Interview with Dr. Norma Milanovich

I met Dr. Milanovich at Tjøme at The Evolving Consciousness Conference and I was very fascinated by her story.

Dr. Norma Milanovih was working as an assistant professor at The University of New Mexico when suddenly the veil was lifted before her eyes and she started having contact with beings from another star system who called themselves The Arcturians. This resulted in the book “We the Arcturians” which is a channeled book which conveys messages of love and light for the human beings on earth. Norma says the The Arcturians are highly evolved beings who are our brothers and sisters and they teach us how to develop spiritually and how to move our consciousness to a higher level.

No coincidence

To me I had an interesting “coincidence” happenening before I met Norma.
I was doing research for my talk for the conference and I wanted to mention shortly the “12 Universal Laws” so I was doing research on the matter. What I realized was that these laws where mentioned and described the first time in the channeled book “The Light Shall Set You Free” which was written by Dr. Norma Milanovich and Dr. Shirley McCune! I was quite astonished when I realized that Norma was also one of the participants who were coming to the conference at Tjøme. What were the odds? I thought that this was a very nice synchronicity.

You can get in touch with Norma at

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