Stephen Weber, author of The Place Between Here and There*, has emerged from a near-death experience with a message of resilience and hope that he wishes to share with the world. In this interview, Stephen recounts his extraordinary journey and the invaluable lessons he’s learned along the way.

A Journey Through Grief and Forgiveness

At the heart of Stephen’s narrative is the unwavering strength of the human spirit and the inherent goodness that resides within us, even during life’s most trying moments. The turning point in his life came with the tragic loss of his son to an overdose. Drawing from the profound insights gained during his near-death experience, Stephen navigated this devastating chapter with remarkable clarity and found it within himself to extend forgiveness to those involved in his son’s untimely passing.

Exploring an Otherworldly Dimension

Prepare to embark on a captivating journey into an otherworldly dimension that defies our understanding of existence. This extraordinary realm, illuminated by Stephen’s near-death experience, reveals profound insights into our eternal nature, the purpose of life and death, and universal wisdom. Here, you’ll encounter enlightened beings, access the Akashic records, and rekindle connections with beloved individuals and pets who’ve crossed over. It’s a space where the true essence of love is unveiled, guiding us to recognize the signs and synchronicities that punctuate our earthly lives and fostering a profound understanding of existence from an elevated perspective. Welcome to “The Place Between Here and There.”

From Non-Spiritual Biker to Spiritual Guide

Stephen’s journey is all the more remarkable considering his non-spiritual background as a biker. However, a near-death motorcycle accident led to an unexpected transformation and a spiritual awakening. He spent three weeks in this realm of pure love and light, forever altering the course of his life. 

It reminds us that love and life’s mysteries extend far beyond the boundaries of our physical world, offering hope and inspiration to all who seek a deeper understanding of existence.

Join Jannecke and Stephen Weber as they delve into this enthralling narrative, exploring themes of resilience, forgiveness, and the boundless nature of love and life itself.

Transcript of the interview

Stephen Weber 0:00

That's the whole reason for life is to grow through many different incarnations, not just human incarnations, many different combinations of animals, even plants, that your spirit grows through all of these incarnations, and then one of those incarnations of human incarnation, where you get to apply so many things you've learned.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:27

Hello, Stephen, a warm welcome to the show.

Stephen Weber 0:29

Well, it's my pleasure and honor to be here, I appreciate you having me on.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:33

Yeah, I know, you have quite a profound mystical experience that really changed your life. You're also an author of the book at a place between here and there. And you say that you went from a non spiritual biker, to a spiritual guide. And I'm always curious about the transformation that my guests are having on how we can really change our lives completely change the way we see life and death by having a mystical experience. And I'm curious to hear your story today. And I just had an experience of a friend and a colleague that had breast cancer and just was my age and died just like that very quickly. And even though you know, I know all these things that I believe in the afterlife, you start to ask questions like, why, you know, why did that need to happen? You know, a girl is 43 years old, and she's just gone. And I find these stories so helpful, and so soothing. And I'd love to go into you know, your perspectives on these matters after you've shared your story. But before you do, can you share a little bit about how you you were like, before you had this mystical experience? Like what were your spiritual beliefs or religious belief if you had any at all?

Stephen Weber 1:59

Well, I would say that I was an agnostic, I, I was raised in a small town and everyone was Catholic. And, and so the church was the center of town and so so I was pretty much a Christmas and Easter Catholic. You know, I try, I was always tried to be a good person as an ideal that I lived up to. I was a computer person I was, you know, into technology even to this day. But, but I was an outlaw biker, I loved Harley Davidson. I love rock and roll and beer and hot wings and pretty girls. You know, it's just, it's just my life. I had a wonderful group of friends. I live here in the United States, I traveled all over the country on my Harley Davidson, I met all types of people I was driving since a very young child I had my first motorcycle was about 10 years old. And so it's I was really into it. That was my life. A big part of my life, I would say, I consider myself a pleasure maximizing unit. Having a good time. And, and I look back at those times, with with just, I can't help but smile, and but that's not me anymore. After having this beautiful, beautiful experience, even though I was gravely injured in this accident, and I still struggle with many of the injuries that I experienced then, is that it's the best thing by far that ever happened to me. I couldn't imagine my life without without that, in fact, if the Stevie webdam, from 10 years ago, met Stevie Webb, but today he beat the crap out of him.

Jannecke Øinæs 3:37

Yeah, it seems like these mystical experiences are really changing people. And I would love for you to share what happened, what kind of accident it was, and what sort of experience you had.

