Michelle Clare’s journey as a certified medium, psychic, spiritual coach, and energy healer has been an incredible one. In this interview, we explore her spiritual insights from her experiences and the lessons she has learned along the way.

In this interview, you will learn more about:

  • How Michelle’s experiences with the spirit world began at a young age
  • The impact of her three near-death experiences and the profound understanding they have given her
  • Michelle’s belief in a pre-planned journey before we arrive on earth and the lessons and support we have on our journey

The Spiritual Insights from Three Near-Death Experiences

Michelle Clare’s connection with the spirit world began at a young age when her grandfather passed away. From then on, she noticed continuing communication with him and other loved ones who had passed on.

Throughout her life, Michelle experienced three near-death experiences that were particularly transformative for her. In 2000 and 2006, she experience her first two near-death experiences which she describes as an out-of-body feeling of being in a universe of unlimited love with her passed loved ones and angels. 

During her most recent near-death experience in 2011, Michelle fell off a ladder and was given a choice by her spirit guides to either stay on earth or continue on to the next realm. This profound experience allowed her to gain a deep understanding of the afterlife, new spiritual insights, and the important role that guardian angels and spiritual teams play in our lives.

Predestined Journeys and the Importance of Spirit Guidance

Michelle holds a strong belief that each of us has a predestined journey before arriving on earth. She believes that we collect lessons necessary for our spiritual growth during our time here. Acknowledging that humans do not know everything, Michelle emphasizes the importance of the spirit world, which includes our loved ones and spirit guides, in guiding us along the way. 

In a world that often feels disconnected and divided, Michelle’s message is one of hope and unity. She reminds us that we are all part of a larger, interconnected whole and that we all have the power to tap into the wisdom and guidance of the spirit world.

Transcript of the interview

Michelle Clare 0:00

One of the things that I learned is that our soul can be in more than one place at a time. He was actually at the house with my mom while I was in surgery at the hospital. Because we are so intertwined with our kids and the people that are close to our life, he could feel that I was getting ready to leave.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:23

Hello, Michelle, and welcome. How are you doing today?

Michelle Clare 0:27

Oh, I'm doing wonderful, thank you so much for having me.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:31

I'm very excited about this conversation, because I was going cross country during Easter, I love that. And then I was listening to nd ease and I came across your interview with Alex Ferrari. And I just noticed what it did to me. Like, I immediately changed my frequency, when you told told us you know about your divine experiences. I feel like I'm getting this hope this. My energy is just expanding. So there's a deeper reason why I'm doing this. And I think there's a deeper reason why many people are drawn to the stories listening to people have had experiences like yours. And also we're drawn to spirituality, because it sort of gives us this, this notion that there's so much more than sometimes this mundane life seem to be when things are hard. So I think these messages are so important. So I've decided I'm going to focus more on nd ease. And I also know that you're a medium today, you're communicating with angels and people are passed over to the other side. You're an energetic healer, you have so many abilities. So I mean, this conversation can go so many places. I'm excited about that. But before we go into your MDS, because it's very interesting, because you had not only one or two, but three near death experiences. And that's interesting in itself. But I'm curious, before all of that, where are you spiritual at all? Like, what was your upbringing, like, so just know where you sort of started? Right?

Michelle Clare 2:20

I was raised Catholic. So I did have a religious background. When I was 13, my grandfather passed away 12 to 13, right in there. And what I realized was he and I were still communicating. So I would tell my mom, Grandpa said this, and my mom would say, that's what you think he would say he was still here. And so I realized pretty quickly that they weren't still talking with Grandpa the way that I was. So I just started to keep that for myself. I didn't share it because nobody else really seemed ready to hear it. But I did have this beautiful upbringing with the Catholic religion. And what I would say about that, that was really beneficial for me, was, I believe in angels, saints, mother, Mary Jesus. So in my mind, I already had this team of spiritual beings who were there to help me. You know, if I lost my dog, I would pray to St. Francis, if I was going on a trip, you know, I prayed to St. Christopher. So I already felt like there was a team around me, even though I didn't necessarily have those words for it.

Jannecke Øinæs 3:25

So how did you communicate with your grandfather? Like, how did you receive that message? Was it you know, through something you saw something you heard? I'm curious, because that seems to be different. For different mediums.

Michelle Clare 3:42

It is, and the way that I receive my messages is through feelings. And so basically, I am feeling what they're wanting to tell me. A lot of times, I'll describe that as looking at someone that you know, well, and you know exactly what they're gonna say before they say,

Jannecke Øinæs 4:00

sneezing right there. Sorry, go. Go ahead. Yeah.

