Raise your vibration with powerful affirmations for self-love

I made this video with these affirmations after feeling the heaviness of the set back with Covid-19. I felt like shifting the energy and moving into even more trust, love and hope. Here you have some powerful affirmations for self-love.

2020 and 2021 has been challenging for us all, and the more we can raise our vibration, the more we can help to shift into a brighter timeline for the planet.

This guided affirmation meditation will help you anchor yourself in a high and strong vibe. I deeply believe that the higher vibration we have, the more protected we are as well.

Practice this self-love affirmation for 21 days

I advise you to use this meditation every morning right after you wake up or right before you go to sleep for at least 21 days to really get an effect. In this in-between state of dreaming and being awake we have a window to access our subconsciousness and to plant new beliefs into our minds.

And remember: You are POWERFUL! You Are Love and Light. You are LIGHT/LOVE. Never forget this.

Please enjoy!

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