When Christian Sundberg was a young child he remembered his existence before coming to Earth. While that memory left him completely for his early adult life, it spontaneously returned at the age of 30 as Christian took up a meditation practice and went through a personal awakening journey. Christian now seeks to remind others in at least a small part of who we really are beneath the human “play.”

Memories before coming to Earth

Christian Sundberg shares his profound experiences and insights into the realm beyond our physical existence. He describes his memories of a pre-birth experience, where he recollected his existence before coming to Earth.

During the interview, Sundberg also explores various topics, including the deeper meaning of the law of attraction, the notion that the other side is more real than our current life, the concept of choosing our lives, and the idea that souls can take on too much and, as a result, choose to end their lives.

Combining practical expertise with spiritual understanding

Apart from his spiritual experiences, Sundberg has a professional background as a project manager in complex nuclear pump and valve manufacturing projects. He combines his practical expertise with his spiritual understanding to provide a unique perspective on life.

Sundberg authored the book A Walk in the Physical,* which delves into the larger spiritual context in which we exist and emphasizes the importance of love in our human journey. Through his writing, he aims to succinctly convey the profound truths he has come to understand.

By discussing these thought-provoking subjects, Sundberg offers a unique perspective on the nature of existence and invites us to contemplate the spiritual aspects of our lives. His experiences and insights provide a glimpse into the mysteries of the universe, encouraging us all to consider the broader context of our own existence and the power of love in shaping our human journey.

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