Change your story – change your life

How can we make positive changes in our lives?

Awareness is absolutely the first step and the key to change. However we also need to take soulful actions on what we have become aware of. In many ways we need to do two things at the same time; heal our past AND make new conscious changes in the moment. That way we can change our story. Because spending too much energy on our past, and how we got where we are, can sometimes give fuel to our old identity. What we want instead, is to give energy to our new identity, the person we want to become.

We resurrect every morning

Every night we go to sleep, we die in a symbolic perspective. And every morning when we wake up, we resurrect, having the opportunity to create something entirely new. That way we have the opportunity not to repeat our old stories in our minds, but to create new ones and make a change.

The only constant is change

The only constant is change, and every moment is a moment of creation where we get to choose again and again who we want to be. And the more we give fuel and focus to this new version of ourselves, the more this version will naturally become our new identity.

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