Up to the age of six to seven, our brain is functioning at a slower pace, the alpha brainwave frequency which is a very receptive brainwave state. The child is therefore almost like a sponge, profoundly affected by their experiences. About connecting with your inner child

The child creates a meaning out of whatever happens to them and unconsciously “decide” how they “should” feel/be/not be or do, in order to be seen as OK, and to basically survive. That meaning is being stored as a memory on a sub-conscious level and these memories impact us today.

In this video I share one of the most powerful, transformative and important techniques to come home to ourselves, heal our past and open up for our authentic soul power- inner child work.

The wounded inner child

Our inner child longs for our attention and acknowledgment. We are the only ones who can truly show up for them. The benefits of connecting with parts of ourselves that haven’t been acknowledged, are huge. We can feel more whole, we can expand our self-love, we can boost our self- esteem, self-respect and self confidence and ultimately feel more happy in our lives.

There is nothing to fix about you

The important thing to remember is that we are not going back to fix ourselves, we’re going back because that aspect of ourselves deserves our attention. When we work with trauma, we can’t do that to fix ourselves, or think we have to heal. Because then that part of you will actually not feel fully accepted. Those parts of ourselves need unconditional love. We need to meet that aspect or inner child with unconditional love.

Inner Child Meditation

Here is my gift for you a free inner child meditation, so that you can start connecting with your inner child today.

More about Inner Child

If you like to learn more about Inner Child work, then watch this interview with Evette Rose – Releasing traumas and negative thoughts with inner child work and her course Healing Your Childhood Template. Also watch the interview with Kristine CzillingTørå – Doing the Inner Child Work.

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