Stephen Weber 3:48

Oh, my pleasure. i i At the time I lived in New York on Long Island. It's a it's a it's kind of like a peninsula outside of New York. It's it where a lot of people who work in New York live and New York City and I was going out east to The Hamptons. It's like the hotspots for all the movie stars and stuff but I don't go out there for that is that there was this ribs place a barbecue ribs place you could drive by it and never notice it. But being a native long Islander I knew about it. So I would go out there on Sunday afternoons after I took care of all the house stuff and had some time and I get some ribs and I would drive back it's about an hour and a half drive. It's nice on a Harley especially on a spring day, you know there really was was a lot of fun, but I would kind of do it solo. It's kind of like I didn't understand it then but it's kind of like a meditation. You know, I just get into my ride and I look at the scenery and and this day was like any other day and I was on my way back from the rib place and traffic was backed up for miles. There must have been an accident or something going on. And what was happening is people were, we're going on the shoulder of the side of the road and making a right hand turn at the nearest ability to get out of this traffic. And after waiting there for some time, I mean, Harley Davidsons are really hot motorcycles that they're not moving, they don't have any cooling, they just cooled by air, and you're sitting on top of that. So it's really, it got really tough and bike is very heavy. And so I decided to ride on the shoulder and make that right hand turn. And right when I got to the intersection, for the right hand turn, someone had opened up a little space and, and a truck coming in the opposite direction, made a left hand turn, and T boned me crash right to the side of me. And the lights went out for me. I didn't know what had happened. Next thing I knew what I was laying on the cement on the ground. And I see a lot of time must pass by because I saw there were all these emergency vehicles around. And, and I wanted to get up you know riding bikes riding motorcycles, it's like we have a saying if you if you go down, get up or you're going to stay down. I know it doesn't make sense. But in the circles, which I traveled, that was our mantra. And when I tried to get up, I just felt incredible pain, my leg wasn't connected anymore. It was like just it was a compound fracture in my leg. My whole side was just, I just passed out. And then the next thing is I knew I was flying through the clouds, I was going higher and higher and higher through the clouds. And just when I thought, you know, I thought that was it. I started coming out of the clouds. And then I looked on the ground I was outside the helicopter who was actually a helicopter. And and I was looking down and I saw a big H with a circle in it. And I realized that I was being airlifted to Stony Brook hospital. I knew Stony Brook Hospital. I'm a graduate of the University that my mom's a graduate of the University that my daughter is a graduate of the University there. It is a teaching hospital, one of the most premier trauma centers in the world. It really is. They've done tremendous research. They actually invented the sonogram for you know what my understanding is, and, and wow, and when they pulled me off that helicopter, that was the last thing I remember being on this earth for what seemed like an eternity, I was gravely injured. I was in any other place I would have died. I had internal injuries, fractured vertebrae, my my leg was all smashed up. But it was pretty serious. And I had several emergency surgeries and and I was in my hospital beds to the rest of the world. For about a month I was in a coma. And but in myself, I wasn't in a hospital bed, I was in another place a place I call the place between here and there. And I say actually what I named the book afterwards, is that is that at first I didn't know I was anyplace else I really didn't, is that I thought that I was in work. It was very odd because that some things were so so familiar. But other things were odd. And I don't know why it didn't occur to me that, that I was anyplace else. I just kind of like went with the flow. And one of the first things is I learned I learned about time and time and that place was very different than it is here. Now here you have time like plants grow and and you have appointments in the future. The sun rises and sets, it just wasn't like that there it was, it was the only way you notice time was through your personal growth is that you could see the path that you've traveled in this place and how you came to your current state of mind. And that gave you a sense of time. So that was one of the first things that I were aware of. The next thing is for a long time as I called it you know the universe according to Steve, is that made fun of this experience. You know, I I didn't think it was real for the longest time. And and what I was experiencing is I felt like I was sharing my experience with