Michelle Clare 4:03

And so a lot of times, the way that it is, is it's exactly what someone would say right before they say it, and you kind of know this. So it is a telepathic communication, but it's almost a telepathic communication of feelings, more so than words.

Jannecke Øinæs 4:19

Right. So okay, so how did this first NDE happen?

Michelle Clare 4:25

Right? So the first one happened in April of 2000. And I was in the hospital visiting my sister in law, she had just had a baby that day. And so her RN was actually my friend from high school, and I was standing in the hallway talking to her, and I had a massive seizure. And what I remember I don't remember the seizure. I just remember opening my eyes, and I was laying in this beautiful white room, and my head was in my grandma's lap, and my grandma had passed a couple of years before that, and I remember opening In my eyes and seeing her looking like the youngest healthiest version of herself that I could remember. And I felt this unconditional love and this bliss. And I looked at these walls, and they seem to be alive, almost each cell, each molecule in them was radiating light and love, and they almost seem to breathe and move. And although they were having this life experience, they also seem to be very solid. So it was very interesting.

Jannecke Øinæs 5:33

All right, so you were in your grandmother's lap, White Room, where everything seemed alive.

Michelle Clare 5:47

So even more alive than sort of this life or much more alive, much more vibrant than this life. This life is almost a dream state compared to what a near death experience feels like. It feels more real than what I'm doing in my human life now, and the memories are more vivid. And as I laid there, with my head in my grandma's lap, I looked up next to her and there was this 12 foot angel in this angel was absolutely radiant. And it was almost as if I got pulled into her energy. I don't I don't really know how to explain that better. And as I looked at her, I remember thinking to myself, What is your name? And she answered me in her head, she said, my name is Madeline, I'm one of your guardian angels. And I was surprised because I did not know about telepathic communication. And I didn't have that word for it. And yet here she was, you know, kind of answering me. And I decided I wanted to look at her wings, because I wanted to see these big feather wings. And as I move my eyes to them, what I found is they actually were not made of feathers, they were made of light. And that light kind of moved. And it was your desiccant and translucent. And it was almost like the Aurora Borealis in the sense that it seemed to span the horizon span eternity.

Jannecke Øinæs 7:09

Wow, that's a beautiful picture, like the Northern Lights as the angel's wings. Wow. Um, so So the angels really do have wings. It's not something we just make up.

Michelle Clare 7:25

In the sense of energy, it's almost like there's so much energy with them. It can't be contained to a form like we do in our humaneness. We contain our energy a lot to a form. But there's is yes, it's just an expansive energy. So wings, not in the sense that we would see on a bird, but an overflowing of beautiful energy.

Jannecke Øinæs 7:50

Right. But that makes sense that we as humans have interpreted in that way to make it more, you know, understandable for us. Right. Okay. So what was the message? I mean, the angel was there. What was the reason why the angel wanted to show itself? Did you get an answer to that,

Michelle Clare 8:13

right? Well, in hindsight, I did. So at that point in time, I remember just being an AW, and wanting to sit there and soak it up. I wasn't worried about my body, I had no cares about how I was going to get back to Earth, it was just this beautiful experience. So the next thing I know is I hear them yelling code code code, because I was in the hospital. And my body felt very dense, very heavy, my arm felt like it weighed 500 pounds. And I just remember opening my eyes. Obviously, I had a headache. I did not feel good. But in hindsight, what I learned from that near death experience was that our loved ones are always aware of us. Even after they've transitioned, my grandma knew I was coming if just for a moment, she was already right there waiting for me. And my beautiful guardian angel showed herself to me. So I had always believed in angels, but now I knew without a doubt, they were real and not just real. She was about 12 feet tall. So she was massive in size and energy.

Jannecke Øinæs 9:21

So you didn't have any live review or you saw a tunnel or you didn't have a decision whether to stay or go back. It sort of seemed very short and sweet. Absolutely.

Michelle Clare 9:32

I think it was just an awareness for me that our loved ones are still connected to us and our angels are right there too. So it was truly an opening or an awareness that I was able to take with me.

Jannecke Øinæs 9:46

That make sense and because I feel like all nd e's are so different that they almost seem tailored to each person. That's my experience that even though We do have the tunnel and the life review that many are experiencing. That is not the case for everyone. That's my experience. Another thing that I noticed was that you said that your grandmother looked very young and beautiful. And my mother had an experience of seeing her father, he has passed on. And she was dreaming. And she saw this monk, I'm allowed to share it. And she saw this monk walking ahead of her, like with this hood. And then all of a sudden, he slowly turns, and it takes off this hood. And she's waking up in her bed, and he's standing at the foot of the bed. And she remembers that he looked so pure and so young, like around 30. So beautiful, and so clean and pure, but very serious. He was very serious. And I read that other places as well that spirits like to show themselves around their 30s. Is that an experience you have as well?

