And what NOT to do in the dating process

Many people are looking for their soulmate, but struggle with attracting one, or they find the dating process painful and frustrating. What I see happens a lot, is that people tend to lose themselves and disempower themselves. They are projecting their feelings onto the other person, forgetting that they are the stars in their own lives. When we constantly care about what the other person thinks about us, many things happen:

1. We lose the opportunity to actually figure out what WE feel about the person, because we are so hung up on their feelings.
2. We stop the natural unfoldment of a potentially beautiful soulmate relationship, because we are in a chasing vibration rather than a receiver mode. This often results in pushing the soulmate farther away.
3. We also radiate a vibration of lack, feeling we need that person to fill a void within. This gives fuel to more lack in our lives instead of what we want- love and abundance.

It’s all about YOU

What I have found helpful and empowering is to remember that you are the star in your own life. When you focus on how YOU feel, you are empowering yourself, and feeling much more self assured and relaxed in the process. The other person also gets a chance to get to know the real you and you give yourself room and space to get to know the other person.

The dating process – fast track to expansion

Dating is a fast track to accelerated inner growth. Looking at it as a way to grow and expand, helps you take the pressure off on and it eases the tension you may have around dating. When we are not so fixated on the outcome, a beautiful relationship is much more likely to naturally come our way. 

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