the all that is and I was receiving certain information, certain knowledge that I later found was able to help me with what I was going to be experiencing because like I said prior to this is that I was a zero on the spirituality scale. And that's probably why I didn't notice it. You know, it didn't occur to me that anything was going on. But what I began to learn the very first lesson was how to sense Spirit in every body and everything, really, truly everything has a spirit. And, and this was an eye opening experience for me, because it's not like someone sat me down at a table and opened up the book. And this is spiritual 101 Chapter One, Steve stopped learning here. It wasn't like that the way I was taught to see and sense spirit and everybody and everything was that I was in a work like setting. And I was dealing with somebody who I had worked with 20 years ago was I only worked with them for a short time, perhaps a year. They were just another person in my life. But, but I saw them and I was working with them. And I recognize them. And I said, Hey, aren't you so and so? And he would smile? And he would say, Yeah, that's right. I haven't seen that a long time. And that was fine. But I noticed that he had an agent, 20 years. And that seemed very odd. And then next thing is I know, it's I was working with him again. But he was like an old man. He was like 80 years old. And at first, I didn't recognize him. But like, he had a lot of mannerisms. He was from Haiti. And he just I don't know, he didn't speak English. Well, he spent the spoke like French in a sort of a Creole language. So he had to, like act out a lot of his words. And, and also, I would see a mannerism and I'll say, Hey, aren't you so and so? And they would say up, you got me again. And then he started to appear to me in all different nationalities, all different ethnicities, all different genders. You know, sometimes he would be a lady. Other times, he'd be an infant, no. But as time went on, is I got better at sensing who he is. And after a period of time, I didn't even have to look at him. I could just sense the energy I could sense when he was around me. And when I began to understand is that is that there are parts of you that change, but there is a Satnaam Infinite Spirit that that is an energy. I think a lot of people call that an aura in these days, you know, it's, you know, to me, it wasn't something that was visible like a light, it was more like just an energy. And once I could sense this energy, I could sense the energy in everything around me. Everything had it had an energy, it was just all of a sudden, it was like an eye opening experience. I felt energy in the plants, I felt energy in the universe, in the stars in the animals. And there was a, there was a uniqueness about each energy. But there was a tremendous calmness about each energy. And I'm not here to preach to anybody, I just want to share my experience the way it is. But what I began to understand, in my own world in the universe, according to Steve, is that is that we're all connected, we're all part of the same spirit, the same energy, whether you believe in Let there be light, or the Big Bang, that they really explain the same thing where all star Dustin, we're all spirit. And we're all connected. And what I believe is that all of us together, all of our consciousness, make up the consciousness of the Creator, I truly believe that the creation and the creator are one. And we're here to have experiences and learn. And as we learn, our collective consciousness grows, as well as the creator. At least this is what I believe. And this is what I take away from that experience. And that was my first real experience in the place between here and there is the understanding of spirit and have a sense in everything. The next thing is I experienced is and it wasn't like there was a force or a power that guided this, it just seemed like things happened. And the next experience, and when I stopped learning, that's when I moved on to the next experience. And that experience was a life review, that I reviewed everything in my life over again. But now I looked at it with a different set of eyes, because now I could sense spirit. And I could feel what other people were feeling at the time. And I would go through my life experience. And then my awareness would be raised. And then I would go through my life experience again, and my awareness would be raised. And each time I went through my life experience, I learned more and more because the prior experience helped me understand things in a better, better, more sense. Life. I could sense things. And one thing that I learned that was really, really life changing was that some of the worst experiences I had in life, some of the most heartbreaking things that people could experience that once I read lived those and went through those is that that brought me bliss, because like I released all these blockages like I did Have any animosity towards anyone, I didn't have any shame from myself as I started to go through and live, but I didn't really live it I was like a voyeur. Not like I was a single set of eyes, it was like I was everywhere. And I could sense everything. And so as I started to clear all these blockages, I started to feel this tremendous bliss. Now, just imagine, if you didn't have any worries, you didn't, you were actively engaged in your life, you didn't have any shame or animosity towards yourself or others. You know, a lot of people when they say they have these near death experiences, the spiritual transformative experiences, they say that they see pretty colors, or perhaps they'll meet their their religious figure like Jesus, I'm a Christian, I didn't feel any of that I didn't see any pretty flowers. The real beauty that I felt was this knowledge, this learning that truly, truly, once I released myself with these blockages, I felt I felt so much better. I really did. And I did that time and time again, it seemed closer to infinity that it was to one that was for sure. But eventually, I stopped learning. And then I went to the next place. little orange juice in the morning, it's morning in New York here, I actually mean Florida, but when the same time so and, and so the next place I went to end is I was tested, I didn't know I was tested at the time. But I believe, from what I know of my experience, I believe I was being tested on what I had learned. And I believe that perhaps if I pass that test, I would have stayed in spirit and perhaps have been a guide to others. And,