Michelle Clare 11:14

It is I when I'm doing readings, I don't necessarily see them, but I feel them and their energy does come in filling around 30 kind of our prime in our humaneness. Right where we're strong, we're healthy, we're young, and they're very much experiencing that. So think about once we pass and we're in spirit form, we are always in our prime.

Jannecke Øinæs 11:36

Wow. But aren't we a bit vain then on the other side, like we want?

Michelle Clare 11:44

We want to feel good. We talked about vibration and frequency, right? And that's really what spirit resonates with. So if the vibration is, you know, oh, okay, here's what I'm feeling. I feel good. I feel young, I feel healthy, I feel strong. That's what you're going to vibrate with.

Jannecke Øinæs 12:00

Right? That makes sense. All right, so let's move over to the other and D. E. What happened then.

Michelle Clare 12:08

So that one happened about six years later, and that was in May 2006. And I had had my son who was my third child in April. So this was six weeks after I had had a lot of complications. I had been in the hospital for out of six weeks. And they finally said, Look, we need to do a DNC, which is a procedure where they clear out your uterus, and they just kind of like clean it out in case there's any infection, which was what I was having. So they said, This will be a 45 minute outpatient procedure. It'll be easy, we'll send you home. The night before I had this rock in my stomach. I just knew I should not go through with this. But they told me it would be quick and easy. And I was ready to be home and out of the hospital. So I go in for the procedure. And I remember counting backwards for the anesthesiologist. I'd had anesthesia before and it was just a blank. It wasn't a dream or anything. It was just nothingness. But I remember counting backwards from him. And the next thing I know I see my 102 pound white German Shepherd dog walk into the operating room and this beautiful German shepherd had passed a couple years prior. Her name was Tahoe. She walks into the operating room, laser head on my Gurney looks at me, and she's gone. And I'm with her and we are immediately on this phenomenal beach. And on this beach. Once again, everything is radiating this light and love. There's unconditional love. There's timelessness there is bliss. And every drop of water in the ocean. Every color of every plant is radiating this. And there are different colors there. The colors are more vibrant than what we've seen with our humaneness on Earth. And there are actually different colors that I don't even have words to describe. And so she and I were on this beautiful beach and we were running and I was looking at her. She looked like she was about two years old. And she was young and healthy. We were communicating telepathically again. I knew she was very happy that I was there. And we just kept running and running. And at some point in time I notice, gosh, it feels like we're running on clouds. This doesn't feel like beach sand. And I started to notice we didn't get hot or tired or thirsty. And in those moments, all of a sudden I can hear my son calling to me and he was six weeks old and at the house with my mom. And so I can feel myself going to him and he's very scared that I'm getting ready to leave. And I said to him I said I will find a way to stay I'm not ready to leave have you. And so all of a sudden, I just started praying. And I started saying, It's not my time, I need help my kids still need me. And at that moment, I was immediately back in the operating room. I felt Jesus come in, it lit up with this beautiful golden white light. And then next thing I knew I was waking up in the post op room. And what they had done was I looked at the clock, it was three and a half hours after my surgery start time, which was supposed to be a 45 minute procedure. They had ruptured my uterus in two places, and missed my aorta by a millimeter During that surgery.

Jannecke Øinæs 15:40

Oh, wow, that's so scary to hear. I'm so sorry. I had to go through that. Oh, my goodness. Wow. All right. So there's a lot here. And so did you have a feeling or a sensation of how long you were away on the other side? Or were you just there and you sort of forgot about Michelle, on earth plane?

Michelle Clare 16:06

Absolutely. I was just there. And I remember actually being very much aware that there was only the present moment, there was just each step. And each breath that I felt like I was taking, there was nothing else I wasn't worried about my kids. I wasn't worried about Michelle on the earth plane. I was very, it was the most present I had ever been minus my other ear near death experience.

Jannecke Øinæs 16:33

And so when your son came in, how did he come in? What did he come into your memory? Or did he actually physically call out for you or something in the hospital?

Michelle Clare 16:47

Yeah, so that's a great question. So pardon me, this is the in this near death experience, one of the things that I learned is that our soul can be in more than one place at a time. So he was actually at the house with my mom while I was in surgery at the hospital. And what happened was, because we are so intertwined with our kids, and the people that are close to our life, he could feel that I was getting ready to leave. And so there was a part of my soul that was on the beach with my dog and a part of my soul that actually went to him at the house. And I remember, it wasn't words, he was six weeks old, but it was this feeling this this telepathic communication of your leaving, don't leave me I just got here. And in that moment, I realized, oh, I need to stay. It's not my time.

