In this interview Sonia Chouqette, a world-renowned psychic and a sixth sensory teacher, takes us through how our sixth sense works and how to use our intuition.

We all have six senses. That sixth sense is actually the first, according to Sonia, because it’s the intelligent awareness of the heart. The heart is the first organ to start working as we develop in the womb. The sixth sense helps us on many different levels, she says. 

First and foremost, it keeps us safe, we communicate telepathically through it, the download of our higher self happens through it, it talks about meaning, direction and our purpose in life. You can’t really succeed in anything without it, according to Sonia. 

The soul is the student 

The soul has been separated from source and is traveling back to reunite with it. The way the soul student does this is through lifetime after lifetime of experiences. Sonia says that our souls have been traveling a bit too slow. We’re not learning fast enough, she says, and therefore we’re lagging. 

Your intuition is your great tutor. It helps you to move past your fears and to accelerate your learning. It helps you remember that you’re a divine being having an earthly experience. 

Intuition lights up a dark room 

Intuition is like a light switch that lights up a dark room and the switch is in your heart. 

Your intuition will not tell you what’s right or wrong, but it will let you know what is true for you. It invites us to be vulnerable and the heart is very happy if we take the time to listen to it.  

If you want to find out what your intuition tells you, Sonia says, the first step is to get clear on your question. Step two is to name what you’re afraid of. After emptying the garbage, as Sonia calls it, you put your hand on your heart and then say what you’re thinking. Your intuition will speak to you. 

Being in the moment 

Time stops and expands when you’re in the moment. A good tool to be in the moment is to notice the things around you. To really stop and examine them for a while and at the same time breathe deeply and calmly.  

You’ve got to say it out loud, if you name it, you claim it. The voice is connected to the heart which is connected to the now.  

Sonia’s interview really is an eye-opener, and she even practices her teachings on Jannecke during this conversation. If you’re curious about your intuition, we highly recommend you watch this video. 

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