This is the first time I have ever truly listened to and become aware of my inner voice whispering a message to me, and it just happened to be the start of my new life – a life following my heart and listening to the guidance given to me from a place deep inside.

The soft messages

This message was given to me back in 2012 when I was volunteering at a big cat breeding project in the Free State, South Africa. I had spent the entire day surrounded by the magical King of Africa in absolute happiness and deep peace. I was on my way back to the volunteer house while the famous Africa sunset was decorating the sky with all its magnificent colours. Suddenly this little voice spoke to me, and I remember turning around looking if there was actually someone there as the message was so clear and it was as someone was talking to me. In my amazement it was only me walking down the dirt road, and I felt a smile spreading across my face and I thought to myself “This is a cool idea! I could do this!” Little did I know that this message was going to become my reality and that my heart was going to continue to whisper soft messages that has lead me to a life based on inner strength, courage, trust and deep faith.

The longing for finding my true path

To make a long story short; I used to work in the commercial real estate industry in Norway, and I lived a life filled with lots of freedom both financially and personally as I was single, healthy and could travel the world and do pretty much whatever I wanted at any time. Looking back, I remember I was happy and loved my job and life, however, I recall a sneaking feeling and thought of wanting to work with something more meaningful to me – something where I could use my skills for someone or be a part of something that served a greater purpose. Unconsciously I guess the longing for finding my true path had started, and I was starting to open my heart to it. I was 33 years old and didn’t have the family life that I as a teenager had envisioned for myself. My long-term relationship with my boyfriend had ended some years before, and I was in a space of searching for something – but not knowing what. And then Africa happened! I can clearly remember the feeling of taking my first steps on African soil – it was like an instant joy and peace spread inside and I felt a sensation of being home.

After 10 days I had a profound meeting with a white lion who I now know aligned me with my purpose and path and planted my feet firmly on this beautiful continent. I remember calling my mother that evening and told her; “I have to stay here! I don’t know why, but I just have to!”. The reply I got was filled with love yet a knowingness that something inside me had changed; “Come home, sweetheart, and you can always go back if you still feel like this after a while”. It took me a month and I booked my return ticket – a three weeks holiday that was going to deepen my connection to Africa, the lions and a girl who now has become my life partner and soon to be wife!

A rediscovery of my own strength and my truth

Over the past 7 years I have been through the highest of highs when realising my biggest dream of opening a big cat sanctuary and caring for the most incredible beings on this earth and at the same time touching and inspiring hearts through their stories; and also the lowest of lows when I lost my best friend, a powerful beautiful lioness, who was shot for the lion bone trade, the unimaginable loss of our leopard boy which nearly also resulted in a break up between Lizaene and I. A long the way I also ended up losing myself both physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically, blocking out all the signs my body was giving me – or better said screaming at me. It took me a trip to the Karoo with no cell phone reception, no electricity, myself, my guitar, an incredible book about Forgiveness, my practise of animal communication and hours of walking in beautiful Mother Nature for me to rediscover my own strength, my truth, and let my creativity and energy flow again. After a week of hard work and soul searching, I was back on track to continue this beautiful path I have chosen in this lifetime. I now see the hardship and losing myself was needed in order for me to “wake up” and find my true self in all that I am.

Dare to have faith in your path

We all strive to find love, peace, meaning and purpose in our lives, not matter culture, religion, sex, skin colour, sexual orientation, we are all souls searching to find happiness within. With today’s technology we can be connected with anyone no matter where you are in the world, however, we have lost the most important connection there is – and that is with our hearts and the beautiful power of Mother Nature and the Divine. Most people are driven by theirs minds and along the way we stopped listening to our souls and the wisdom and guidance that is given to us every day. I can be the first one to say that it is not easy to break free from both beliefs about who you should be with, financial security, stepping out into the unknown and just daring to trust what is shown and given to you. However, when you do dare to have faith in your path and dare to listen to your inner guidance, you are rewarded in ways that are unimaginable! I often say it – I have always felt lucky and blessed in life, however, after I made the choice of following my heart and dream to start a new life here in Africa, the world has gifted me with experiences, support, guidance, connectedness, love and a sense of peace that is impossible to truly describe. I guess the only world that comes close to describing the feelings, is the word “Magical”!

To read more about some of my thoughts  and an incredible experience I shared with my black leopard, Pardus.


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