Luis Minero holds a degree in chemistry with honors from Florida International University. He was the coordinator of the Florida center from 1999 to 2001 and, since 2003, the coordinator of the IAC center in California. He has been an instructor and researcher of conscientiology since 1995. Minero has also lectured at the 1st International Congress on Existential Inversion in 1998, in Florianópolis, Brazil; at the 3rd International Congress of Projectiology and Conscientiology in 2002, in New York, USA; and at the 1st World State Forum in 2006, in Iguaçu Falls, Brazil. He speaks fluently Spanish, English, Portuguese and German. He has given classes on conscientiology in many countries across Europe, North and South America, and Australia. Currently, he is also the President of IAC globally.

IAC Globally website
The book “Demystifying the Out-of-Body Experience”*

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  • I started reading Demystifying the OBE… it’s like taking a very well organized, well explained and logical course on OBE, energy, psychic abilities and how they all can be used to advance spiritual evolution… but it still leaves it up to me to have my own experiences, it doesn’t demand that I believe exactly what is written – instead it gives me techniques for OBE but also energy practices (I am enjoying especially the VELO technique for unblocking chakras and protection, OBE etc). Actually, I learned a lot about why I have not been having so many OBE’s even though I have read many books and tried many techniques… the condition of the my energy needs improvement! And I am feeling results gradually… I am patient, I will get there, thank you Mr. Minero!

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