In an intriguing conversation with Jannecke Øinæs, Karen Docherty, a seasoned medium, offers a down-to-earth perspective on the realm of spirits and the afterlife. Rather than the dramatic portrayals often seen in movies, Docherty sheds light on the more subtle and natural aspects of her experiences. In this episode Karen discusses reincarnation and connecting with loved ones on the other side.

Encounters with spirits

When asked about how spirits present themselves, Docherty emphasizes that mediums primarily perceive spirits through their spiritual senses rather than with physical eyes. Contrary to cinematic depictions, encounters with spirits are not typically frightening but rather feel quite natural to those attuned to them. Spirits often appear in a comforting manner, resembling their best selves to reassure loved ones.

Regarding the afterlife, Docherty paints a vivid picture of an infinite realm devoid of space and time constraints. She describes a world of vibrant colors and intense vibrancy, where thought manifests reality. This portrayal aligns with the idea of a multi-dimensional existence where beings have the freedom to explore various experiences.

Docherty also addresses the concept of reincarnation, likening it to the facets of a diamond. Just as a diamond reflects light from different angles, so too can a spirit manifest in various incarnations simultaneously. This perspective offers a nuanced understanding of the complex nature of existence beyond physical life.

LIVE channeling

During this episode, you will have a unique opportunity to witness mediumship in action as Karen Docherty channels Jannecke’s grandmother. With messages directed towards both Jannecke and her father, this intimate exchange offers a glimpse into the profound connections that transcend the boundaries of life and death. Through Docherty’s channeling, viewers will experience firsthand the power of mediumship to bring comfort, healing, and insight from the spirit realm to the living.

Docherty’s insights into mediumship provide a refreshing perspective, demystifying the supernatural while acknowledging its profound significance in human experience. Her grounded approach invites contemplation and reflection, inviting us to explore the mysteries of life and the unseen world that surrounds us.

Transcript of the interview

Karen Docherty 0:00

Reincarnation is just a massive in depth subject. That light of that one facet of the diamond would be your grandmother's incarnation here on earth. Another facet of the same diamond may incarnate as someone else. Karen, me, I have incarnated as Karen right now. But when I go home to the spirit side, I go home to the whole part of me, the spirit of me, I don't know if he has your father has his own father's name. But I do feel like there's a name. That's the same. I don't know what the name is, because I can't pick it up.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:42

Hello, Karen, a warm welcome to the show.

Karen Docherty 0:46

Hello, Jannecke, thank you so much for inviting me on. It's my pleasure to be here.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:52

You know, you are a psychic, medium and mentor, and we're not so far from each other. You're from Scotland, I'm from Norway. And I know that you are very well known for what you're doing. You are a very skilled medium, you have served 1000s of people and you you're even doing talks like demonstrating mediumship. And I find that quite courageous, because I'm thinking, what if no one comes through?

Karen Docherty 1:21

Believe me, every medium feels the same? You know, we have this? Well, I do. Certainly we are, of course we have ultimate faith in spirit for coming. Or we wouldn't be doing this. But yes, still, the human side of us is really about the oh, you know, what, if nothing happens, that's just the human side.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:41

Of course. And that's like a testament to you, like you said, having trust and also in yourself. And I, from what I know, you've had these gifts your whole life, like it actually started when you were young, and you saw spirits, and you didn't know that that's what it was. So I'd love for you to share how it was like growing up as a person who see things that normal people like us do not?

Karen Docherty 2:11

Yes. So you know, for me, it was normal. Okay, so this is the thing that I think most people ask. And when I first started to be asked that question, I had to really think about how to answer it. Because for me growing up, when I felt things which I knew were not of this world that I knew was from the Spirit side of things, I had a knowledge of the Spirit side of things, no one told me there was another world, no one told me, you know how it worked. I just had this knowing. So when I felt these people or spirit things or communication or other energies, it would just feel quite normal to me. And it wasn't until I started to speak to my grandmother and say to her, you know, you know, there was a lady in the kitchen today. You know, when she knew what I meant. She didn't need to ask questions. She didn't make a big deal about it or a big fuss. She just took it on and said, Well, that's okay, that's normal for you. And so for me, it was a natural thing. It wasn't until later in life, it progressed, and it got more and more where I would hear people every night when I went to bed, I would hear people talking to me, I would pick up things for people, you know, I would stand and speak to friends. And there, I would see someone standing behind them. So it became quite intense. And that's when I started to really see that not everyone gets this, you know, not everyone understands this. And by then I kind of knew that it was something I was supposed to do. Now

Jannecke Øinæs 3:47

I get curious how it is like being you right? I've seen the movie, I think it's called The Sixth Sense or something like that with I think it was Bruce Willis, where this little guy see dead people. And in that movie was quite frightening how they appeared how they spirits appeared. And I'm wondering, so how do they present themselves for you? How do you see them? Because I've heard some are saying that the spirits show themselves as 30 year olds, like they're in their best time. And they're at the time that they looked was at their best look their best? Or do you see spirits from all kinds of ages also right after they die? Like, how does this really work?