Jannecke Øinæs 17:35

Oh, wow. Did you feel that there was a sense of choice that you could stay? Also?

Michelle Clare 17:42

You know, I did. Or I would say, at the very least, I had hoped that I could, because whether it was my years of being Catholic that came into practice, right? I immediately started praying. And I immediately started saying, I need help. It's not my time. And so because of that, I was just able to, what I would say is almost assure in a miracle. But here's what's beautiful about that all of our souls are capable of doing that. It's when we get in alignment that that can happen for us whether we are in critical situations like that one, or in our daily life.

Jannecke Øinæs 18:21

So what's the feeling of, oh, I'm home, you know, this is where I'm from? Because it seemed like you were just enjoying yourself. You weren't like, I have so many questions. What about this? What about that, and I want to go there. And here, it seemed like it just seems not seem natural for you to just be in the present moment. Like that was something you were used to.

Michelle Clare 18:45

I would agree with you on that. And I would say that's why in none of my NDE's that I see a tunnel of light. A lot of people report that that hasn't been an experience I've had, I'm just here and then I'm home. So my soul is goes home very quickly and easily. I don't need a tunnel the guide my way it appears to know the way home. Wow.

Jannecke Øinæs 19:06

All right. So then you come back, do you start sharing these experiences with people?

Michelle Clare 19:11

It took me time. And the only person I really shared this with was my mom. And it usually took a few weeks. So after that experience, I was very, you know, I have a lot of physical trauma. I was in the hospital for a while. It took me three months to even get back to functioning at 80%. So I was just physically depleted. But what I would say is that after about two to three weeks, I shared it with my mom, and my mom wanted to believe it, but wasn't quite sure. You know how to how to connect the dots because like I said, we still I didn't know about near death experiences. I knew I had an experience. But that is also a term that wasn't in our vocabulary. And this is before Google, so it wasn't like my mom Get on and Google what was happening to my daughter. She was having these, you know if so what we had to rely on was the knowledge that we had within us. And in this lifetime, that didn't include words like mediumship, and near death experiences.

Jannecke Øinæs 20:15

Make sense? So what did you work? Or do at that time? You weren't a medium at that time, right? No, I

Michelle Clare 20:22

was a stay at home mom. And so I was a homemaker. And, and at this point in time, I now had three little kids, I had a five year old and two and a half year old and an infant. And so after this second near death experience, I am just working on like physical cold recovery, and coming back to being a mom,

Jannecke Øinæs 20:42

then you die again. I mean, what is the odds? And I gotta say that I have sometimes wanted to have a near death experience. And like, here you go and have three of them. So yeah, it's just amazing. What are the odds? And this time, this was quite dramatic. I would love for you to share that story. Because I when I was listening to it, I was like, Oh, my goodness. Is this possible that actually, spirit was stopping time? Since I only seen movies? So please share with us what happened?

Michelle Clare 21:22

Yeah, absolutely. So this one happened from people who like numbers on 11 111. So November 1 2011. And at that point in time I was in my kitchen, I have 14 foot ceilings in my house. And my oldest daughter, who was 10, at the time was at school, my five and eight year old were at home, and up towards about 12 feet off the ground, I have these beautiful candles, they're battery operated, they turn on every night at the same time glow for a while turned off. So I was changing the batteries, and I had the ladder and I was climbing up towards the top. And as I get to the top, I can feel the ladder start to shift. And I immediately think this is going to hurt. I know it's going down and and that was I think this is going to hurt. And then at that moment, I am absolutely ripped out of my body, not in a painful way, but in a fast way. And then I am turned around and facing my body. And I'm standing with these three people that I don't know, when is an Egyptian woman, a Hawaiian man and an Asian man. And I don't know them. But I feel like I've known them forever. They feel like family friends. And they're still looking at me. And I'm in this unconditional space of love. timelessness. And as I look, I can see, my body is suspended in the air. And so is the ladder. Like they're just frozen. It's like a frozen frame on on the screen. And as I'm standing there, they said to me, they said, Michelle, what do you want to do? Do you want to stay? Or do you want to go. And at that moment, I just see this beautiful angel comes in. And this is a different Angel than in my first near death experience. This one is dressed in this beautiful red and gold. And as soon as I see this angel, I just know this angel is here to either take me home, or make something happen so that I can stay. And so I was sitting here and I was thinking, this is really interesting. I have forever to decide if I want to stay or go and my body's gonna hit the floor in a second or less. So I was really trying to understand this timelessness and how does this work. And at that moment, I could see my younger two kids in the kitchen. And the minute I saw them, I just knew oh, I need to say, and the minute that I made that decision, I was uploaded with a bunch of information and it said, Okay, Michelle, but you've got to go back and you've got to practice your mediumship being a stay at home mom is not your whole purpose. It's part of it, but we have more for you. And I just was given a bunch of information that my marriage most likely wouldn't survive this that I needed to follow through with my soul's plan. And so in that moment that I decided to come back, I then fall and what happens is as I fall I hit the back of my head on the corner of my granite island in the kitchen. And so I ended up having a five and a half inch skull fracture. I have a brain bleed I lose my taste my smell my equilibrium. I have all sorts of problems but I survived that fall by half an inch because I literally miss my brainstem by half an inch.

