My third Ayahuasca experience (3/3)

This is part three of my plant medicine video-series. All parts build upon each other, so if you haven’t watched the other videos, I recommend to do so first.


The first time I heard of Ayahuasca was five years ago and I was really sceptic at first. I didn’t feel ready however, until I felt a very strong pull last fall. I do believe Mother Ayahuasca is calling you and that this experience is not for everybody. However for me it felt like a natural next step on my own spiritual journey.

I saw how Mother Earth, Gaia, creates

In my third ceremony I experienced seeing something astonishing. I actually experienced seeing how the consciousness of Mother earth, Gaia, is creating. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed. I witnessed only what I can refer to as a “cosmic orgasm”.

After seeing and feeling this, I received the explanation that mother Gaia is creating through pure bliss, joy and pleasure. That the process of creation is so joyful and pleasurable for her, that she asks for nothing in return. The last revelation I received was that each and every thing, object, being- everything is created out of this pure, delight and pleasure. Which means that all things carries these frequencies of these higher emotions.

Although I saw and experienced this, I am not claiming that this is how it is or the truth. I can only say that this is one perspective out of many and in that way a part of the big one truth.


I believe anyone also with mental disorders and even schizophrenia shouldn’t do ayahuasca. You need to be grounded and having good mental health to do this plant medicine.

My first and second Ayahuasca experience

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