The age-old debate of destiny vs. free will has been a topic of discussion for centuries. Is our life predetermined or do we have control over our own fate? While many may argue that the concept of destiny and free will are mutually exclusive, hypnotherapist Robert Schwartz suggests that they go hand in hand.

Destiny vs. free will – shaped by choices and decisions

Schwartz’s work in pre-birth planning offers a unique perspective on how our destiny is not necessarily predetermined, but rather shaped by our own choices and decisions. In a fascinating interview, he shares insights from his books Your Soul’s Plan* and Your Soul’s Gift*, explaining how understanding our pre-birth planning can help us gain a deeper understanding of our challenges and relationships, as well as provide healing and growth opportunities.

According to Schwartz, before we enter this world, our souls make a plan for our upcoming incarnation. This plan includes the lessons we need to learn, the challenges we need to overcome, and the relationships we will have in order to achieve our soul’s purpose. This pre-birth planning is not set in stone, but rather a flexible blueprint that we can adjust as we exercise our free will.

While our soul’s plan provides a framework for our life’s journey, it is our choices and decisions that shape our destiny. Schwartz emphasizes that our free will is an essential component of our soul’s plan. It is through our choices and decisions that we are able to learn and grow, and ultimately fulfill our soul’s purpose.

Schwartz gives an example of a person who planned to experience poverty in this life as a means of learning the value of money and the importance of generosity. This person’s soul may have planned to encounter several opportunities to accumulate wealth but would exercise their free will to choose to give their money away. Alternatively, they may choose to hoard their wealth and never learn the lesson their soul intended for them to learn.

While we have free will, we are not always aware of our pre-birth plan

It is important to note that while we have free will, we are not always aware of our pre-birth plan. We may find ourselves facing challenges and experiencing relationships that seem unfair or painful, but it is through these experiences that we are able to grow and learn the lessons we need to fulfill our soul’s purpose.

In addition to offering a new perspective on the age-old debate of destiny and free will, Schwartz’s work in pre-birth planning also provides a sense of comfort and healing for those who have experienced trauma or loss. By understanding that our soul’s plan includes these experiences as opportunities for growth and learning, we are able to find meaning and purpose in our pain and suffering.

Schwartz’s work is a testament to the idea that our destiny is not set in stone, but rather a result of our choices and decisions. Our pre-birth plan serves as a framework for our life’s journey, but it is through our free will that we are able to shape our destiny and fulfill our soul’s purpose.

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