In 1977 P.M.H Atwater had 3 near-death experiences which formed her and changed her life path. In this interview, she is sharing her research on NDE (Near-Death Experiences).

During her third experience, a voice larger than the universe spoke to her and told her she was chosen to do research on NDE and write books about her ordeals.  

She started doing research within the field of near-death experiences and she’s currently written ten books on the subject as well as interviewed nearly 4000 people, both adults and children. 

My cop dad taught me how to investigate 

Spending a lot of her childhood years in a police station watching her father work, awoke a desire in young Atwater, she wanted to learn police methods. 

Her dad saw her interest and started teaching her police investigative techniques. She was only nine at the time and the teachings went on for about three years. 

Running into people with experiences while researching on NDE

As she was conducting her research on NDE, she kept running into people who also had near-death experiences.  

A taxi driver took a good look at her and exclaimed; “you’ve died too, you will understand my story!” 

Another time a huge man came up to her in a coffee shop and asked to sit at her table. He right away started telling her about his near-death experiences without her even saying a word about who she was or about her occupation. It was the weirdest thing, how she kept running into these people. 

Four distinctive types of near-death experiences were found in her research on NDE

P.M.H Atwater explains that she’s identified four main types of near-death experiences. In this interview she takes us through them, and she says that yes, some people do experience an unpleasant hell like existence. 

People have a lot of different greetings on the other side. Children are often greeted by birds, bunnies or other types of small animals. Some adults report seeing a very bright light. Brighter than a thousand suns. They too experience animals and often there are lions or bigger animals greeting them on the other side.

And believe it or not, most experiences do not involve tunnels! 

The new children 

Take all the old characteristics of Indigo, Rainbow, Crystal, Starseed and Psychic children and bunch them into one. Those are the new children. 

These kids are group orientated and are part of a global change where we are evolving as human beings. Her new book, “Children Of The Fifth World”, goes in depth on what is happening to us and to earth these days. 

She says that consciousness is expanding on a global scale, and it’s spiritually based. We’re now facing a revolution happening globally that is uplifting the human race. 

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