Did William Shakespeare truly write all the remarkable plays and sonnets attributed to him? Norwegian organist Petter Amundsen’s groundbreaking findings suggest otherwise. His journey of decryption and exploration has sparked immense interest and raised intriguing questions about the true authorship behind Shakespeare’s works.

The Secrets Behind Shakespeare – Part 1

The Mysterious Path

Petter Amundsen, an organist at Holmenkollen Chapel in Norway, has dedicated years to decrypting steganographic ciphers found in European books and monuments dating back to the early 1600s. His remarkable discoveries center around the early editions of William Shakespeare’s works and those of Sir Francis Bacon, shedding new light on their connection.

Amundsen’s pursuit of knowledge took him to legendary Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Canada, in 2003. There, he excavated two sites related to his Tree of Life theory, captivating both the local community and renowned treasure hunter Dan Blankenship. Media attention followed, with Rolling Stone Magazine featuring Amundsen’s theory in their article “The Curse of Oak Island” in January 2004.

The Secrets Behind Shakespeare – Part 2

In collaboration with acclaimed author Erlend Loe, Amundsen penned the book “Organisten” in 2006, providing an in-depth account of his discoveries. The story expanded further through a four-episode TV series titled “Shakespeares Skjulte Koder” (Sweet Swan of Avon) on NRK, Norway’s primary national television channel, in December 2009. Amundsen’s theories gained international attention with the release of the documentary film “Shakespeare: The Hidden Truth” in Norwegian theaters in April 2012.

Unveiling the Secrets of Shakespeare

Amundsen’s thirst for knowledge led to the publication of his third book, “The Seven Steps To Mercy*,” in October 2015. This comprehensive work presents his discoveries in a visually stunning manner, featuring captivating images, charts, and graphics. The English-speaking market eagerly awaits an updated version of the documentary film.

Petter Amundsen’s remarkable theories captured the attention of viewers worldwide through the American reality TV series “The Curse of Oak Island” in January 2014.

Petter Amundsen’s discoveries have opened up new avenues of exploration and ignited a worldwide fascination with Shakespeare’s true identity. By unraveling the secrets hidden within centuries-old ciphers and manuscripts, Amundsen challenges our perception of literary history.

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The Seven Steps to Mercy*

This is the BOOK about codes and ciphers in Shakespeare. And it is also the MAP leading to Oak Island’s Mercy Point.

Oak Island & the Treasure Map in Shakespeare*

Shakespeare’s First Folio and the Sonnets, dated 1609, create a functioning Treasure Map, leading the diligent searcher to the Land of the Rosicrucians. As fantastic as this may sound, the author is serious. But if the treasure should be unearthed is another question. 

Shakespeare Decoded

Who or what was Shakespeare?
Explore the modern-day heist exposing Freemasonic clues that began a quest to uncover one of the biggest literary cover-ups in history.

From the alchemical creations of John Dee in the Elizabethan Era to the mysteries of Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, join author Alan W. Green to explore the twists and turns of history. Combining an understanding of modern cryptography with a powerful ancient phrase in Hebrew, Green shares from his decades of research to illuminate a secret cipher embedded into the works of Shakespeare.

Could the answers to these mysteries lie within the Holy Trinity Church in Stratford?
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Shakespeare Decoded

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