and but I failed it. And what the task was, is that I had to teach these children, young adults a task. And no matter what I did, no matter what I tried to explain to them, they they would say yeah, yeah, yeah, and they would be so sincere. But when it came time to doing the tasks, they would all scatter, and I wouldn't see them for a while. And then when I would see them again, it'd be like nothing was wrong. And and I was really getting upset over it. I tried everything I knew how to motivate these, these young adults is that I tried like Red Team Blue Team, come on, let's go when it gets nothing happened. They just wouldn't listen to me. And then when I was at my wit's end, I just couldn't figure out what was going on. I went before, the person who looked like they were in charge. And when I saw is, once I stood inside their energy, the same spirit that we spoke about earlier, is that all of a sudden, I realized a few things. Number one is I realized, as I was standing in front of myself, not Stevie Weber, the guy you see here, but perhaps my higher self, perhaps part of you always stays in spirit, and just part of you experience as a human incarnation, to learn and to make the mistakes that you cannot make in spirit. And then when you return to spirit, all of your knowledge, all of your experience, goes to your higher self, your higher self is not just a reflection of you now, I believe it's it's reflection of all that you are. And, and that was the first recollection, I've recalled. And then the other thing is, once I stood in the energy of my higher self, all of a sudden, it was like a like an awakening. It was like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, when she opens up the door, and it goes from black and white to color. All of a sudden, I realized that I misinterpreted everything. It's not like I could tell what my higher self is experienced in order to have the level of understanding that my higher self had, but just standing in that energy. It was like a grace, it like made things clear that it wasn't like I was receiving answers from my higher self. But I was raising my awareness in a way that I could look at what's going on in a different way. And I realized I wasn't here to teach these children a task. I was here to shepherd them into their first human incarnation, that perhaps our spirit, which was which I believe was created with the universe wasn't created in its current form. That's the whole reason for life is to grow through many different incarnations, not just human incarnations, but any many different combinations of animals and even plants that your spirit grows through all of these incarnations. And then one of those incarnations of human incarnation where you get to apply So many things you've learned, I believe in your spiritual growth. One of the major turning points is when you begin to care for your children, many creatures don't do that. And I just, I just believe that was that was part of it. And I was here to mentor these children into that first human incarnation. And all this time was spent teaching me spirit and teaching me all these lessons when it came to really apply it and understand that all I saw was a bunch of dopey kids who would listen, I didn't recognize them as true spirits needing guidance. And that was important lesson that I learned. And once I learned that, I was able to provide that guidance to these young adults and enable them to have a human experience. When I say young adults, that's just my word for it. They were just spirits that have just yet to have a human incarnation. And then, after that stopped, my next experience is I was sitting with some friends, some friends of mine from Kings Park at that time, I lived in a town called Kings Park on Long Island. It was a town I was born in, I lived there all of my life. And I had a lot of friends and, and it's a small town, a working class neighborhood. And at the end of every day, we'd go to the seashore to bluff a high cliff that overlooks the Long Island Sound. And we'd watch sunset. And I sat with my two friends, Joe and John, every day. And I used the term day very loosely, because it was just all about the sunset. The sunset wasn't marking time, but the sunset in and of itself was the experience. And I've watched the sunset with my friends, Joe and John, Joey, he was a great guy. He was an Irish guy, he could he spoke with a broad, and he could tell a tale the way Irish folks can. He was just so witty, and I just love talking to him. He was a lot of fun. And he had he had broken his neck when he was a young child. You know, diving in the water, right? Right, where we were at the bluff. And, and he had all this surgery very early on. And so we kind of like walk like Frankenstein, it couldn't turn so much. And, and then my friend, Joey, he, he was a great guy, he had diabetes, he had a lot of circulation problems in his legs and such. And he was like the voice of God in church, you know, when he would say, And Jesus said, and the ground would shake, you know, he's right out of central casting. And he was another Irish guy. And he was just a lot of fun, too. I really enjoyed both of them. And we'd watch sunset every day. And I day. And then one day, I realized that Joey and Johnny had both passed earlier that year, on Johnny died of an infection in his leg from his diabetes, and Joey was hit by a car. And for the first time, like, I started to feel like something wasn't right. I know, so many things have happened to me up to this point, I should have been knowing that something wasn't right. And then then what happened was, is, is I just want to ask them why they were here. And for some reason, I didn't want to ask them. And it just it happened time and time again, sunset and my anxiety kept on building. And then so one day is I just had to ask them why they were here. It's not that I said it in words, it was that I just thought it and I would receive the answer. And and when I thought it, the answer I received is that they were here to make sure that I was okay. You see, I didn't understand that because I felt fine. I didn't recall any accident. I wasn't, I was just me. And it's kind of like echoed in my mind. And then as I was watching the sunset, it just got brighter and brighter and brighter. I had to shield my eyes until I couldn't I couldn't bear it any longer. And then when I opened up my eyes, I was in a house I was in a hospital room. And my mother was holding my hands and telling me I had been in a horrible accident, but I was going to be okay. And she was here for me. And that was when I returned back and and in some ways that was just the beginning of of my journey because after that it took quite a long time to not only recover, but also reflect upon what had happened and become to understand it because that for the longest time I didn't. But I would like to add one one very important note is that when I was recovering, like I had this drug I have to get better. I knew that if I just worked really hard, no matter what happened, I would succeed, and I would get better. And I'd be able to walk again because I couldn't walk. And, and it was then I realized what Joey and Johnny had said, that they said that makes sure that I was all right. It didn't mean they're, they meant here. They meant here that they were my spirit guides. And, and you know who better my back was all busted up? And Joey, he had the very same thing. And Johnny, he, he lost his leg. And he lost his life because of his diabetes and his leg. My leg was all crushed. I mean, how does that happen? I mean, really, how does that happen? It's not like they were telling me one more push up. But they were giving me in the same way I stood in that grace of my higher self, and it gave me clarity, is that that is the energy that I felt. And that's what put me on my road to recovery. And that's, that's my experience. It's, it's changed my life in such a positive way. And I couldn't imagine life without it. And I went from spiritual biker, which I loved. I mean, I'm not gonna say I love being a biker. But being to the spiritualist and just seeing life in a different way, you know, life is good, and people are good, even when sad things happen. And that's really what the experience has shown me.

