Have you ever wondered if there is a greater purpose to your life? Or if there was a plan for your soul before you were even born? In an interview with Robert Schwartz, a hypnotist specializing in between-soul life regressions, we explore the idea that each soul has a pre-birth plan. Listen to this fascinating interview about your pre-birth planning and soul’s plan.

Infinite backup plans

Schwartz’s research shows that we are not limited to just one plan for our lives. In fact, we have infinite backup plans that may come into play when we make different choices. However, the highest vibrational plan, or plan A, is one that is made entirely through love. This plan is one that few people are able to execute, but it represents the most optimal path for our spiritual growth.

What about free will when it comes to our pre-birth and your soul’s plan?

So, how does free will fit into this picture? According to Schwartz, we are free to make our own choices, and nothing is ever judged by the Divine. While our souls may have a plan for our lives, it is up to us to choose whether or not we want to follow it. We are free to take detours, make mistakes, and learn from our experiences.

One of the fascinating topics discussed in the interview with Schwartz is the concept of soul groups. According to Schwartz, souls often incarnate in groups and work together to fulfill their collective purposes. These soul groups may include family members, friends, and even strangers who we encounter in our daily lives. Our interactions with these individuals are not random, but rather part of a larger plan that our souls have created before birth.

Another interesting topic that Schwartz explores in his most recent book, Your Soul’s Love*, is the challenges posed by romantic relationships. Schwartz discusses how relationships can help us to heal past traumas and learn important lessons about ourselves. However, he also emphasizes the importance of self-love and the role it plays in attracting healthy relationships into our lives.

Align with your highest vibrational soul plan

In conclusion, Schwartz’s research into our pre-birth plan and the soul’s journey through life offers a unique perspective on the concept of destiny and free will. While our souls may have a plan for our lives, it is ultimately up to us to choose how we want to live our lives and shape our own destinies. By understanding the role of free will in our spiritual journey, we can make more conscious and intentional choices that align with our highest vibrational plan.

Robert has also written the books books “Your Soul’s Plan* and “Your Soul’s Gift*

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