Karen Docherty 4:38

Yeah, you know, I think that's the thing where movies and film and TV portray things in such a way to, I suppose be a bit dramatic as well for dramatic effects. Now, that's not to say it's wrong, because in that movie that you mentioned, the sixth sense, where the little boy could feel things change around him and feel the energies and see Things that can be quite correct. That is, you know, someone who's very clairvoyant might see the Spirit like that, where it's very real right in front of them with their physical eyes. But most mediums work from what I would see as the Spirit vision, the spirit eyes, the spirit ears. So it's not like I would see you standing in front of me and then see a spirit person the exact same as you, I know that they're not as physical as you when I see them. So it's not frightening in that way, the movies tend to make it you know, that shock factor, as well, which to a medium doesn't really happen like that, because it's something that we feel quite natural with. So we're never frightened of that. And through all the time, and all the years that I've done this, there's no spirit that's came forward in any way that's frightened me. That's not to see, I haven't had experience where all of a sudden, I felt someone behind me or you know, when I get out of bed or go for a drink or something, I will feel Spirit then it can make me it can start only for a moment, because I'm not expecting it. But I know it's nothing harmful. And just to answer your question about the way that they appear, when people talk about someone looking at their best when they appear from spirit, that's usually to reassure the loved one, that they're fine, and that they're, you know, free of illness and three of the way they might have been when they passed over. Because there is no age in the in the spirit side, that is nothing physical. So we don't age over there. We are just our light and who we truly are. But because we need to appear to our person so that they recognize us, we want to appear in a way that we were our best, so that it puts their mind at risk too.

Jannecke Øinæs 6:50

Now, I would assume that you would be curious about how the afterlife looks like. And since you have a direct sort of channels, to the afterlife, what have you learned about how the afterlife is.

Karen Docherty 7:06

The biggest thing for me is how infinite it is, there is no space, there is no time that is not the colors, they are so much brighter than what we could ever imagine them to be. We our physical eyes really cannot comprehend how vibrant the spirit side of life is, or how bright the lights are them, we are all light, we have the same light, we are of the same source. And really, it's a world of thought. So whatever we think whatever we visualize is a reality. So if you can imagine being over there and just visualizing, you know, favorite place of yours or somewhere that you would love to visit it or somewhere you want to be, then that becomes a reality. So it really is a world of anything, anything you want it to be, but on a much more intense vibrancy than we could ever even comprehend.

Jannecke Øinæs 8:03

And we have agreed on that you're going to have a reading for me or do some mediumship for me, and we're going to see if my grandmother can come through or my father's mother, who passed away during COVID. And what I'm curious about and I asked sometimes people who are channeling on the show is okay, what if my grandmother has incarnated? What if she's on another planet right now? What if she decided to become a butterfly? Like, it seems like we are so multi dimensional beings than so I'm curious, like, why would she be there now ready to come through as my grandmother, when she could be reincarnated as something else? Or maybe on another dimension? Where we can't even reach her? Like, I don't know where she is.

Karen Docherty 9:00

Yeah, this is again, another question that people ask, but reincarnation is just a massive in depth subject. And it's not the way that we would think it would be. So if you think about it, like a diamond if you think about holding a diamond, and the diamond has many different facets, and each facet of that diamond emanates a light and reflects a light. That light of that one facet of the diamond would be your grandmother's incarnation here on air. So that would be your grandmother. Another facet of the same diamond which would be of your grandmother spirit may incarnate as someone else. So suppose to make it simpler. Pardon me. I have incarnated as Karen right now. But when I go home to the spirit side, I go home to the whole part of me, the spirit of me, the source, and part of that source might then want to income I need again, some, someone else to have a different experience. But the current experience here on Earth is the only current experience here on Earth. So that part of my spirit can still communicate.

Jannecke Øinæs 10:13

Now that makes sense. Now have the spirits told you anything about the times that we're living in right now, a lot of people on my show are speaking about the shift in consciousness. And it feels like many of the universe are watching us, and also the spirit world, are curious about or supporting what we're going through, excited about this shift of consciousness, have you heard spirits talk about this?

Karen Docherty 10:42

Not on a wide scale. And mainly because when I work day to day, you know, it's mainly for other people and what they need personally, I do sit with my own guides, they do trance mediumship, for my own private group. And in those groups, we can be given some philosophy and wisdom from the guides that come through as a work. And really, I think the main message, I suppose, and it will not be unlike other mediums talking about it is about, you know, there is an awakening happening, that people are becoming more and more aware. And we talk about, you know, the kind of computers and social media and the platforms that are out there now. And in a lot of ways, they do damage, but in a lot of ways, they're good too, because they are, they are reaching more people than ever before. So there is a shift in consciousness on that front. And obviously, with the way the world is at the moment, and all the conflicts that are going on. It's not that these conflicts have not been going on all these years, it's that we are more aware of them because they are out in the public eye a little bit more, and that we're more aware of in that sense. So then, of course, Spirit will come forward to help gauge people with that spirit will always come forward to offer guidance and healing, and help in any situation like that. So for me, it's been more about coming forward and talking about the awareness of what's happening, but also what you can do as an individual to bring yourself forward in that circumstance to and kind of develop yourself to understand what this is about. Yeah, and I feel like people like yourself who have these gifts are very often eager to communicate to us others that we also have these abilities. And I know that you teach for tools on how to communicate with spirit guides.

Jannecke Øinæs 12:41

Could you share those tools with the audience today?