Jannecke Øinæs 24:40

Oh wow. That's an incredible story. Oh, there's so so much to this. Okay, so and you're Are you fine physically now?

Michelle Clare 24:54

For the most part I still have. I still do some cranial sacral therapy and So I, you know, I did have a miraculous healing about three years later. So what the trajectory of my life looked like it would be and the way that Spirit works are two different things.

Jannecke Øinæs 25:13

So did you ever get an answer to why you had these three and the ease? I mean, it seemed like there was something very important for you to understand or realize, since you had three of them. And I'm very, very curious about this. Because I mean, myself and a lot of other people are so open would love to experience more now, I've had a few spiritual experiences. But still, I would love more like you had some really direct ones and clear ones and like, you cannot deny your experiences in a way. So is that something you've asked spirit? And gotten a clear answer to?

Michelle Clare 25:58

Yeah, well, there, there are a few different things with this. Number one, the universe will always give us an opportunity to follow our souls plan. So they tapped me on the shoulder. And the first one, they tapped me on the shoulder and the second one, but it really took until the third one to get my complete attention in the way that I did. Also, I do believe in pre life planning. So I believe that my soul had given myself a few exit points. But clearly, in the second one, I am praying for help, it is not my time, I'm not ready to leave one of the beautiful awarenesses that I had, and that was when Jesus came into the operating room, she says came in as my friend do not bow down to me pray to Me, you know, it's kind of like I'm here to help you with the energy that was, was spoken. And so for me, I learned a lot from each near death experience. But it really took until my third one for me to make this commitment to almost my soul's plan that okay, I am here, and this is a huge part of it. Right?

Jannecke Øinæs 26:59

So I'm curious about this pre birth plan? Because how concrete is it really, I mean, when you have the option to leave three times, that seems like, you know, there's not a real solid plan there, when you could actually leave your children. I mean, that would make a huge column would be a huge consequence for them. And that would change so many other people's lives. So I'm curious about why it was such a free choice for you. And at the same time, there's a plan there.

Michelle Clare 27:39

Right, exactly. That's a great question. So I do believe the plan is like a blueprint, then we come to earth, and we have our free will. Any soul that comes to planet earth deserves the badge of courage. This is the forefront of learning of contrast of challenges in the universe right here on planet Earth, right? So a lot of times, our souls will say, Okay, I want to go for it. But I'm gonna give myself an exit door here and here and here and here. But what happened for me was my kids to have the three times pull me back. And when I saw them, not pull me back in a bad way. But when I saw them, I said, Oh, I'm not done. I need to stay longer. And so with that, there's also this opportunity when my kids came in, where they probably knew my pre life plan. And they said, Okay, there's a chance long could leave here. But my son said, but if I call out to her, there's a chance she could stay. And so there are almost odds, right? Where I think that my son said, oh, there's probably that 80% chance that if she feels me, she'll stay. But she's got to feel me. And the lessons that my son, my soul learns and my humaneness learn from these near death experiences are massive. And I could not have learned them any other way.

Jannecke Øinæs 28:55

Right? Yeah. Because you said you had a download of information. And I'm curious about that. So probably was information about yourself, but was it also information or knowledge about how the universe works? And the afterlife? Ah, yeah, absolutely.

Michelle Clare 29:13

And just the fact that none of us are living this life alone, right. So we all have spirit teams around us, those three people that I were standing with were my life guides. But at the time that I had that near death experience, I didn't even know that term life guides. So I learned about life guides and angels and how our loved ones are still connected to us. I learned how mediumship is actually a gift for all of us. It's not reserved for a certain few. Everyone has this ability. Many people will call it intuition. Or like I just had this gut feeling I should follow this or I shouldn't do that. And so it's really the most natural way for our soul to communicate. But in our humaneness we we learn to turn the volume down on that or do maybe even turn it off off.

Jannecke Øinæs 30:00

Right? Yeah. So is that very specific that we have three guides and one guardian angel? Or was that specific to you? That that can vary for all of us.

