There are so many similarities between being an entrepreneur and being a mom.
Or more precise; there are many similarities when it comes to our expectations of being a mum or an entrepreneur.
All these thoughts that we believe is true. But as with everything in life, we need first hand experience to really know what it’s like. And I’m no exception.

Not everything can be taught by a book

Being a mum is not something you can be prepared for by only reading enough and the right books.
You can call yourself a mom when having a child, but the role of being a mother is not one that you’ll figure out in a month or two. Maybe not even in a lifetime.

Being an entrepreneur is not all “fame and glory” or writing blog posts from a fancy café or beautiful beach. You may call yourself an entrepreneur, but being one is about the value and results you create, your efforts, your creativity and your priorities. It is about continuous learning, and hard work.

Doing – Failing – Learning

If you want to learn, fail, get up, be scared, be insecure and make difficult choices, let yourself be happy with “good enough”, always work to find your own way and not just do and be the one you’ve been brought up to be, focus on how you can be better, take responsibility and live in the thrilling and uncertain world, embrace being awake at night because the little one (baby or project) requires it,..
If yes, this is a little taste of what it’s like to be a mum or an entrepreneur.

How can I change that much?

You might remember back to the time before you had children, or if you are thinking of having children you might recognize this; all the thoughts of how you think it will be to be a mum. You knew or know it’ll create a huge change, but is it really true that “your life will never be the same?”

I know I didn’t understand, or had a single clue what it would be like.

Staring a business must be so fun!

If you are having thoughts and plans to start your own business or remember back when you started yours, you might recognize thoughts like; Oh this gonna be so cool!. Loads of fun. It’ll be exiting to have my own logo and website. And make some money! Freedom, here I come!

I thought I would finally get payed for the hours I worked.

Sometimes we believe because we do not know any better! Like thinking; “Seriously! It’s you as parents who decide what’s for dinner. Not the child!»
Well, a few years later you might find yourself serving pasta with ketchup for dinner, simply to get some peace around the table. It’s not all that is worth having a quarrel about.

When you’re scared and insecure, posting your first video on Social Media, and only getting a few Likes, only then you’ll know what it’s like to put yourself out there and try to be noticed.
When you realize that there is no point trying to convince your family and friends about your business idea or the fact that it’s no safe income, and they all say; “are you really sure this is a good idea?» Only then can you see that entrepreneurial life can be glamorous on the outside and lonely on the inside.

So what’s the point?

If we only do what is comfortable and what will please everyone around us, the world will stop. Literally. If we only go by the book and all get decent and safe jobs, there will probably be many more unhappy people in this world.

Being a mom is the most rewarding and the most demanding I can imagine. These small human beings who one day will outdo me in everything and hopefully find their own inner path to follow in life.
And there will never be a medal or a final. I can only hope that what I do and who I am will prove to be good enough, and that what I do and who I am will empower each of them.

Running my own business is unpredictable, and challenging but also inspiring and fun. There is constant opportunities to grow and learn. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s all about values.

What values are the most important, to you? What are you willing to do, to sacrifice, to dare? And who are you willing to be?

It’s a roller coaster of feelings, experiences, successes and mistakes. Sometimes we just have to take the chance. Go with our guts, or hearts, whatever we like to call it, and simply dare. Knowing we will never know how it actually turns out, when being on the outside, but trusting it will work out fine as soon as we gain some first hand experience. As a mum or an entrepreneur.

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