Karen Docherty 12:45

Yeah, the main one is meditation. And you hear people speaking about meditation all the time, because again, that's a much more known thing. Now, 10 years ago, 20 years ago, maybe people wouldn't have talked about it as much. But now it's out there. And it's a really amazing thing to do. And when you meditate, people seem to think that meditation needs to be taking an hour out of every day and sitting in the same place and doing the same thing. And it's really not meditation is prayer, it's taken five minutes of your day to close your eyes, take deep breaths, try to connect with those that are helping and guiding you. But more importantly, in order to get to your gates, you need to first understand that you are the higher power that you yourself have the higher power. And if you learn to connect with yourself through meditation, so that would be going into the quiet space, you know, talking inwardly, anything that's in your heart, anything that's in your soul. And just hearing yourself speak back is the only way I can describe it, that is your Higher Self talking to you. So when we recognize that we can then go forward and make progress into connecting with her and higher guides. And we all have a spirit team, we all have more than one guide, you hear lots of people seeing my guide, this may guide that but there's more than one. Every time there's a team that works with every single person, regardless of whether they do mediumship you know, we all have the spirit team with us. And through meditation, then you can ask for signs you can ask for them to step forward. One way that I love is creating a vision in your mind or a space that you like to be in. So for some it could be the beach for some it could be a library, it could be the roots of the forest, wherever you feel drawn in your mind's eye when you're doing this exercise, and then sit there you know, just sit within that space and visualize everything around feel things you know, how does the How did the trees smell? What are the what's the scent of the flowers, the feeling the ground beneath your feet, that opens up your senses. And then in that space, then ask you again needs your help or your team to step forward if they would like to, and ask to get to know them, and you will be amazed at the results. Another thing you can do is sit with a journal, and just take a few moments quiet and go into yourself a few deep breaths, and then start to write. And you will find that the words that come out and the writing that you've done by the end of the exercise will have messages in there, it might have information about your guides in there. So really, it's a time where you will connect without thinking too hard about it without putting too much emphasis on what you think. Because the minute you bring your brain into that and your mind into that your imagination will kick in. So it's just holding space for your guides and your helpers to come forward. And every single person can do that. I would also add, though, don't be discouraged or disheartened. If it doesn't happen the first time or the second time, it does take practice.

Jannecke Øinæs 15:58

Do you think sometimes some of us are not supposed to have this connection? Because I've tried many times. And to you it feels like it's so natural, like you just started hearing and seeing spirits. So it seems like for that some of us are meant to have this open, openness and others are not. And I feel there's a deeper meaning with me not so easily connecting, because otherwise, I would probably not be so curious about other people connecting. What do you think about that.

Karen Docherty 16:31

I mean, I don't think it's I mean, everyone has the connection. Let's you know, everyone is psychic. Everyone that is on this earth has psychic, because we do come from the spirit realms, we come here, we are born into the physical, and we live this physical life. So when we come here, our psychic ability, which is what we use in the spirit side of things, that sixth sense, is still there, it's still prevalent. So some people call it their intuition. You know, they get a hunch about something, they feel things, that's all psychic. So we are all psychic. So therefore, we can all connect to the higher sight, the higher self and the higher gates. I feel that sometimes if it doesn't happen, like you've just said, it's maybe not meant at that time. And in fact, I do. Tell my students, I know that this was against the green sometimes. But I will always say to my students don't don't look for it, just let it happen. When I met my guides, and my spirit team, I didn't go looking for it, I meditated. Anyway, I sat in prayer, I don't all of that just as a spiritual practice, and to develop myself. Then what happened as a result of that was I started to get given things and visuals and names and things that then I went away afterwards and researched because I am very skeptical. I am someone that you know, I don't just believe it, because I feel it or hear it in that moment. I'm the type of medium that says, Well, you know, I could that could be my imagination. Let me go and see what I can make sense of. So my team knew that they would have to give me things that I could research and have physical evidence of, or I wouldn't believe it. So that's what I started to do. And as a result of that, I mean, I was given information, that there's just no way it could have came from anywhere else, apart from my guides. And it tied up with other information. I had other other meditations, but was very random. And then when it all came together, it was just an amazing picture. And that's how I met my guides. So it happens differently for everyone. And that's coming from a medium who does the work. I didn't call the confirm my guides or helpers. It just happened when I feel it was supposed to. So I think that's healthy.

Jannecke Øinæs 18:49

Yeah, I think there's something about not forcing things, but allowing and having an intention. And if it's not happening, maybe there's a deeper reason. Now, back to the film, The Sixth Sense, and I'm visualizing, you know, these spirits are passed. And sometimes I imagine that we when we pass we could be confused because the death moments happen so fast. So do you think that there are no accidents in a way in the universe? Or could it be that someone passes earlier than then than they were supposed to? For instance, in an accident that was not supposed to happen?

