moses and it's it has masters and angels cards that you draw. And we love using this deck too. So what I'll do is just there's a set of different masters and pictures to show and I'll pick one that will be the right master for me to channel and connect with that illuminate our High Priestess reading that we just did. So I'm just pulling out one. Okay. El Morya El Morya. He was an Ascended Master who still there in the higher planes. And the tagline on the card is awakening presents. The universe is with you with a cloak of protection and love. Awakening presents universes with you with a cloak of protection and love. That makes sense. I'm getting like I'm already getting messages. I don't know what they are, but I feel that so let me just kind of connect with them more Yeah, and get a further message. That was power protection and locking. Okay, Elmore, you thank you so much for inviting me here. Your to your wonderful gathering and community. Yes, protection and love is there for you and your high priestess energy. be discerning, be thoughtful and deliberative. Know that some people are not ready to be living by their heart and the light of their intuition, even though it's still going. And sometimes they react with their more reactive mind in programming, but you still are protected in love when you connect with your inner wisdom, and the masters and guides and angels that have gone before you and sometimes endured much suffering. To help you be more enlightened and protected with our knowledge and wisdom and guidance. Just feel the love of your heart emanating radiating out to the whole world. And know that you can pick up wonderful currents, insights, connections, as you open your heart to more love and wisdom in the moment. Connecting with the right people at the right time. And avoiding or rejecting people that are not right for you. And going on your path and learning from everything that you experience. We love you much. You are doing wonderfully well keep going with an open heart, which will open your mind to more love and wisdom and knowingness. How more you Thank you.

Jannecke Øinæs 36:35

Thank you. That was very nice.

Phillip Mountrose 36:39

That was a interesting other piece about the the wisdom, the being sort of discerning and being aware of using your intuition and knowing who to say and what to say with your inner circle and more like minded souls. And although this is getting more and more out there in the in the universe in the zeitgeist.

Jannecke Øinæs 37:00

Yeah, and it was interesting, because there was this I don't know a helicopter or what it was in the background. It's fair to your channeling now disappeared. So that's a lovely session that we had today. I hope people got value out of it. Please let us know in the comments. And Philip, this has been inspiring and there are three questions that I ask all my guests. The first one is what is self love to you?

Phillip Mountrose 37:32

Love is accepting yourself and everyone unconditionally in spite of all the challenges.

Jannecke Øinæs 37:41

And what is happiness to you.

Phillip Mountrose 37:43

Happiness is realizing you can do the best with what you have in the moment.

Jannecke Øinæs 37:49

And what is the deeper meaning of life, from your perspective?

Phillip Mountrose 37:54

To fulfill your purpose. To take your gifts and talents and do the best you can with them throughout your life.

Jannecke Øinæs 38:01

Beautiful, and do you feel you are on purpose?

Phillip Mountrose 38:04

I do.

Jannecke Øinæs 38:06

That's a lovely feeling, isn't it?

Phillip Mountrose 38:09

It is yeah. That's very happy and joyful. Yeah.

Jannecke Øinæs 38:13

Thank you so much, Philip. This has been inspiring and thank you for your wonderful work where can people connect with you and Jane?

Phillip Mountrose 38:20

Right, our main website which is quite extensive with a lot of resources and books and materials and blogs and videos and trainings is getting through getting t h r u dot o RG getting thr u dot o RG and if they'd like a free gift for spiritual healing and spiritual resource kit there there's a abbreviated URL they can get that free kid at Tiny Tiny

Jannecke Øinæs 38:54

All right. I'll share the link somewhere here. Thank you so much, Phillip.

Phillip Mountrose 38:59

Great being with you.

Transcribed by

Dr. Phillip Mountrose – Official site


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