Michelle Clare 30:12

It varies for all of us. So everyone has at least one guardian angel. And at least one life guide. Some people have more of each. And normally, we also have almost like a team that rotates in. So let's say if you're starting a brand new business, you'll probably get new life guides and angels that rotate in on that team that kind of specialize in that to guide you with inspiration. And those gut feelings. Oh, I should do this. Don't do that. So our teams are constantly evolving, depending on what we are facing in our life. But we always have at least one angel and one life guide that never leaves us from the time of conception.

Jannecke Øinæs 30:51

I have a question that I think it's, it's almost a bit hard to ask because I feel it's a bit dark. But it was this play. I'm a former actress about this character, who was challenging God. And he started doing the most horrific things. And it was just so awful to watch this, this theater, this play, because he was like, okay, he was challenging constantly God, like, if I do this, will you stop me? If I do that? Will you stop me? Why won't you stop me doing this or that, and he ended up doing so many horrible things, just to see if God would stop him. And I've been thinking about when I've been really suffering in my depression, or other people have been suffering. And I've cried out for help. And other people have cried for help. And we feel like there's no help. Like, we can cry, and we can cry. And we can ask God to be there, or the angels or guides, and no one is showing up like nothing is happening. Like, why is that when you really cry out from the deepest of the deepest in you and nothing happens? Right?

Michelle Clare 32:10

That's a great question. So it might appear that nothing is happening on the human level. But we have to realize we have a double plan happening running parallel, we have the souls plan running along with the human plan, right. And so what I know about this is that whether our humaneness recognizes it or not, we constantly have Beings of Light, who are holding the light around us. So whether these are angels, life guides, grandma, whoever this is right, our ancestors. On the other side, there really is the spirit team. And so whether or not our human pneus recognizes it, our soul knows it is there. So how many people have and I'm right there with you. I've had those moments too, especially before I got to this point in my life where I thought, oh, my gosh, I am all alone in this. But yet, you know what we know we're not to some level because there's something inside of us that says, I'm going to wake up tomorrow, I'm going to take the next step. And so a lot of times that isn't coming from our humaneness that is coming from these beings of light that are holding the space around us.

Jannecke Øinæs 33:23

Yeah, I guess that that freewill comes in that, you know, we can choose like this character did like to do all those awful things like God won't stop us. The Universe won't stop us because the free will is there. But you're still loved. There's still when you ask questions, you get answers. When someone else asked questions, they might not get answers. Or is it that they haven't just trained their ability to listen?

Michelle Clare 33:58

Well, so number one, I do not get all the answers. I would like I have a lot of questions that I don't get answers to. I wish it was, I wish it was that easy. I wish to locate spirit. Now what I would say is I am more tuned in to my spirit team and the natural guidance that they get from me probably than most people. But it doesn't mean that I get more than the next step. So I don't have this huge picture of what everything is going to look like in my life. But I do see the next step maybe a little bit more clearly than some people part of coming to Planet Earth is the contrast and not knowing the whole road ahead, just knowing the next step. In our spirit form. We are quite psychic. And I find that when I connect with loved ones on the other side all the time, so they do know what the road ahead looks like. But for us in human form, it's that faith. Okay, I'm going to take the next step. I'm going to take the next step.

Jannecke Øinæs 34:59

Right. Yeah, that makes sense. I mean, there's a reason why the veil is there. And if we knew everything, I mean, we wouldn't learn much. So how specific would you say it is that you're going to meet certain people, you're going to go into our children or not? Like, can these things change? Or is it like, okay, no, for instance, with your husband, you were supposed to meet him like that he will come in, either if you're on Tinder or not like you will?

Michelle Clare 35:35

Yeah. But yeah, I, you know, so there are things in our pre life plan that are very solid. So I actually would say, even though that marriage ended in divorce, there was no mistake in it, I was supposed to meet with him. We were supposed to be married 25 years, we were supposed to have these three kids, it was definitely a big part of my life. So there this is, you know, there's a saying something about what is meant for you will find you or something along those lines. Absolutely. Now, we do have free will, in the sense that we can put this off. So a lot of times I have ladies come to me and say like, I want to I want to partner with my soulmate coming in. But if I feel their energy, they're kind of pushing. They're like, well, I want to partner but only to send me flowers. I don't want to have to do their laundry, I don't want to have to you know, we put all of these circumstances around it. And so it's really about alignment with your energy. So if you are somebody who says, I am actually ready to have a partner and I want that partner, does your energy align with the statement that you're making? And when your energy aligns things happen very quickly.

Jannecke Øinæs 36:41

Yeah, so it's always back to the inner work, we always do the new work. Yeah, that makes sense. Um, I have a funny question here. I've always wanted to ask, and I've never asked that. Okay, so I'm curious. Do we have food and wine and drinks on the other side? I was like, sitting in Easter, we had such a great time with food. And I love red wine. And I'm like, do they have that on the other side? Do I need to let that go?