Jannecke Øinæs 26:27

Thank you so much for sharing, it is so fascinating to hear all these different near death experiences. And it seemed like to me that they are tailored to each soul and each person. And what I also find interesting is what you said that you didn't know that you were somewhere else, like, there were so many odd things happening, but you're not question then questioning it. And for from my standpoint, where I've never experienced that, I'm thinking, how can that be right? That you all of a sudden are in another realm? And you're not asking why? Or what is going on? Why are you accepting it as reality? But then I'm thinking that we're doing that in our dreams, aren't we? Like, every night when we go to sleep? We don't question that where things are flying through the wall and that we're flying around. We just accept it. And that's how I can understand that you're not asking that question. And I also find it interesting what you're saying about the higher self? Because it seems like to me what I've heard is that a part of us, like you said, is on the other side, and other parts of us or one part of us is here. I want to dive into that first, higher self. I know this is a bit of a mental question. But still, I'm curious, would you say that that is a soul? That that is sort of an individualized energy? That is part of everything because you said you were part of everything, but at the same time you have your higher self? So it seems like there is an individualized sation there that you is this higher soul? Could you speak to that a little bit?

Stephen Weber 28:14

I could just put an exclamation point on everything that that you said you understood exactly what I wanted to share is that is that truly your higher self is a central part of you and who you are and, and you you do grow and learn from having a human experience. And but my experience was because of me, Stevie Weber, Stevie Weber, the biker Stevie Weber, the computer guys, Stevie Weber zero on the spirituality scale. But somebody who was always thinking about these things, but never really shared it with other people even before the accident. And I think I was ready to receive things in a certain way. But if you aren't a computer person you want to have that experience I had that would be so strange to you is that I believe that everybody learns the same information, but they learn it in a different way in a way that they are ready to receive it. And that was the way I was ready to receive it. Perhaps if you were a nurse working in a hospital, you would have a different experience. Or let's say if you lived in in, in Asia as opposed to Europe as opposed to United States everyone has different experiences. I believe that the lessons what you learn is we all learn certain universal truths, but we learn it in many different ways. In fact, you know, one path many paths one destination I truly believe that I don't believe that in a way of a certain ideology. I believe in in the way that it truly is that that that really everyone has different ways of learning. And, and that's why my experience was unique to me. And and you did mention that out not questioning what was going on. And, and I've thought a lot about that. And one of the things is very early on, it was almost like Disneyland. You know, it's like, it's like you don't question because it is just so interesting. And you just know, when I was playing that game with, with my friend trying to guess his spirit, it was just, it was just so engaging, I don't know. And I think that I think that over time, once I started to receive bliss, you know, was really, you know, what was going through my life review. It's like, I really didn't want to know what that point is. I was just, I was just like, denying it, you know, it's just, I was just enjoying, and I was feeling this bliss. And being a glutton for bliss, I really rolled with it.

Jannecke Øinæs 30:46

Now, okay, this other place that you were in or state? Did you at some point, look down at your body? Did you feel physical? Like, how would you perceive this world? It seems like it was just as this world just more engaging and beautiful. Because I'm always curious, like, how does it feel to be on the other side? Like, is it more sort of? Not so tangible, but what I've heard is actually that it's really tangible. And that's what I have also experienced in my out of body experiences, that this other realm that I'm in, I don't know, really what it is, we call it the astral plane. But what is the Astral Plane really, but I felt is just so real. And so physical, and I felt a certain body that could stretch in all directions. So I'm curious, how did you experience yourself?

Stephen Weber 31:42

So first off, is that I didn't have control over what happened, what situation I was in, but I had free will within that situation. That was very important, important thing. So it's not like, oh, it's time to go home. I went home, I slipped I got up. No, it was nothing like that. You know, I didn't eat I didn't, you know, it wasn't anything like, like that. It was more like a play. It's like there was the scene going on. And there was this interaction going on. And anything around me, I didn't notice it. If there was anything there, I would know. Because that everything all the attention was around what was going on. So when I was with my friends in the beginning, is that that was the only thing I saw it besides the computer in front of us anything, but I didn't see anything else around it, it could have been there. But I just just didn't notice it. And when I looked at myself is that is that? It's not like I ever looked in a mirror. But I don't know, I really, it's tough to say because I never really, it just didn't matter. It was what was going on was the focus of attention. And, and so I didn't like I didn't imagine myself walking or anything or, or traveling was just I was just there. And I was in this situation. And I had and I I had to deal with it. And and that was my experience. I could have had those things. But everything was about what was going on.

Jannecke Øinæs 33:09

I see. Where do you actually clinically dead?

