We all have them. Big and small dreams. Sometimes they serve as an escape from our everyday life. But other times they have a deeper meaning. These dreams are not just any dreams – they are part of your soul’s purpose. 

What is your dream?
What is that something you want to achieve, but haven’t accomplished yet?
I’m talking about that dream that keeps coming back..

Maybe it’s a project you’ve been thinking about. Maybe it’s the book you’ve been wanting to write for so long. It can be related to your business, your family life or a dream you have for yourself. 

These dreams are not just dreams – they are important to you and you know they serve a bigger purpose. Still, it can be a struggle to make them real. 

Feeling envious of others

– dreams are not always easy..

There are days when you think you know the answer to your challenge on how to make your dream come true, and you feel ready and eager to get going, right? But before you know it, you are back to thinking how it’s just not possible. Or you worry about all the negative things that might happen if you actually go through with it.

Perhaps you have ideas that feel so bright and fills you up with so much good energy as you talk about them late in the evening with a good friend or your partner. But when morning arises, you start to worry about all the “how’s” again, and can’t seem to figure out how to get from A to Z. 

It’s easy then to look at others, people in your surroundings or on social media, and think; “Ohhhh how do they do it?” And then making the assumptions;  

Well, they have all the resources needed

They have the money – or they are smarter than me with money

They have children

They don’t have children

They have a partner to help them

They are more free because they are single

They have a team

They work solo

They live in a specific part of the world

They know the right people

They have the proper education, or degree

They are brave

They know how to..

They don’t have the same obligations as me

They don’t have the same daily struggles as me

They don’t have to go to work in the morning like me

They don’t… fill in the blanks..

And when you then look at your own dream…. it all becomes a bit more complicated. 

A bit more unsafe. A bit more… not worth it?

We all have these thoughts from time to time. It’s part of being human, and they are just thoughts. Thoughts are just energy, and energy can shift form..  

It’s not what you think it is

What stands between your current situation and what you want to achieve is often not what you think it is. You might think it’s money, resources, lack of knowledge, time and not knowing the right people. But it is really not.
But if you choose to stand in that perspective and stick to that belief, yes, then nothing will happen. Other what might happen is that someone else might snap your dream away from you… Or you might find yourself years from now regretting not taking that first leap of faith today.

What is the truth?

Who holds the truth?
Or no one.
The truth is never solid – never fixed. The truth is simply thoughts, and thoughts are just energy. I think that the truth is in fact just a perspective. A way we look at our situation and how we perceive something we are experiencing. 

When you look at your dream, that dream you really want to accomplish because it’s so important to you, you look at it from one certain perspective. It’s almost like having a pair of glasses on. You know; those funny glasses with colors so you can see the world as either orange, purple or green. Your belief about your dream, or the thought of what is standing in the way, is a certain perspective. Like you are looking through a certain pair of colored glasses. What do you think would happen if you changed to another pair with different colors? 

Do you remember how you learnt to bike?

I’m sure you have at least one situation from the past where you had an idea that seemed impossible, but you did it anyway. Like when you learned to ride the bike as a child. You had never done anything like that before. Maybe you had older siblings who effortlessly were showing off as you climbed upon that bike for the first time. You too wanted to ride around on your bike in your street. But you didn’t know how to and you were certainly not born with any special talent in riding a bike. Maybe you even doubted you could do it…. But you tried. And failed. And tried again. And as you did, you noticed that if you had a little more speed it was easier to keep balance. You forgot to focus on your legs and started to look at the street in front of you. And when you heard your siblings or parents share you on, you forgot that yesterday you didn’t know how to do this. You just did. The impossible “magically” became possible.

Changing your perspective, your truth, often starts by changing your focus. What we focus on, we attract. But even here we can fool ourselves into believing that it is not possible to shift our focus. Because what we see, is what is, and that’s the truth right?

Or not..

We see what we believe rather than what we see – Alan Watts

What you see is what is in front of you. But what do you think you will see and experience, if you changed what you’re focusing on..?

If you want to learn how you can use the power of perspectives, take a look at this class. Here I’ll guide you in finding a new powerful perspective so you can stand firmly in your dream.

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