Interview with Dr. Jude Currivan

I was so fortunate to meet the brilliant and loving Dr. Jude Currivan at Tjøme in Norway at the Evolving Consciousness Conference where I was going to give a talk. To me she is really “walking her talk” and I really gained so much wisdom getting to know her through the week-end.

Here is an excerpt of her bio: From the age of four Jude has experienced multidimensional realities and been on an inner and outer quest to discover not only how the Cosmos is as it is but why. As a cosmologist she has scientifically researched the universe at its most minute and mighty and the universal wisdom of many spiritual traditions. As an international business woman she learned how to ground her extraordinary experiences in ‘ordinary’ life. And as a healer of both people and places, she has made revelatory discoveries of our collective hidden heritage and cosmic destiny.

Her work brings together leading edge science, frontier research into consciousness and spiritual wisdom to share the emerging vision of integral reality – the empowering perspective of the whole-world where we are both creation and co-creators.

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