Interview with Richard Dolan

While on my tour around the US this summer I met the highly respected UFO researcher Richard Dolan again. This time we talked about his upcoming book; UFO’s for the 21st Century Mind which will available to buy here right before Christmas of 2013. He has previously written UFOs and the National Security State volumes, as well as an analysis of the future; AD.After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact. Richard is a regular guest on Coast-to Coast AM radio and has also appeared on many television specials for The History Channel, SyFy, BBC, and elsewhere. Since 2012, Richard has hosted “The Richard Dolan Show,” airing on  KGRA Radio every Monday evening, from 8-11 pm EST.

  • hi mr name is Ronald krages.i have written you before about alien,ufos,and whats happening to this world.and thank you for responding back to was difficult to get in touch with you.iam tring this to contact you now.i have some questions to ask you if you have the time too read this.iam aware there is something major and catatrophic that’s going to happen may ask how I would know this? well for one thing I have seen more than 300 hundred or more ufos and I have videoed them and watch these thing with my own eyes. let me make this clear these objects are real,no doubt about this. these objects have mapped our world and no the ins and outs .everything thing we do is being monitored.believe me.i have witnessed these object do some amazing things.not just zipping away.i have witnessed them disappear in 3 sections,i have seen a little drawfs.that disappeared in front of my eyes no trace of it,i have seen a bommerrang craft that acted like it was alive or had some feeling to it like alive.the word escapes me for the way it truly acted sorry.i have also noticed more than 100 of these star like when I say star like I mean round circular crafts that lite up to the point of a star like craft.they think they are slick.but I have done experiments on them and they have me as well.i will explain this.these crafts will have there lights on full bright floating across the sky .then they will hover over my house just like a star.full bright.i will trick them I will stay out of sight.then I will move to where they can see me then telepathically tell them iam here or tell them to turn off lights or scare them that they know iam there watching them .they will turn off lights immieadtely.either they will turn off lights and leave slowly or they will turn off lights and make me think they have left.but I will still be able to see them.then I will use laser light to signal them and then they either disappear or they will leave quickly.these star like objects will sit and monitor over or near my house and watch.they are mapping our thoughts and frequencies.i promise you this .I have telepathically asked these star like objects to turn off lights or turn on and they do this every time I is where iam going with this.if these objects can telepathically here your thoughts ,this is alien.i promise they are doing this .? so why?.i will give my theory on this.they lack emotions they want to know our psychology, they want to every aspect of the human race.this is a scary thing think about this .if they can know what we think and do we are this is why I think something catatrophic is going to happen.we have a volcano about to erupt thousand of earthquakes happening,seicmic activity happening,people missing on a grand scale,totally gone from earth,never finding them.there are people doing things that is not in them to do ,iam talking being mind frequencies driving them crazy for no reason.yes something is going on .they are seeding our skies with chemicals to posion us.drug companies are producing psychotic drugs for us and killing us.yes something is going to happen thought is a pole shift is going to happen soon.the elite are prepared for this now.they have completed most all of the dumbs bunkers.i say me must prepare now for the worst.we are past the even scale of good and bad.they are ready to end us and start new with there hybrids. I hope this gives you an idea how some humans feel right now.thank you for this venting.r.m.k

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