Are you aware of your sub personalities and do you know to develop them?

Interview with Kenneth Sørensen

In this interview I am having an interesting conservation with the psychotherapist Kenneth Sørensen on sub personalities.

Sub personalities are all those different voices within us that are built around the different unconscious and conscious roles we play in life. Our personality is like a large building with different levels, where we contain a multitude of voices we experience as our different reactions, habits and behaviors in life. We are supposed to be the master of that house but rarely are.

In the interview Kenneth explains how you can take steps to become the master of your life.

Topics covered: 

1.30: A definition of different subpersonalities related to our different ages
3.30: You are the observer, not the roles you play in life
3.40: Subpersonalities build around relationships: The inner father, mother, lover, bully or victim
5.20: Subpersonalities from past lives and archetypical images
6.02: How we experience the subpersonalities on a daily basis
8.36: We have to create authentic roles, which we can express through genuinely
13.28: How to transform your subpersonalities: Observe, Accept and engage creatively
18.10: The importance of embracing our potential for wrecking havoc in the world
23.30: The different major personas in my life: The soldier, The true believer, The Social Advocate, The Theosophist, The Psychotherapist …
27.41: Meditation as an important healing agent

Kenneth Sørensen has a Master’s degree in Psychosynthesis from the University of East London and is a skillful psychotherapist, astrologer and author of six books. Recent publications: The Soul of Psychosynthesis (2016), Integral Meditation (2017) and Energy Psychology (2018). Kenneth is the former director of training at the Norwegian Institute of Psychosynthesis.

His website offers more than 70 English articles about psychosynthesis and energy psychology. Kenneth recently launched a new website: where his company offers online identity profiles based on Roberto Assagioli’s seven psychological types.

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