As we journey through life, we often wonder why we face certain challenges and meet certain people. It can sometimes feel like a random series of events that we have no control over. However, what if I told you that your life was meticulously planned by your soul before you even entered this world? Enjoy this interview with Robert Schwartz about the concept of pre-birth planning.

The concept of pre-birth planning

In a fascinating interview with author Robert Schwartz, he shares insights from his books “Your Soul’s Plan*” and “Your Soul’s Gift*”, shedding light on the concept of pre-birth planning. Schwartz explains that our souls make a detailed blueprint of our lives before we are born, including the challenges we will face and the people we will meet.

This idea may seem overwhelming at first, but understanding our pre-birth planning can provide a deeper understanding of our purpose and potential as spiritual beings. Schwartz’s work shows that the challenges we face in life are not meant to be punishments or obstacles, but rather opportunities for growth and healing.

Choosing your life themes is part of the pre-birth planning

Schwartz describes how our pre-birth planning involves choosing certain life themes that we want to explore and master. For example, someone may choose to experience a difficult childhood to learn resilience and compassion, or to face health challenges to learn about self-care and healing.

Additionally, our pre-birth planning involves meeting certain people who will help us learn these lessons and achieve our goals. These people may be family members, friends, or even strangers who enter our lives for a brief period of time.

Understanding this concept of pre-birth planning can help us gain a new perspective on our relationships and challenges. Instead of feeling victimized by our circumstances, we can learn to see them as opportunities for growth and healing.

Schwartz’s work has helped countless individuals find meaning and purpose in their lives. By learning about their pre-birth planning, they have been able to find healing and closure and to move forward with greater intention and fulfillment.

If you are interested in learning more about pre-birth planning and how it can help you find greater meaning in your life, be sure to check out Robert Schwartz’s books “Your Soul’s Plan” and “Your Soul’s Gift”. These fascinating works are sure to open your eyes to the incredible potential of your own soul and the power of pre-birth planning.

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