After 18 years as a financial journalist, columnist, and editorial writer, Kathrine Aspaas wanted the answer to a simple question: What is on the other side of criticism and control?

She was tired to her bones of the criticism in the media, and she wanted to explore simple concepts like generosity and kindness,

This journey took her through politics, science, innovation, business and private lives. Through neuroscience, behavioral economics and social media, and she now remains in no doubt: we are moving towards a more peaceful and generous age.

This Age of Generosity will be developed by people and organizations with the guts to be transparent – with the courage to be vulnerable and real.

They share and they care – knowledge, mistakes, innovation and development.
They have the courage to make mistakes and to be totally flawsome.
They show us that consideration is the new efficiency.

For those of you worried about the bottom line: generosity pays.

About Kathrine Aspaas

Kathrine Aspaas is a Norwegian journalist, economist, and public speaker. She is educated at The Norwegian School of Business and Administration, with a Masters of Science in International Affairs from The New School University in New York (2007). Kathrine Aspaas has 23 years of experience as a financial journalist and has now developed her own business and movement – The Age of Generosity and The Emotion Revolution. She is the author of three bestselling books “The Emotion Revolution” – “Pink is the new Punk” – and “The Age of Generosity”.

Kathrine is one of our masterclass teachers in Wisdom From North Membership, teaching the class “Emotional workout”.

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