Stephen Weber 33:14

No, yes and no, is that is that what had happened is when I was in the coma, there were several times where I was going down, like like, it was obvious that I was dying. But I was just in the very best hospital on the planet. And it just brought me back time and time again. And every time that they thought it was going to be it is I, they they made me they they put me back together again. And what I believe is that I believe that we go through a death process. And this is just from my experience. It's not a light switch where all of a sudden, you're human, you're walking around and next thing you know you're you're you're there. You're you're in spirit you've returned to your higher self is I believe it's a process you go through. And I believe I was going through a process. First thing was people call it syncing with the Akashic Record is that sharing you you share your experience with all that is and then you receive certain wisdom. And then you you have these experiences which which help you to make this transition from your physical body into spirit. I went through my life review and then I was tested. And I think that there were these steps in the in a in the I fall, I don't follow but but I I practice a yoga called Kundalini and and that was a big part of my rehabilitation. And there are there are many teaching from from the dharma of the Far Far East. And one of those books is a Jaci Sahib and, and as part of that larger work and as part of the eighth of the region, they speak of the five blue ethers. And those are actually phases that people go to return to spirit. And I remember the first time I heard a yogi speaking of that, my experience wasn't exactly about those five blue ethers, but it smelled the same. There were parts about it, where you're tested, where you sync with the Akashic Record, where you know, there were things that were just, it was just so Gosh, darn interesting. It wasn't until later that I found out the person who wrote that book, the job she Saeed, this Yogi called Nanak. Is that is that he had a near death experience, he had actually drowned in a river and was rescued. And so I kind of I became very interested in this because of that. And so so the long answer to your short question is, is No, I don't think my heart read lines. But But, but it was clear that my body was dying. And I think that this transition from physical form to spiritual form is a natural process that everyone goes to, it's just so happens that medicine saved me in a way that it hasn't been saved before. And I returned with so many of my cognitive skills is that I'm kind of like, I even have skills that I didn't have before because of my increased awareness, I see things, you know, with the exception of my struggles with, with physical things that are getting less, you know, it's it's been several years been like seven years now. But, but I'm really starting to feel great again. But but but it's just been a tremendous journey.

Jannecke Øinæs 36:42

Yeah, I can't imagine. Okay, so you're saying that you cultivated some spiritual gifts after this? Yes. Well, what are those gifts?

Stephen Weber 36:52

Well, a couple of things is that I know, our ultimate future as humans, I know the floor bar for distant future. I know the distant future. And I know the not so distant future, but I can't tell you what's going to happen tomorrow. But But I can tell you what our final destination is as a people, and many people will be outraged by what I'm going to share with with you, and I understand it. But this is just my experience, and I don't expect you to believe it, I don't expect anyone, this is just what I feel, from my experience. I believe that the creator and the creation are one that we are the creator all of us together. And I believe that we march towards this understanding and coming to that realization that we are indeed the Creator. And we look around us and we see all the technology, we see our ability to Gene edit, and and how far we've come as a species in the last 50 years with technology. Picture us 1000 years from now, we're going to be able to create life, we're going to be able to understand what what the creation is, we're going to realize eventually, that we are the creator. And I believe this is a scene that plays out eons I mean, the length of time is immeasurable or understanding. But this whole creation, this whole everything we experience is this path of understanding spiritual growth, until we come to the realization that we are the creator. And, and that's what I believe.

Jannecke Øinæs 38:33

Wow, I'm so how is this something that just appeared as a knowing when you awoke in again, for you saw it as a vision?

Stephen Weber 38:44

It was it was a process because first when I began to feel energy and everything, I know, we were all connected. I mean, it truly is that is that, like you said, there's a uniqueness about every buddy, but there's a communist as a same that connects the soil. It's kind of like a lot of times I see the sacred geometries. And I often believe that, that that is really a representation of our spiritual connections, how each of us is has a different add to this mosaic, but it's all incorporated within this, this expression. And, and that's what what I believe is going on here is that is that we are learning and growing. And we are all part of this. And it wasn't that someone told me this. Like I said, this is the universe according to Steve, but when I put all my experiences together, and I come to this understanding, and being a technology and I think that's probably why these things were presented to me in this way, because this is the noble truth which which which the universe, God, whatever you want to call, is that wanting me to understand and that's the understanding I received. So so so you're right, I didn't there wasn't a book that says oh, the creator and creation of one and we're on this path and no But but based upon my awareness and what I experienced, and my physical incarnation, what I experience here and what I see here, that's, that's what I believe.

Jannecke Øinæs 40:11

So to circle back to the beginning, when I mentioned a friend of mine that I just heard, Diane, yesterday, or the day before, I got to know it yesterday. Is there a deeper meaning with everything, everything that happens from your perspective? If you learn something about that, or are there accidents in the universe?