Karen Docherty 19:36

Yeah, I mean, my belief also might slightly differ from some mediums because we all you know, every medium can just go on what they are told or feel or belief from spirit. Personally, I feel that they're not accidents. I feel that sometimes accidents happen because we live in a human world. You know, let's just as an example, see a cardiac suddent might take place on a work accident, and is purely an accident. I do tend to believe that no. Other times I know that, you know, people might say, well, when it's your time, it's your time, and it's all supposed to happen in a certain way. I guess I won't get the proof of that until it's my turn to go over. So there's no right and wrong. But for me, I just think sometimes accidents do happen. And it's a human thing. It's a physical thing. And when you talk about the confusion, then of someone that maybe passes in that way, when we go to the spirit side, every one of us know where we are, straightaway, we know that as we are making that transition. But that doesn't mean that there isn't trauma connected to that. So let's say someone does pass in an accident. And that's traumatizing. Because that person obviously didn't expect that at that point in time. It's, it's very abrupt for them to leave their physical life and go into the spirit side of things. So they will have the trauma feel connected to that. Now, that doesn't mean that they're not met by people that they love their soul group, people that they know and recognize, and helped and healed. But they will still, for a little while feel like they miss their physical life, because they were abruptly taken from that. So that's where the confusion and trauma can come in, when someone crosses over.

Jannecke Øinæs 21:28

Are there such thing? Are there such a thing as ghosts? And I assume that you know, what is a ghost? We can define that as a different things. But so my question is, are there spirits who are lingering in sort of the astral world, because they have unfinished business, and they're not ready or able yet to go into the light? Have you met those kinds of spirits?

Karen Docherty 21:57

Well, ghosts are real, but they're not what people think it's not like, you know, you see all these paranormal things. And people think these, like, you see, ghosts are just spirits that haven't crossed over, or they have unfinished business, ghosts are basically recordings in the ether. So if you go to Berlin, Scotland, we have lots of castles, so let's just say it's a castle that we go to. And in that castle, you might feel the energy or hear the energy of soldiers or someone that's passed over from a long time ago, a long time ago, that sound that energy of that event, or what took place, there will stay within the ether of that almost like a recording playing time and time again. So different people can feel that. It's like, if you go to a jail, or a prison, and all jail, you know, you might feel a heavy energy in there, because there was heavy, heavy energy in there when when people were in there, and it was oppressive. And you can, you can pick up on the energy of that. So that's what I would term as ghosts, you know, it's like things that are stuck in the recording of a place spirits, though, nowhere they are. So even if the crossover and the there's all different levels within the spirit site. So it might be that you go into a level, and you are still having to evolve as a spirit. And maybe you're just not evolving past that level, for whatever reason, but no one is stuck. And I think that there's a lot of work that's done, called rescue work. And that mediums can rescue spirits and help them into the other worlds. And, for me, that doesn't sit for me personally. But again, I can't see what's right and wrong. But for me, it doesn't make sense. Because we when we are over in the spirit side, we are highly intelligent, more intelligent than what the human brain is doing here. So we know where we are, we know how to cross and we don't need human beings in this world, the physical sense to guide us home when we are already home. So for me, that doesn't quite make sense. You know, it would make sense for me, if maybe a higher spirit team, were able to take care of that spirit and see, it's okay, you know, and nurture that we, but not for humans to do it not for mediums I could never see. I'm going to sit and guide someone into the next level of spirit when I'm not even there. That doesn't make sense to me. But again, that's just an opinion at that could be totally wrong.

Jannecke Øinæs 24:31

Right, because I've actually heard many mediums guide spirits, you know, through into the light and stuff like that. But yeah, I mean, it's all about different perspectives, and I think they all can be true.

Karen Docherty 24:46

They absolutely they absolutely can and that's what I mean when I say it's just an opinion because until we go there ourselves, we're not going to know this. You know, I always make a joke with my students that you know, I'm telling you this and I make offered And then there may be gonna be standing there waiting for me and saying you didn't teach them the right things. But I won't know that I can only share what inherently feels natural for me within my mediumship. And with that wisdom that I've had coming forward from my guides and helpers, and every mediums doing the same, and we're all really just trying to help at the end of the day, and bring that love and bring that healing. But I was just going to add there on the end of that, that we can as mediums certainly sit with someone who is making their transition over to spirit and help them ease that a little bit, you know, so because they're still partially physical. I feel like that's a different thing. I sat with my own mum, when she was passing over, and my sisters didn't want to come in past a certain stage. They said, Okay, we've, you know, said our goodbyes. And, and so I went and sat with her, and I could feel I could feel her soul moving, I could feel that she was ready to go, but she was frightened to go, very frightened to go. And I sat with her for a good few hours, and just kept talking to her and telling her, you've just got to make that jump. I kept saying to her, just make the jump. I know, it's frightening, but we're all okay. And your loved ones are waiting. And you know, and I kept talking to her like this. And when she did actually pass over, I felt how elated she was at being able to finally make that decision and go, and I could feel her fill the room. And how excited she was that she actually done it. And she was still here. And it was that feeling of connection. It was truly, truly amazing. And so I do think that mediums can help spell it make that transition over. But once they're over there, they have their guides or helpers in their, their spirit team over there.

Jannecke Øinæs 26:51

What is the most amazing experience you've had? When communicating with a spirit?

