Trine Berge on how She Found That Inner Strength

Trine Berge is a Yoga teacher, Raw food chef & wellness coach/author. She introduced superfood in Norway in the 90’s and is one of the leading pioneers of the superfood and raw food industry in Scandinavia. In 1998, she started what is known as Supernature today, the largest superfood brand in Norway and was a part of for 14 years.

Trine has authored several books in Norway, including the bestseller “Supermat” and her latest book Rawfood.She is a certified raw food chef who graduated from from Matthew Kenney’s world renowned culinary raw food academy in Los Angeles. Another big passion for Trine is inner work, meditation and yoga and are a certified Kundalini yoga teacher. Trine is dedicated to living a holistic lifestyle that not only consists of a healthy balanced diet, but also yoga, meditation and detox. She proclaims, “I love life and want to celebrate it by embracing health, nutrition and exercise!” Through her books, classes and retreats. Her focus is that health should also be playful, provide wellness, vitality and energy to create the life you dream about.

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