Stephen Weber 40:31

Okay, I maybe if I could speak to a little bit this way, is that are there coincidences? Or, or are things not coincidences? In many ways? And, and I believe that one of those perceptions that I have, since having that experiences is being able to see and understand signs and synchronicities. And these things are really, you know, once I began to open my eyes to it, and I got rid of the wow factor, a lot of times when you see a sign, like wow, grandma's reaching out to me, but you miss the meaning, why are you receiving the sign, maybe when someone's recently passed, receive a sign to make you feel better and understand that there is something else that this wasn't a one and done deal here is that is that you are everything is part of your experiences. But but but struggling with loss and grief is is is such a struggle to understand it, especially when somebody so young passes. And and and I want to share a small story with with you about this is that the devil helped to bring into light about coincidences. And such is that is that when I was writing this book, that place between here and there, I was walking along the beach with a friend of mine, Kathy is actually the lady who I wrote the book with she's a dear friend of mine had been a dear friend for decades. And, and we were writing the book together. And it was in the middle of the health crisis we've all been facing, and we're walking along the beach, and she's a big st person. She loves St. Germain, the violet flame, and she prays the St. Germain all the time, and I know I will leave the praying up to her for us. And, and during this health crisis, she was praying for healing for the universe. And I often you know, if it wasn't for her things would have been a lot worse and she and I should pray to Saint Germain and and while we're walking on the beach, she wanted to see a sign that Saint Germain had heard. And so Saint Germain is the violet flame. That's, that's the way St. Germain is represented. And so she wants to find violet beach glass, on the on the beach, you would find hen's teeth on Long Island before you'd find violet beach glass. And I knew she was going to be disappointed. And so we're walking back and she was kind of pouting that she didn't find violet beach glass and she wonders if Saint Germain heard her. And then us out of a sand dune, this dog this dalmatian puppy, you know, white dog with black spots over comes running out of nowhere and starts jumping all over us. And I loved it, is playing with it. And the owner comes running out from behind the sand dunes to say no, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. And we're like now it's okay. We love puppies. And and did you know I really, really enjoyed the puppy. And so I asked her, What's the dog's name? She said violet. And I was like, shocked. It's like, how does a dalmatian puppy be called Violet? It's like, there's no way and and I you know, we exchanged pleasantries, and we walked away. And Kathy didn't gay. I'll say, Kathy, the dog's name is violet. How does that happen? You were looking for violet beach class, and we got a Dalmatian named Violet. This is this is not a coincidence. This is a sign we have to find out what this sign was. And about a week later, you know, we've walked the beach every day, we're just a couple of blocks from it. And it's not uncommon for people to do the same. And we bumped into this lady again. And, and of course, we've rushed up to A and and we asked her about the dog. We told her about the beach glass, and she was all thrilled about it. And, and so she and so I asked her, How come the dog's name is violet? And she said her and her son's favorite movie was gone with the wind and Scarlett O'Hara and one scene she wears this big beautiful violet dress that I think Brett Butler gay par and and that was their favorite movie, they would watch it together. So so they named the dog violet and spelled it the way Scarlett spells her name, not the way the color is. And that's why the dog's name is violet. And then she shared with me that she lost her son, just a few months before she got the dog. And that's why she named the dog violet. You know, I lost my son, I lost my son to a drug overdose, about the same time she lost her son. And I was still healing from that. And all of a sudden, we became very good friends. And we began to share our experiences. And we began to heal together. And how does that happen? I mean, really, when you sit and think about spirit, and, and, and that was, I believe, I believe that was our sons reaching out to us, maybe even safe domain too. But I believe that was our sons reaching out to us, because they were feeling our pain. And they knew that we can help each other to get through this time together. And it was just by naming the silly happy dog violet. Is that a coincidence? I don't think so.

Jannecke Øinæs 46:12

So sorry for your loss.

Stephen Weber 46:14

Thank you. Thank you. It's a loss that many families experience. But one things I learned is not unique to me, we all suffer losses, you suffer the loss of your friend, you know, many people have lost their parents and siblings and have come to terms with but then it took a while. But truly, truly, there is something else. And that's what that place taught me. It's a beautiful place of and it's not a one and done, you know, experience life to all that it has to offer, laugh and cry. You know, some people go on a mountain all day. And that may be wonderful for their life experiences. But I believe most people, they go out and experience life. If it wasn't for those experiences that I had in life, I would have nothing from my life review. You know? Yeah, that's the spirit, invest in experiences, not the material things. That would be my advice, beautiful advice.

