Wisdom from North didn’t happen by coincidence.

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Life is not a coincidence. What happens happens for a deeper reason. We get a hunch. We feel the urge to do something. And if we act on that hunch – that whisper (which sometimes is even a great big shout!) from our soul, magic happens.

This week I was interviewed by MysticMag to share the story behind Wisdom From North.

What happened in 2012?

Did you notice any major changes in your life in 2012? Many people did, myself included. Everything was looking good from the outside. I was studying to become a primary teacher and life wasn’t too bad. But something was missing!

We are all ment for something great!

Our soul’s purpose is to live that greatness, whatever that is and whatever that looks like for each of us. My soul was knocking hard on the door in 2012, and I felt the intense urge to travel the world and have deep and meaningful conversations. Conversations about life, asking the big questions. And so I started interviewing spiritual teachers, authors and visionaries. And the journey began.

You can read more about my journey here.

Divinely orchestrated

Today, almost 9 years later, I am living my soul’s purpose. The hunch I had back in 2012 to travel the world, was not a coincidence I believe. I think everything is actually Divinely orchestrated, for us all. We just need to listen and act on what our soul urges us to do.

In the article in Mystic Mag I’m saying, «I love that I have the freedom to create things out of thin air. I get to hang out with beautiful people, both customers, and teachers, with whom I have deep conversations which enrich my life.»

So, right now I am on purpose. However, I also know that my purpose will evolve and change from here. Because the only constant, is change.

Enjoy the article in MysticMac, and if you want to share this journey together with me, come and join The Membership where we’re walking the path, together.

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