Karen Docherty 27:00

Wow, there's so many. I remember one in particular, which will always stay with me. And it was I was doing an audience reading and I had communicated with someone and then I'd said to the lady. Oh, just before I leave you, are you wearing a necklace with a feather on an angel wing or a feather? And she said no. And I said, Okay, I said, I'm just being showing this. And the lady behind her put her hand on said I am. And I said well, I'm going to come to you now. And as soon as I spoke to her, I felt her son in the spirit side. And he told me that he was only 10. When he passed away, he described how he passed away. They gave me lots and lots of information that I was relating to her. And she was saying That's correct. That's right. And everything that was coming out. He was so vivid, he was so bright. And the detail he gave me was amazing. And she she was agreeing with all but I just felt this isn't reaching her like I don't know whether she was just a little bit dazed with it or didn't know how to take the communication. However, I had to, you know, move on from her. So just as I pulled away from her, I said, the little boy, as I took a sip of water, I said to him, you're gonna please tell me your name, because your mom isn't getting this, like she needs something else. And as soon as he soon as I said that to him, he gave me his name. And his name was Kai. And so I put my water down, I turned back around, and I said, I'm just coming back to you for a moment. He said his name was Carrie. And just at that, she just broke down. And that was his name. And that's what she had been waiting for. And it was that even though there's been so much other evidence and information, it was that that she needed to believe that that was her son. So I spoke to her after it. And she said, it wasn't that I wasn't taken in, I just needed to know that it was definitely him. So as I came home that evening, Kai stayed with me and he stayed chatting away. You know, he was chatting things in the car on the way home and the journey. And it was a very, very powerful transformation through evidence. And I think that people do tend to wait on a certain piece of information, which I would say never do because a medium can't guarantee anything as immediate. We cannot guarantee anything. And people seem to think well, if you're talking to my dad, Why can he tell you his name? It won't be that he's not telling me the name. It will be that through my mediumship I have not quite picked it up. So there is a difference. So I always say don't hang on to things. But in that moment, that young boy knew what was needed and he was able to make sure he got that to me. Wow.

Jannecke Øinæs 29:51

I just got the chills when he said it was like Ha powerful. I think perhaps you It's time for us to do the reading the viewership to demonstrate that today, of course, we have no idea what's going to happen. I mean, either. I'm excited and hopeful that I'll meet my grandmother.

Karen Docherty 30:16

Yeah, so obviously, you know, we've talked a bit about how it works and how there aren't any guarantees. And I say this to every client. So this isn't just for the purposes of this. When I meet with clients, I will always start with saying to them, I will try my best, we will see if we can make the connection. And it's only purely because the blending has to be right. And mediumship, there has to be honesty in mediumship, I am a huge advocate for honesty in mediumship, this is never going to be about how amazing the medium is, it should not be about the medium, it should be about the communication that takes place, and the healing that that blends. So I think sometimes mediums have a massive amount of pressure put on them to deliver the goods and perform, you know, and it should never be that way. So that is why I always say, let's just see what happens, let's, you know, see if we can make that connection. And so it's your father's mother that you want to connect with. So I have been putting my thoughts out to her throughout the show, just to see if I can feel her coming in. And I do have a lady here. So I'm going to see if this is her. And if it's not, then it will be someone else for you that will make a connection for but let me just feel her coming. And so the lady that I have here, I mean, the first thing that I feel about this lady is that she's very, very strong. Like there's a very strong well about this lady, I would say like a determination or a feeling in life. Like she had to push forward in life, or she really had that well about her so she could overcome things push forward with things. And she's a lady who definitely seen the what life was all about. Life didn't always come easy for her. I also feel that she did the TD, the TD rate a lot before she passed over to the spirit side. But I do feel it happened quite rapidly at the end for her. So although I get illness for her, I feel like it was quite a rapid feel. Does that make sense for her? Yes, yes. And I'm sensing as well that with her? Like, I don't know if she had a large family. But I certainly feel like not everyone lived right beside her. So there must have been people that lived further away, or there must have been some distance for some people. Is that correct? Yes. If and if anytime you don't feel that's correct, you can just you know, let me know that. Or there was somebody that didn't get to see her before she crossed over because she was making me feel like there was a missing feeling or that she didn't get to see someone.

Jannecke Øinæs 33:00

Yeah, it was COVID. So we all couldn't visit her.

Karen Docherty 33:07

But you do understand where I would say that there was this deterioration with her like she had been ill for some time, or there was a feeling of that. I don't know if she was in hospital, but I just feel she was she was in that position for quite a while. Does that make sense?

Jannecke Øinæs 33:24

Yes. And then quickly, it got worse. She got COVID.

Karen Docherty 33:28

Yeah, well, I was just about to see obviously you said and COVID team, so we can't be presumptuous about that. But she she did actually make me feel I was thinking it was pneumonia, or something within the lung but if it was COVID then that would make sense as well. Now would there be would you have a ring belonging to your grandmother? or would there be one that still here is leave jewelry and they do all the time but she seems to be making me feel that there's something to do with a ring? Or I also feel like she's talking about actually, I feel like she's talking about relationship more than the rings sorry. That's okay. I don't know if there's been a relationship separation or there has been conflict somewhere in in a relationship since she crossed over but you know, this

Jannecke Øinæs 34:22

I don't know of a conflict no. You mean in her life or

Karen Docherty 34:28

For the people here now it could be for yourselves or people at I don't know. Let me just get this a little bit better. I'm not convinced I've got it as strong as I would like or just give me a little second

Yes, seems to be would you ever be aware where there will be a conflict within her family's background? Or like conflict between siblings or separation somewhere? So either a marriage separation siblings or conflict within a family. And if it's not for her, Would you be able to place that and you're not yourself, not your own family, but someone connected to you.

