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LIVE webinar with Evette Rose

Healing the Blueprint of your Inner Child

In this webinar, we will discuss:


How challenges can define your inner child's expression


How coping mechanisms serves the inner child but also hold you back


How to call your inner child's power back from his/her past


The power behind the inner child

What is the inner child?

and why does it need healing..


Your inner child is the part of you that holds all your unprocessed emotions and experiences. When something traumatic happens in your life, your inner child can become frozen in fear. This can lead to patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you as an adult. If you want to heal the blueprint of your inner child, it's important to understand how your inner child affects your everyday life.

Your inner child may be affecting your life in more ways than you realize..

If you find yourself struggling with anxiety, depression, or addiction, it may be because your inner child is still carrying the trauma of your past. When you heal the blueprint of your inner child, you're giving yourself the opportunity to live a more joyful and fulfilling life.

If you're not sure how to start healing the blueprint of your inner child, there are many resources available to help you. The most important thing is to be gentle with yourself and to take things one step at a time. Remember, you're worth the effort!

Join us LIVE with Evette Rose Sunday September 4th at 11 am CEST time

who is Evette Rose

As an Author, Life Coach, Trauma Release Practitioner and Personal Development Teacher Evette Rose strives to support people in their healing journeys.  She is the founder of Metaphysical Anatomy and Rapid Growth Healing Technique. Evette is best known for her work in helping people to resolve trauma from their past and freeing them to live successful and fulfilling lives. Evette’s work is drawn from personal experience moving from a difficult past into a well-balanced life and career. She has traveled around the world twice and taught personal development seminars in more than 43 countries and helped thousands of people worldwide.

Evette Rose is also a masterclass teacher in Wisdom From North Membership where she teaches three different classes.

Evette Rose
Evette Rose
Evette Rose

Your host for the webinar

Janencke Wisdom From North

Jannecke Øinæs is a former musical theatre artist who had a deep longing to understand more of life’s mysteries. In 2012 she bought a camera and began traveling around the world interviewing highly recognized writers, teachers, coaches and speakers about the big questions of life.

Now, 9 years later, she has interviewed more than 400 transformational teachers and founded Wisdom From North- The Nordic platform for expansive spiritual growth & empowerment. 

“My purpose with Wisdom From North is to help you expand your consciousness and transform your life by sharing wisdom from some of the best transformational teachers of the north & from around the world.”

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