Michelle Clare 37:14

I love that. So my experience is, once you get to the other side, you can basically manifest anything if you want. So if you would like to manifest a red wine, or a cannoli, or a chocolate dessert, whatever this is, absolutely, you can write.

Jannecke Øinæs 37:32

All right, yeah, that makes sense. So do what I, from what I've learned, there are levels on sort of hierarchies on the other side, not in a bad way, like we have here but more like different realms and that, you know, my soul may be have a home frequency some places on the other side, while you perhaps have another place like that, did you learn something about like the different levels because I've read some of Dolores canon and she's saying that in relation to how developed you are or conscious you are Sol, you go back to a certain place. I mean, it's so funny with these words, you know, it's possible, we don't have words for it, but then you are pulled back to a certain place on the other side, or level. Did you feel like okay, this is where I belong on the other side? Or did you learn something about these different levels? You know, the lower astral realm, the mental, the higher, the higher realms, the ET realms? Yeah, right?

Michelle Clare 38:50

That's a great question. So this is what I would say, let's talk about it as vibration or frequency. So I don't actually feel like we have to name all of those realms look at Planet Earth. It holds the energy of Hitler all the way to Jesus Christ and everyone in between. That's a huge range just on our planet. Look at all the vibrations and frequencies right here. So with there's a lot of room to grow just in one space, if we want to call it that. And yes, there is what I would call soul groups, right or soul family, places that feel more like home. When we come to planet earth. It's really great if you think of it about picking a video game. So when my son was younger, he would be in there on his Playstation, he would be honest headset he would be talking to kids around the country, they would all pick a team pick a character and go right in right and play the game. And this is very much what we do on a soul level into our human form. So I might pick someone from a different soul family or a different, let's say vibration or frequency or planet or dimension or whatever you want to call this. And yet we all build our two Even when we come in to learn lessons together, now we will naturally have places that feel more homey than others. But think about it in vibration and frequency. And because we will always evolve, even when we die, we continue to evolve, our soul learns and grows, we always have beans of light, whether they are spirit came from this life, or other beings of light that will hold that frequency around us. So when people say, Well, what about hell, I don't actually believe in a place called hell. But what I do know is that when somebody is in a lower vibration, there are always Beings of Light holding the space around them for them to upgrade to the next frequency.

Jannecke Øinæs 40:42

All right, okay. Um, let's say you have an experience with a few people like partners who treat you not very well. I'm curious about this, because, well, I can be honest about it. I've experienced the being with a couple of narcissists in my life. And I didn't know that that was what it was. And you know, it's a label that a lot of people are using these days. But I've started looking at videos with Dr. Romani. And many of those people on YouTube speaks about these. Yeah, personalities. And some are very harsh when it comes to these personalities and say, there will never be better. Some are even say that there are dark souls and all this. And I don't resonate with that I find that so difficult to accept. Because to me, yes, it was a difficult relationship. Yes, I was verbally abused, and all of this, it was difficult, but I still care about these people. And I still feel that I learned a great deal. And I know that this is coming from their slow self esteem and horrible lives. So I, I forgive them for that. And I think it's sad to think that they're dark souls, and they were never evolve and stuff like that. So do you think that when we come down on this planet, we sort of agree that, hey, I'm going to be the bad guy here for you. So you can learn to get better boundaries? And we're actually on the same frequency on the other side? Or do you think that actually, there are, like souls who are way on different frequency that are darker? And that, you know, some, like you mentioned, Hitler, like that is dark soul that's coming in evil? Do you get my question?

Michelle Clare 42:36

Yeah, I do. And so I do think that we can team up with souls of other frequencies. Now, here's the thing, innately that soul is not evil or bad, that person is playing a narcissist in your life so that you can learn lessons and their soul is learning to. But it doesn't mean that they are a bad evil soul, it means that this is the role they've chosen to play.

Jannecke Øinæs 43:00

Right? So it is a game where we, we choose different characters to play. So I'm, I'm choosing to be Annika right now with a set of issues that I'm struggling with, and my personality. So that is like a character I choose to go into sort of,

Michelle Clare 43:18

yeah, absolutely. And the reason that we do this is because when we are in that heavenly realm, we're in that, that oneness energy, there isn't the contrast that we have here on planet Earth. So it does make it challenging to learn. Because, you know, overall, everything's quite pleasant and quite amazing. And you can manifest your wine and your chocolate and whatever else it is that you're looking for, right? So we have to have contrast to actually be able to learn and grow. And that's why our soul is like, Hey, count me in when we think of our soul as being eternal, and truly, humaneness cannot comprehend eternal. We really can't, this life is maybe a second, it's a blink of an eye to say, Hey, I'm gonna sign up for 100 years at most to go down and learn this because I can't learn it here. It's almost a no brainer for our soul. Our souls like, why is that literally forever? What's one second?