Jannecke Øinæs 35:15

Not at the moment when she died, but I'm not sure what, who she's referring to

Karen Docherty 35:23

You didn't know this in her lifetime though, like as a memory, you wouldn't know if she had a hard time with someone within her family or a conflict within her family. Because she was also showing me here that there was a fit official things were not easy to be divided, or there was something to do with sorting out the official things. Now, I don't know if this is after her passing or connected to her when she was here. So you're looking at estate, you're looking at Wells, you're looking at insurances, there's something about something wasn't easy to, to deal with something wasn't easy to deal with that only way I can pick it up

Jannecke Øinæs 36:08

In her life, something wasn't easy to deal with. Well, she? Well, now I'm seeing a lot of things. But I don't know if I should tell you.

Karen Docherty 36:20

I don't know where I'm going to go on it. Because I can't I can't seem to get more than that until we can place the information.

Jannecke Øinæs 36:28

Okay, well, she lost her husband, when she was very young. He died when he was 36.

Karen Docherty 36:36

But she would be the one to take over the family and just get on with it regardless, right?

Jannecke Øinæs 36:41

Yeah, that company had a lot of responsibility and had to struggle as a mother and taking a company that was falling apart also.

Karen Docherty 36:52

Okay. So when I'm talking about the complications, or something wasn't easy, the official things, you would place it with the company maybe taken that on board, then when her husband passed away, because when you said that her husband passed away, the first thing that she makes me aware of is that she had to roll their sleeves up and get on with it regardless. And I know that it was not easy for her. And I feel that obviously, with the challenges of being a mom, and you know, we're doing everything else, we're there. But she was a lady who could, who could do it, you know, like, if anybody could do it, she'd done it. And I feel like she'd done it to the best of her ability. But she was also making me feel like that meant she missed out on other things. That meant she missed out on having a maybe a an easier life in some respect as well. And maybe relaxing a little bit more with her family. So it made it tough, not just for her, but for the family as well. Maybe your father as well, it was tough. Does that make sense?

Jannecke Øinæs 37:49

Oh, yeah, it was very tough.

Karen Docherty 37:51

And with that business that you said that she took over when your grandfather would have or when her husband would have passed? Would you understand as well then where she kept that going? For as long as she could? Or kept that going for years after? After that? Does that make sense?

Jannecke Øinæs 38:08

Yeah, it was my father taking over but it it wasn't sustainable. So they had to.

Karen Docherty 38:17

And, and then, because I feel that that was very hard on your father as well having to end that business and having to, you know, get rid of that business. But I know that she is very proud of what your father done with that business, or how far they did try to take it for as long as they could. And I do feel like your father did look for other avenues or other ways to try and keep that business afloat. Albeit I do think also that when it had to go when the business had to go, I feel like it was also a relief, because I feel like it had been a long time of trying to sustain it that way. Does that make sense? Oh, yes. Yes. And wait, who's the gentleman who would have also had the heart problem? So where would I be picking up the heart issue like heart attack heart problem. Now that could either be someone in the spirit side, or it could be someone here that's had their heart looked at?

Jannecke Øinæs 39:14

Well, my father has lately has this heart look like?

Karen Docherty 39:18

So I know that your grandmother is telling you that she knows about your father, having the heart looked at not that I'm picking up anything sinister than anything to worry about in that respect. This is not a prediction. But it's more the feeling of as we spoke about the business and your dad and what he'd done, your grandmother then brings in the heart issue, and so maybe not connected to the business, but she brings that and so she will know that your father has had that looked at as well. And as far as I feel, is that something also that would just be where they were keeping an eye on that or they were just investigating it or just medicating it? Does that make sense?

Jannecke Øinæs 39:57

Yes, yes.

Karen Docherty 39:59

Because I'm not feeling anything thereafter, I just feel like she's letting you know that she does know about it more than anything else. I also wonder as well when her husband passed away, so you will know her husband, right?

Jannecke Øinæs 40:15

And never met him. Yeah.

Karen Docherty 40:20

But did you do a family history on with, with him? Like? Or did you look down? Or did someone in your family look at the genealogy or the family history of something?

Jannecke Øinæs 40:33

My father has started to do that.

Karen Docherty 40:36

Okay. Again, just their way of seeing that we can see this, that they know what's going on. And he will be looking at that other side of the family as well. Right. So not just your grandmother sight of you, we will be looking at the other side of the family too.

Jannecke Øinæs 40:49

Yeah, he's very excited about our family tree.

Karen Docherty 40:52

Yes. And they are too because I feel like your father is going to start finding things out that he didn't know or things that weren't spoken about or things that just maybe that information wasn't related to him as he grew up, but I just feel like he will feel so connected to that side of the family once he looks into the family tree. And once he looks into everything, so I know that they're very excited about that, too, for your Father, more than anything else. So they are they are trying to look after him. Now. That is, I don't know if he has your father has his own father's name. But I do feel like there's a name. That's the same. I don't know what the name is, because I can't pick it up. But do you know if the name is the same?

Jannecke Øinæs 41:39

Yes, very similar.

