My second ceremony (2/3)

In this video I am sharing my second ceremony doing Ayahuasca. In my first ceremony, which I talk about in part 1, I was deeply disappointed. However Mother Ayahuasca taught me a great lesson, the lesson of surrender and trust. In Ceremony 2 I had a Divine Ayahuasca experience. I experienced that the universe and the light was inside of me and inside us all, just like the universal laws are telling us. In part 3, I had yet another mystical and astounding experience. Stay tuned:-)

Why I chose to do the Ayahuasca experience

I first heard of Ayahuasca five years ago and was really sceptic at first . However, after doing extensive research I felt that this was the right next step for me. I also felt Mother Ayahuasca calling me. I didn’t feel ready however, until I felt a very strong pull last fall. I do believe Mother Ayahuasca is calling you and that this experience is not for everybody.

Controversial subject

After contemplating this for a long time, I decided to share the three experiences I had with Ayahuasca. As I stress many times in this 3 part video-series, Ayahuasca is considered a sacred plant medicine and it is extremely important that the ceremonies are done in a proper way with a real shaman, (not a wanna be shaman). So do proper research first if you are planning on doing Ayahuasca yourself.


I believe anyone also with mental disorders and even schizophrenia shouldn’t do ayahuasca. You need to be grounded and having good mental health to do this plant medicine.

Watch Part I & III

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