What is awakening really? Interview with awakening guide Victor Oddo

Victor Oddo is a spiritual teacher who guides people in the awakening process. On his Youtube channel called “Victor Oddo” his mission is to empower and help awakening souls through the challenges of the awakening process and transition into 4th density.

  • I need to speak to Victor Oddo regarding my newly discovered empathic abilities. I’m finding that most people do not welcome my insight; pretty much writing me off as crazy. What is wrong with people? I can “feel” I’m right with all my being and I tried to use it to help someone recently by telling them that I think a person they trusted is lying to them and taking advantage of them and that I KNOW this person they trust, broke into my home. I’ve always had a feeling about this person, knowing she was a con. But no one else sees it! So I’m hurt and confused. Why wouldn’t people want to know the truth – better yet, why won’t they believe me? These feelings I get alienate me because I “feel” who people really are. Because of what I can feel so intensely about people, I now have trouble trusting people; they see me as weird. I’ve always been this way, made fun of by others and just “knowing” things about people; and not one person wants to know or believe what I say. It’s destroying my self-confidence, I no longer trust my own feelings anymore and I have terrible conflict inside myself. Please help me; talk to me. Thank you!

  • Hello
    By chance I came across the YouTube with Victor , the dark side of the soul and it really resonated with me.I went on the website to try and sign up for the newsletters but I have a feeling this has not gone through since I have had nothing back in terms of acknowledgement or any emails .
    Can you guide me as to how I can successfully sign up for these ? I tried the information at the end of the script on youtube but it was not an icon to click it just said sign up if you are interested ?
    I would be grateful for any tips on this issue.
    I live in the UK and I am finding more and more out about spiritual awakenings , which I am sure I am going through, either that or a breakdown ! It feels a bit more like the latter despite listening to Oprah Winfrey , Gregg Braden, Marianne Williamson , Dr Joe Dispenza who are all amazing but I seem to be really stuck in this downward spiral .
    Kind Regards

    • Dear Lindsay,
      All good, I found you on my mail list to receive inspirational mails, and you will receive it next time I send one out. It does feel to me that you are in a spiritual awakening. I can recommend becoming part of our Wisdom From North community on Facebook! There you can connect with a likeminded people walking this path. https://www.facebook.com/groups/wisdomfromnorthcommunity/
      Much light from Jannecke

  • I’m watching your video “5 Reasons Why You Keep Seeing 11:11 (1111 Meaning With Aaron Doughty), look behind Aaron’s head , the handles of the cabinet doors, lol, I’ve been seeing 11:11 for years, ? Did u plan that?

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