Karen Docherty 41:41

Okay, well can pick it up, I'm not hearing it, right. But I know that the name is the same or very, very similar then. So I know that that's another thing that will run through the family or might even keep going through the family and time to come. But I just feel like they're very excited about it too. And your father is in a position where he your father's in a good position in his life. Now, that doesn't mean that he wasn't before. But I feel like either has more time to do this now. Or he should be in a time where he's more settled to do the things he wants to do now. So I don't know if he's retired. I don't have all the years. But I just feel like your grandmother shows me this is the time, this is the good time now. Okay. Let him know that as well. I am. I do feel like you did know your grandmother in the lifetime. And I do feel like you spent time with her because she is making me feel like when you talk to spirit, you might talk to her. Or she might be the one to come around you often as well. And she's also making me feel like you have got so much more spiritual work to do. Meaning this is going to continue in some way. I don't know what else you do aside of this, as you know, we don't know one another. But I feel that she showed me like, oh, there's so much more there. And I don't know if you've written a book, but she has making me feel like there's something to do with books around you writing where you're going to be even more involved than I feel you already are. So I don't know what level apart from this you're involved in. But I feel that there's more to come as well. And she's excited about that too.

Jannecke Øinæs 43:20


Karen Docherty 43:21

It's just it, there's some reason as well, yeah, Jannecke, we're just putting colors that I'm do, there's an awful lot of colors that she puts around you as well. So that could be to do more to do with a vibrancy around you. Or it might be to do with color work that you're going to do or something where you're going to dip your hand into working with color on some level. But for me, there's a lot of color around you like colored ribbons, colors, colors, colors, colors. So it might be that that becomes part of your work too.

Jannecke Øinæs 43:52

Hmm, interesting. So I want to comment on the names because my great grandfather's name was Johannes, and then we have my grandfather's name is Jan. And then my father is John. And then my brother is Jan.

Karen Docherty 44:09

It was already on. So there's there's no way I was going to pick up those individually. I don't think but I did. I did feel like that theme or there's a similar names through the family. I do think that your family is very family orientated. So I do feel like it's a close family, your grandmother seems to make me aware that that was very important to her to keep family close and to keep and raise people clinically like to feel that she raised your dad correctly. And you know, it was important to her but it was not easy. I don't feel it was easy for her at all. Not at all. I wondered and this might be completely different. someone completely different. But do you know if there was someone who had an alcohol dependency? So who was without codependency

Jannecke Øinæs 45:01

Oh, that's on the other side. My aunt.

Karen Docherty 45:04

Okay in the spirit side?

Jannecke Øinæs 45:07

Yes, she's dead. Yeah,

Karen Docherty 45:08

yeah. So I'm just I can I'm just aware of the alcohol coming in. So I know that she's obviously here as well. So she will be, you know, even though it's not her connection to you at this moment in time she will be there and should this have been a full reading as I would with a client more than likely would have went into the other side of the family and kind of brought all of that in as well. Because you can't as a medium you can't control who comes through. It's just whoever wants to come through and the roll was quite something that they want to share. So obviously your aunt has let me know that she's there for some reason as well. I don't think that was an easy. There wasn't an easy side to it, then. Is that on your mom's side of the family? Yeah, my mom, sister. Yeah. So with your mom and your mom's still here? Yes. And with your mom and her sister, I don't feel that that could have been easy at times, either. So I feel that your mom had to, like your mom's had a lot of thoughts or your mom in her lifetime has struggled with her sister, or maybe worried about her sister. And her sister really went on and did her own thing her way. Like they're completely different in that respect. Does that make sense? Yeah, very. I really feel like your aunt in the spirit side would have a lot to say to your mom as in acknowledgments of behaviors acknowledgments of what happened. Because I although your mum understood and maybe is at peace with the way things were, your mom's a lovely soil. And I don't think it was very easy for your mom to endure. You know, any of that. So I know that your aunt really brings forward a lot of love towards your mom, and acknowledgement that she wasn't your aunt, I mean, wasn't always the best doing the best way in life. But there's there's a lot there. So that would be for your mom. But I just wanted to share that with you too. Because she she was there.

Jannecke Øinæs 47:11

Nice. Thank you.

Karen Docherty 47:13

Please pass this on to your mom.

Jannecke Øinæs 47:15

Yeah, I will. So does my grandmother have a message for my father, for instance,

Karen Docherty 47:22

Your your grandmother's message, I feel came throughout what she was saying about your dad, I feel like it's more about bringing the love forward to your dad and letting them know that she's looking after him, which is why she has mentioned his health as well. But your dad's strong too, right? Your dad's made of strong stuff as well. Like, I feel that there's a what would you call it? Like your dad's quite resistant to danger, dad will work your dad will push forward as well. So a bit like your grandmother. But I just feel that our message to him is that she's looking after him. And there's not there's nothing more he could have done. There's nothing more he could have done. I don't know if she means then before she passed, because I feel like your dad understood why she passed and when she did. But I just feel like she couldn't have wanted more like she couldn't have wanted for better with your dad. So it's more about bringing the love forward to your dad today. And letting him know that she's looking after I mentioned was about his health, little things that are going on. But it's more about being excited to be with them looking into the family tree and just letting them know that she is there. So I know it's only a short like, part, you know, you can see the way that mediumship just for your listeners, you can see that we one thing rolls into the other and one thing goes into the other. So there's never really a you know, cut and dried way to do a reading. It's just whatever happens in that moment. But that's the way it's supposed to happen.

Jannecke Øinæs 48:49

Is she okay? Is she happy? Your grandmother?

