How change IS possible

A change

Have you ever felt that you will never change and that you feel that there is no solution to your life? This was how I felt 15 years ago until I discovered videos with transformational teachers on YouTube explaining to me that I was powerful and so much more than my limited believes.

These past six years I have made over 400 interviews to give back what I received. But as I have grown and matured, I needed to stretch myself, to reinvent Wisdom From North so it could reflect my inner change.
Today I am launching my very first online magazine
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Brand new membership

9th of November I am launching a membership site with courses and classes with the best transformational teachers I have come across.
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Change is a big word for me these days and I am no longer running WFN alone. Now I have a partner Ragnhild Hannoschøck Vea and I am also opening my YouTube channel up for the speakers I work with to make their own videos and inspire you on your journey. So the new word is WE.

Let’s walk the path together. Much light from Jannecke

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