Jannecke Øinæs 47:11

And I'm thinking, look at these meetings as holy meetings, because we might tend, or I can speak to myself, to just look at them as I don't know, random meetings are not really random, but more like, I don't see the holiness in it. And when you start to see holiness in every new encounter, and meeting and living from this perspective, that there's a deeper meaning why I'm meeting this person, I think life becomes so much more magical and rich, and not thinking that it is a coincidence. I mean, the way I met my boyfriend is just so many synchronicities, so many synchronicities. Like we bumped into each other all the time on the streets. It's just amazing how the universe wanted us to be together. And I just love looking at it, I just have to like that I just have to, you know, train myself to do it. Because I find it so easy to be sucked into this hamster wheel, and that everything is a coincidence. And life is all about just making ends meet and the clock or time to do this and do that, you know. And I think that's why I'm doing these interviews also is because I need to learn this myself. And whenever I'm doing these interviews, I'm reminded of it. I'm so present, and I find that I'm so much more aligned with spirit. And then the the challenge is to take this over to my everyday life as well. Although meditation helps me a lot in that sense. But thank you so much for sharing today. And I have three questions that are asked all my guests. And the first one is, what is self love to you.

Stephen Weber 49:02

Self love is to realize that you're not a perfect person, that that in not being a perfect person, you are a person perfect person, because you learn and grow through your experiences. And so and so when when when you look back at your past experiences, and that you've learned from them, not to feel shame or regret from them, but through understanding and through that is that understanding that self love because a lot of times people cannot love themselves because they feel that they've done all these terrible things in their lives. They've hurt people they think of old boyfriends or girlfriends or, or just things they wish they could take back and they have regret. And it really takes away from that. But truly understanding those experiences and why they happened and engage in your own life review and the here and now to me that self love.

Jannecke Øinæs 49:52

I love that engaging in your life review here and now that's a great tip.

Stephen Weber 49:57

If I can't look back six months ago What a jerk I was, I'm not happy because it means I've grown nothing

Jannecke Øinæs 50:04

That makes sense. And what is happiness to you?

Stephen Weber 50:08

Well, happiness to me right now is exactly where I am. I live in paradise. And I know it's not real, we call it the bubble, but I'm around good friends, lots of people, we help each other. I mean, I lost my wallet a few days ago, and I looked all over it, I couldn't find I lost it in the store, and I came home, and it was on the table out front of my house, my wallet, beat me home with all my money in it all my ID in it. And, and that's where I live, I live in a place where we all share love and light together, everybody has their own message, their own meaning in life. And somehow we found a way to be here together all of us, and, and to be part of this community, this loving community, you know, it's, that, to me is happiness. And, and, and I would just like to put one other thing is having having a lady in my life someone someone happily ever after with and that's, that's, that is happiness as well. So So although those things, but really what it comes down to, it comes down to real human connections, it really does. It's about creating those connections with other people, I often see studies about people being lonely and being so unhappy, you know, you can be surrounded by all this wealth, and not be happy. Why? Because it's because of the human connections. You know, having wealth is good, you know, but but it doesn't make you happy is these human connections? And that's what it means to me.

Jannecke Øinæs 51:39

And what is the deeper meaning of life from your perspective?

Stephen Weber 51:43

I think I think we shared it is that is that it's to learn and grow is to get as many experiences as you can to learn from them. And you make good use of those experiences in the here and now. But when you're in that other place, you have the ability to look at things and experience things in a different way than here. And you'll get even more out of your experiences. And so that's, that's, that's what I believe.

Jannecke Øinæs 52:06

Beautiful. Now, where can people find you? If they want to connect?

Stephen Weber 52:11

Yeah, so I want YouTube, if you just, you know, Stephen Weber Ste pH en Weber, my YouTube videos will come up, I have a Facebook and the social media, I believe you'll put those in the comments as well. And my book is online, on Amazon. And if you just query that, you get the book, I have an audio book, I have it in Spanish, and have the Kindle version as well. And but if you'd like to reach out to me, my email address is Steve Ste V at between here and And, and those are the best ways and, and but I do I have to tell you, I teach this yoga class and a meditation class is just, I just really such a big part of my life, right? Right now I get like 100 people show up each time, I just am so amazed. And they don't know. I'm like a dirtbag biker they look at me with. And we just have so much so much fun. People cry, I have this, I do this thing with the meditation and the yoga, it's a very spiritual experience. People feel cleanse, after they, after they experience it. And it's great. I don't charge anything, I get the venue for nothing. So I don't charge anything. It's all about the experience. But But in general, the best way to get me there, reach out or email check on YouTube or Facebook, either by by using my name or the place between here and there.

Jannecke Øinæs 53:43

Wonderful. Thank you so much for coming to the show today and all the best with your wonderful work.

Stephen Weber 53:49

Thank you. And I just want want to leave everyone with this. One last thought is one thing I learn from my experience is Life is good. And people are good, even when very sad things happen. And you have to keep in mind that these are just Stevie's words. But if you can really understand and, and live a life that you can understand that and make it your own, you will find peace in this world or any other world that comes afterwards. And that's what I'd like to share.

Jannecke Øinæs 54:16

Thank you so much. Thank you

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