Karen Docherty 48:53

Yes. Absolutely. Absolutely. She left her life. She loved it the best she could she done the best that she could. And although I'm saying to you that there was obviously things that could have been easier for her. It's not that she would come back and change it in that respect. It's just that was her life and she accepts it. But she's in spirit. You know, she's free of any illness. She's free of anything that holds her down. Yes, she's happy.

Jannecke Øinæs 49:16

And did she meet her husband again? Jan?

Karen Docherty 49:20

She did. Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. And when he passed away, did he pass away very abruptly?

Jannecke Øinæs 49:27

Fairly, fairly over disease. Yeah.

Karen Docherty 49:30

I just felt like it was a bit of a shock to the family or the system. Yeah, yeah. So yeah, absolutely. She'll be with him.

Jannecke Øinæs 49:38

Beautiful. Hi, grandmother.

Karen Docherty 49:41

You speak to her all the time. She's there. She is.

Jannecke Øinæs 49:46

Well, thank you so much.

Karen Docherty 49:47

That's okay. You're so welcome.

Jannecke Øinæs 49:50


Karen Docherty 49:51

It's nice to you know, because you come on podcasts a lot and talk about mediumship but, you know, sometimes you might have listeners that have never experienced it. or, you know, dealt with it. So it's really nice that you've given me the opportunity to do it for you so that they can kind of see what, you know what happens in it. And of course, for every person, it will be different. You know, there's, there's never two readings that are the same. So, you know, it's different for every single person.

Jannecke Øinæs 50:18

Yeah, I, you know, the reason why I wanted to ask you to do this is also for the audience who I know, have been writing comments, like, we really want to see this alive, and not just hearing guys talking about it. Because that also gives a comfort, and I want to commend you for doing it, because that's pretty brave, you're putting yourself out there, I could have said nothing makes sense here, you know, which would be challenging for challenging for you. But I felt definitely that it was her and especially, you know, it seemed like you were speaking about everything. Like as if you knew my family story, in a way. But the company and everything that happened, it just like felt like you knew it, you don't know the names, which is kind of interesting. And that that might continue is interesting. So that was a really nice experience. So thank you so much.

Karen Docherty 51:12

That's okay. You're so welcome. And like you see, you know, there are no guarantees, so I could have easily started. And you would say, No, that doesn't make sense. And that's something that mediums have to face every day, you know, but, you know, you are putting yourself out there doing it, where there's lots of listeners and things like that. But you know, even if it didn't go right, even if it was something that hadn't happened today, I would still rather that was out there. So people knew that that's what happens with mediumship. You know, and it's, it's difficult because like you see, for my own reputation, the last thing I would want is for it not to work. But that's mediumship. You know, I always say to people, I can't guarantee anything at all, but 99.999% is going to be fine. You know, it's going to be absolutely fine. Your Spirit people at all was there. So they want to communicate because they want to bring the healing in.

Jannecke Øinæs 52:07

Beautiful. And I know that you talk about mediumship as healing, and that's how it feels like, at least for me now. And I can't wait to tell my dad.

Karen Docherty 52:19

Yeah. And you and your mom, too, you know, with her sister. There's, that's quite poignant as well, I feel to sort of, you know, pass it on. And hopefully it helps.

Jannecke Øinæs 52:31

So Karen, there are a couple of questions that are asked some of my guests. And the first one I want to ask is, what is self love to you?

Karen Docherty 52:40

Self love is self connection and self reflection. So you know, we all have to find a way to connect with our higher spirit, our inner self, that inner child and us that came here, you know, to stay connected to that power is through your life. And then the self reflection part for me is understanding that you will make mistakes, understanding that you're not going to get everything right understanding that sometimes you don't know the way to go in life. But as long as your intention is right, as long as you're doing it with love, and that you're doing it for the best. So the highest of good old time, you will you will do the right thing, you know, it will it will come okay for you. And I think remembering those things, gives you that self love, it gives you that foundation of as long as I know I've done my best by myself and everyone then then that's all I can do.

Jannecke Øinæs 53:34

What is the deeper meaning of life from your perspective?

Karen Docherty 53:38

For me, it's about realizing that this physical life is the playground, that this physical life is the part where we get to have the physical experience. And then we're going home again. So if you can remember that it's not the other way around, because some people see this physical life as the main event. And then after life, something else happens. But it's the other way around. We got to come here to experience life and to experience everything. So remembering that I think helps us stay connected to spirit but it also gives us that vision that life is so short, you know it really is so short, none of us know what's going to happen. And it helps us to appreciate life here on the earth before we could get to go back home again.

Jannecke Øinæs 54:28

Beautiful, thank you so much for coming to the show. And for those who want to connect with you and maybe work with you and are very inspired to connect now how can they connect with you?

Speaker 1 54:38

They can connect with me just through my website, which is And I will answer any questions. I have social media Karen Docherty medium and mentor on Facebook and Tikk Tokk but mainly through the website I would say is the best way to come and everything on the website that will tell you about the personal consultations, the mentorships and everything else you need to know about my work.

Jannecke Øinæs 55:04

Wonderful Thank you so much for doing this healing work putting yourself out there. I assume that not be easy. And thank you for coming to the show today.

Karen Docherty 55:14

No problem. Thank you so much for inviting me Jannecke. I really, really appreciate it.

Karen Docherty – Official site


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