I almost always wear make-up. But I am practising putting it on for the right reasons. I don’t want to put it on because I am afraid that I am not good enough looking natural. I am want to wear make-up because I want to be the best version that I can be and to worship and honor my body and my looks. But that implies to be able to show myself in public without it too, without any shame. So that’s why I did this here.


  • While men can walk around “au naturél”, women tend to hide behind make up. With men what you see is what you get. wouldn’t it be nice if society stopped judging women by physical appearances ? I think that is the problem. We are afraid to be judged .
    Less is more. Less is definitely real! I like to get away with no make up , and it is both scary and liberating ! We carry ourselves with confidence when we look our best, and maybe wear just enough make up to be recognizable. 8)
    Thanks for broadcasting your insightful videos, Jannecke! Your courage is inspiring!

  • The first time I posted a photo of myself without makeup on Facebook, felt so traumatic. But, moving past my fears was so empowering and freeing, and I was rewarded with such kind comments. When we are vulnerable, I truly believe we bring others closer to us. Thank you for sharing this video. You’re beautiful however you wish to express it on any given day. Thanks also, for your wonderful interviews. I check in periodically to see if you’ve posted something new! Wishing you all the best.

    • Thank you Lisa:-). Yes, I believe that by being vulnerable, we become closer to each other as well. All the best to you on your path:-)

  • You look MARVELOUS my dear. Yes..I agree, I too reconciled with all the feelings of self centeredness in regards to wantingvalways to look my best. But now, even though I usually still wear make up when I go out…it’s a choice.There is no longer the feeling of fear, self conscious Ness about being as you said..authentic and natural…good on ya Jannecke

    • How great Sherry, that you have been able to come to that place. It seems to me that you are embracing yourself <3 Much light to you.

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