Jannecke Øinæs 44:18

Yeah, make sense? All right. So what when you get messages from other souls on the other side? How do they come in? Like, can you for instance, Do you have anybody around? Now, for instance, this is like, I'm standing here, and you can see my grandfather behind me. Who has a message or is it something you turn on?

Michelle Clare 44:42

Yeah, so that's a great question. So when I'm in readings, I actually turn it on. So I like to say think of this as a radio or frequency. So for me because I'm a mom and I have three kids and I have life to live to. When I go to the grocery store. I'm not connecting with everyone's loved where one day I need to go get groceries, right? So I think that that is this volume and I turn the volume up or down, depending on if I'm working or not. With that being said, yes, your grandfather's energy is very strongly around you. So I do want to say that and I would also tell you this, who's telling me that you have a big, I want to say almost like leveling up coming in the next three to five months. So I don't know, it feels like it's connected with work and feels like it's gonna go to the next level. I don't know exactly what that looks like for you. But I do expect that to be big. And there's something about writing a book. So if you haven't already thought about writing a book that's in your energy to

Jannecke Øinæs 45:38

Oh, that's interesting. What was the first thing you said that would come up? Like in three or five months? You said, a leveling up?

Michelle Clare 45:44

So you're gonna be going next level with work? Or with these podcasts? You're gonna it's getting ready to go next level?

Jannecke Øinæs 45:53

Oh, wow, that's interesting. Oh, that's nice. He has come through other times. So that's interesting. So do you have like a message for those who are listening today, if you could tune in to what sort of people need to hear right now.

Michelle Clare 46:11

You know, I always go to the angels for that, because they always know what's on our heart. And I and I would say this, the message that they're giving me is have faith. And each of us needs to have faith in ourselves, preferably that we can believe in ourselves to take the next step and find the next right thing for us, but also faith in our team. So whether you are aware of your angels, or your life guides or your loved ones, we need to have that faith that they are there and that they will continue to present us with opportunities. They're really wanting me to say to right now, that you know, I think for some people, 2023 is a little bit of a roller coaster year. So it's kind of Whoo, here we go. But at the end, we're really going to come out on top. So the opportunity with our freewill that they're having me say right now is truly in choosing to see things working out for the best. So we can look at the energy of watching the news, oh my gosh, the world's falling apart, this is horrible. Or we can say no, I'm gonna hold the light. And know that this is all going to turn out from the best. For the best. They're saying growing pains are just part of planet Earth, right? So yes, it's a painful experience at times, and as a whole for certain countries or maybe the planet. But it's never to think that this is all coming to an end, it's not going to cease to exist. And should planet or cease to exist. Let's say the sun swallows planet Earth, none of us will cease to exist, we will just exist in different realms. Beautiful.

Jannecke Øinæs 47:45

And is it more about surrendering? This is something I'm wondering about or manifesting, or both together?

Michelle Clare 47:57

Both is the magic combination. The best way to manifest is just think of an idea. Oh my gosh, that sounds great. I'd like it and then you just set it aside. And you let the universe pull it in for you. So what is this manifesting and yet surrendering? When I'm Michelle say, Oh, I have to have this happen. I can only think of one or two ways that it can happen. When I think Wouldn't this be amazing, and I give it to the universe, the universe as I see hundreds of ways to make that happen for you.

Jannecke Øinæs 48:26

Oh, wow. I love that. Thank you so much, Michelle, for sharing this with us. And can you please share where people can connect with you and how you work today?

Michelle Clare 48:37

Yes, absolutely. So they can find me on my website, Michelle Claire CLA r e.net. And there you'll find my in person events, you can schedule one on one readings, you can sign up for a group reading, there's all sorts of different things going on. And you know, it's exciting because whether you're missing someone in spirit, or you just want to connect with your angels and life guides and be assured that there's more for you. It's really beneficial because what happens is when we realize we're not living this life alone, we become empowered.

Jannecke Øinæs 49:09

Oh, that was beautiful. I love that. Thank you so much for coming on the show and all the best for the work.

Michelle Clare 49:16

Oh, thank you so much. It's been a pleasure.

Jannecke Øinæs 49:19

And thank you for watching everybody much light from the US and Norway. Bye bye. Hi everybody. Thank you so much for watching this video. And if you liked it, please subscribe and like the video or comment below and let me know what you think. And I would also love for you to check out my other videos on YouTube or wisdom from north.com See you in the next video.

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