Suzanne Giesemann is a former US navy commander who calls herself an evidence based medium. She has written 11 books and in this interview from 2017 we dive into the topic of mediumship, which Suzanne has been practising since 2009.

An evidence based medium

Suzanne explains the difference between an evidence based and a message based medium and she says the evidence based medium is capable of giving you specific information about your loved ones who have passed. The way Suzanne works is that she has to sit down with intention and tune into her heart and say to herself “shift” and all of a sudden she’s tuned into the people she’s working with. She says if you can get enough verifiable information, you can trust the messages that come through to be correct.

Where do we go in the afterlife?

Suzanne has just finished writing her latest book called “Still Right Here”*. She explains that the souls who have passed, transition to a higher vibration than us and so we can’t see them even though they can perceive us. You can always perceive what’s at a lower vibration from you, Suzanne explains. When we think about a loved one who has passed it’s like a doorbell rings in their end. They know we’re thinking about them and they vibrationally draw near to their loved ones. Suzanne says the whole point of being here on earth is to raise our vibration and to learn to become more loving.

Detours are allowed

Suzanne explains that she believes we have a path we’re supposed to follow, but there are many choices along the way and we’re allowed to make detours from our path. They are opportunities for growth and experience. When we realize the detours are uncomfortable, we get back onto our path. Your guides and loved ones may also step in and gently guide you back to your path without you knowing it. You know you’re on the right path when life just flows, but when you hit a wall you know you’ve made a detour, she says. As an evidence based medium she has had a lot of experience with spirits talking to her about these detours we make while we’re on our life path.

Suicide – there is no purgatory!

Every soul Suzanne has spoken to, who have taken their own lives, tell her “I’m not burning in hell”! They’re actually in a healing place with beings surrounding them to help them heal. They have a group counselling session where they’re shown their lives and some of the choices they made and how they cut short their potential. They are helped to understand what they could have done differently and most of them choose to come back to earth to try again. Suzanne feels great comfort in being able to let the families of suicide victims know how their loved one is doing on the other side. 

In this interview Suzanne urges us to trust our hearts because it knows life is eternal and it’s in our hearts we connect with our loved ones. Talk to them, she says, that will mean so much to them because they can hear you. Suzanne’s evidence based mediumship talent shows her this is true.

Communicate Soul to Soul With the Spirit World with Suzanne Giesemann -Free virtual event

Did you know that anyone can learn to seek guidance and comforting reassurance from loved ones who have crossed to the Other Side?

This is because everyone has what it takes… a soul. 

Soul-to-soul communication is the key to effectively connecting with the Spirit World and more easily conducting accurate and powerful readings through the age-old practice of mediumship.

It’s available to you all the time, according to mystic, medium, and author Suzanne Giesemann, and it’s at the heart of living a more conscious, love-filled, joyous life. 

Suzanne will share about how you can access clear and accurate guidance from other realms — and from which you can best serve others — in Communicate Soul to Soul With the Spirit World: The Key to Accessing Your Innate Mediumship Skills & a Life of Love & Joy.

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  • Discover how to surrender your mind’s “story” of you and open to your body’s soul awareness — to deepen connection to your Higher Self and better access guidance from beyond the veil
  • Gain an understanding of the perception of Oneness and its ability to help you receive guidance from the “reading field” to sharpen and broaden your mediumship skills 
  • Learn how with focused intention you can shapeshift, merging into others’ fields to more easily do readings — as a medium and in your everyday life
  • Discover the many levels of soul-to-soul communication from beloved ancestors to beings in the Astral Realm to loved ones and pets still living 
  • Be guided to tune in to your own soul awareness to experience soul-to-soul communication and seek the answer to an important question in your life

More than anything, you’ll begin to sharpen and expand your mediumship skills and your everyday awareness — and experience life at the higher vibration of love and joy. 

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